when destiny meets (Episode 34)


The people sees Akash and comes running to help him.Poorva thinks to see the studio whether Akash is there are not.She starts thdcar and drives it towards Akash’s studio.Both of them comes out and thanks the workers for their timely help.Poorva reaches the place and gets somuvh anger to see them standing together.Akash asks Maya to come along with him ,so he might drop her in the hotel.she denies the offer and walks in the straight road thinking about Akash and automatically gets dull ,she murmurs to herself that “I cannot trust him or not trust him”,Poorva angrily goes from there and drives the car rashly.Maya crosses a turn and a truck hit her due to half covered fog.She falls unconscious.Poorva pasees through the side and stops the car seeing blood covered Maya.She shouts her name and runs towards her. Akash reaches home and sees Dadi and Guru sitting and thinking about his whereabouts. Guru enquires about Maya and gets satisfied knowing that she is fine.He gets call from Apoorva and picks the call.Poorva says about Maya’s accident and asks Guru to come soon to the hospital. He stands shattered.

Akash and Guru comes runninvinto the hospital and gets very much upset to see Maya inside the ICU ward.Poorva comes after paying the bill and gets unhappy seeing Akash feeling for Maya.she comes and says about Doctor asked them to come .Akash leaves to the doctor’s room.Guru asks details and thanks Poorva for her help.she smiles and says “Guru,I am not that much inhumane”and sits in the chair.The doctor asks Akash to understand her situation and says “She is suffering from partial memory lose”,Akash sits confused and asks the doctor about the treatment.Maya opens her eyes and calls Akash to come.Poorva and Guru hears her calling Akash and gets confused.

Maya sees Poorva and remembers seeing her somewhere,Apoorva asks Maya to control her sound,Maya asks Poorva”Who is Akash ?”.Guru calls the doctor to come,Akash enters with the doctor and sees Maya asking for him.Poorva shows Akash and walks from there with controlled tears.Maya sees Akash and ask him”Are you related to me,Akash,is it your name ?”.Guru comes out seeing Poorva crying,she sees Guru and says “Now,Akash will be always with her and me ,my life “.Guru asks her not to overreact and gives her water to drink.Akash consoles Maya,and asks her to sleep for a short while till he return.

precap:Maya asks Poorva about Akash’s lover .

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Janani where is Madhubala ff ??????????pls update it yaar I am waiting for your ff only I can’t be patient any more pls I beg you

    1. actually I have send it that day itself,today I have uploaded once more.

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sorry yaar now onluly I traded it was awesome

  2. Ohooo super twist

  3. fantastic episode

  4. Interesting….looking forward to it

  5. Nice episode dear.

  6. It was beautiful…… nice epi maya memory loss super

  7. Ohh no what will happend now

  8. poorva go to hell nice episode

  9. Awesome… thanks for updating regularly…

  10. Awesome episode, maya memory loss.
    …what akash will do now…

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