when destiny meets (Episode 36)


Maya smiles on his words and gets up to leave from there.Dadi thinks to take Maya to hospital so that she will get fine from the memory lose.Dadi asks Akash to join them in the temple trip.Akash thinks for a while and says positive reply to the matter.Guru asks Akash to take care of Maya well and sees Poorvs staring at him in the door and goes to talk with her.Poorva asks Guru to consider her as Hus friend and think for Also her wellbeing in a crying tone.Guru asks her to think about Maya’s condition and goes from there.Akash comes and sees Maya struggling to wear the saree and smiles

He Knocks at the door and sees her almost getting tears becayseshe is unable to wear the saree,He gives her his idea to wear asalwar.She says”But Dadi asked me to wear Sari so”.He tells about the technique to wear saree and she listens to him.she asks “Wow,how could you know to wear saree?”.He asks her to come fast as soon as possible and goes down.Maya sees him going and thinks “May be he don’t like me to stay here,khaddos”.

All of them leaves to the Temple.Maya feels like that she has already visited the place and thinks of asking it to Guru and finds him busy in his phone.she asks Apoorva about her doubt.Poorva asks her to think herself and find ,smirks thinking.Maya feels head pain and sits in a nearby rock and watches the people .Poorva sees Dadi coming and shows some fake concern on Maya.Akash asks Maya about her health and gets worried for her.She sees him with confusion and thinks about his two types of reaction to her .They reaches the temple and prays to the god.Maya prays to the god to give back her memory .She sees Akash praying with tears and wonders about the matter.Akash thinks in his mind”may be I am possessive,but god don’t give her memory,she will leave me “.He hears the bell sound and sees some village people coming and giving prasad to every ladies. Maya takes the sindoor and keeps it in her forehead and sees her reflection in the mirror with a great confusion.Poorva asks her to rub the sindoor because only married ladies will keep.Maya remembers seeing her reflection in the same way in past and her thoughts collapses,she sees a unclear vision of someone leaning and praising her beauty.Akash sees her in a dilemma and cleans her sindoor with his hand.She shouts “Akash”.Poorva angrily enjoys the situation,Maya sees him with shock while Akash walks from there without much emotions.

Dadi goes calling Akash and sees him standing with pain.She asjz him tjd matter that is hurting him very much.He says “Dadi,she is recovering little by little “,he hugs Dadi and completes his sentence and finally she will leave me and go as before.As before.Dadi asks him not to think like that think positively.Maya thinks to talk to Akash runs to the place where he is standing.Akash says “I cannot forget that she is married”.Maya hears the words and murmurs.

Precap:Maya asks Dadi about her past and cries thinking that all are cheating her.
Maya wakes next morning and sees her sleeping in some new place and sees Akash’s photos all over in the wall.She thinks to call someone and sees a servant coming with water to drink.She asks him about the owner of the house.Poorva comes and says “Maya,this is my house”.

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  1. Oh no plzzz remove this maya charecter yaar

    1. hey she is the heroine.

  2. awesome

  3. nyc episode….. shit this poorva again….

  4. Awesome sis.

  5. Superb yarr I am in love with this ff.

  6. hate apoorva nice episode

  7. i think poorva kidnap maya

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