when destiny meets (Episode 35)


Akash comes back to his home and asks Maya to come in with him.she asks him “Is this your house,its nice”,Guru asks Akash to control his emotions and takes her to the room.Maya thanks Guru and says “Thank you so much you are always supporting me in time of problem Guru”,Guru sees her with shock.she also cannot think of the words which comes from her mouth.Poorva searches of Dadi and sees her arguing with Akash over Maya’s health.Poorva knocks at the door and waits for Akash’s approval to come in.He signs her to get in and asks her about Maya’s behaviour. She remains silent says in her mind “I shouldn’t have helped her,she is “Maya sits in the room given to her and sees the weather outside and smiles.she thinks that she has some relation with this family.She sees Akash arguing with Guru and goes to see the person.
Guru: Akash,why are you not telling her the truth.
Akash: no,I won’t tell her.
Guru:mmmm what?
Akash:yes I won’t tell to him until she gets her memory back.
Guru:don’t blabber,she will leave you when she gets her memory back.
Guru:Akash,please ya.make her understand your love,I have seen pain in her eyes till this date but not from today.

Guru turns and gets shocked to see Maya standing with confusion.she asks Akash”Am I creating problem here ?”.Akash turns
and asks her to be calm .He asks her whether she likes the place and takes her inside.Maya asks Akash”I think you love someone “.He gets sudden jerk and avoided meeting her eyes and smiless.and goes from there.Poorva comes to take Akash to have food.Maya asks Poorva”Do Akash loves someone ?”Poorva says “Yes,it is actually “stops seeing him coming angrily.Akash asks Maya not to detoriate her own health.

She wakes up in the morning and comes out of the room ,she reaches downstairs and sees Guru,Poorva and Akash sitting in the breakfast table.Maya remembers some vision of seeing them before like this and hold her head with pain.Akash turns ans gets shocked to see Maya losing her balance in the middle of steps.He runs to hold her from falling.Guru also comes and helps Maya to stand properly.Poorva thinks to go from there and walks from the place.she thinks to make Maya leave the place soon because she need Akash in life.Maya sits in the chair and asks Akash”I feel like everything us very familiar here “.He gives her water to drink and sits near her and hold her hand and says “Yes,you are related to thus house,but don’t disturb yourself with your ideas”.

precap:Akash sees Maya trying to wear a saree and goes to help her.

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