when destiny meets (Episode 33)


both of them sits and thinks what next should be done,Akash notes Maya getting very much tired and asks her to sleep and he goes to see about the whether condition outside.it was raining heavily.Maya follows him and stands next to him,she also sees yherain from the window.she sees Akash’s shirt a bit wet and gets concerned about him and asks him to change his cloths because he may catch cold.He smiles and sits in the chair searching some expression in her face and sees the picture in the wall with a sort of desbelief.Guru reaches Maya’s room and gets surprised to know that she is not yet there .he thinks to call her but doesn’t get enough signal and Maya’s phone gets switched off due to the battery charge over.Akash hears some metal noise and runs to see .Maya also comes,both of them sees the metal in the sets being wet and making some noise.Akash enjoys the music and says to himself “Mmmm,very fine “.She rembets about Akash’s past in which he don’t like music that much and sees him with a very shocking and pleasent reaction.

Nana reaches in home and sees the phone ringing continuely. he picks the call and hears Guru ‘s voice in the phone.Guru asks Nana about Maya and gets shocked to know that she has left the studio.Guru gets very much concerned and waits for Maya in the hotel room.Nana equally gets concerned and thinks to go and check in the studio but the rain get heavier in time.

During Night,Maya searches for Akash everywhere in the studio and finds him sitting near artificial water body created for the shooting and throwing stones into it.Maya asks him to go and sleep.he asks her whether she is feeling very much hungry,she says negative but the reality which Akash sees in her eyes is that she is feeling so tired.He asks her to come and takes out a biscuit packet from his backbag.May takes it with a hesitation and eats the biscuit.they lie down to sleep.Maya suddenly notices Akash shivering in cold and covers him with her wollen shawl and tries to go (Galliyan plays),she remembers their happy days and gets sad and sits in the wodden chair near his bed and sees him sleeping.Akash turns and holds her arm.She tries to move but stops seeing his deep sleep.Maya sleeps there itself. Akash wakes in the morning and finds him holding her hand and moves from the cot without disturbing her.He sees her sleeping and says “Sorry Maya,I was a worst husband”.Maya wakes and sees him trying to control his tears with his tissues. She asks him the reason and sees him going from there.

Poorva waits for Akash in the front porch and gets angry that he is not returning till that moment and thinks to call him,but stops seeing Dadi coming.Dadi sees Guru coming by holding a umberalla and asks him the matter.he tells about Maya being missing for past one day.Dadi asks him not to worry and takes him inside.Poorva thinks”Oh god,wat if they are together”,she stands so much puzzled.Maya offferes him hot water and asks him the matter that is worrying him.
Akash: it is really painful.

Maya: mmmm what?
Akash:that,losing a baby,I am sorry I don’t ,I don’t ,actually
Maya(cries): you don’t know Akash,that I tried to make you understand but you.
Akash:I am not a good husband.
Maya(bitterly smiles):Akash,come and try to call someone,we need to go by any means.
Akash:Mmmmmm OK.
they goes and sees some municipality workers trying yo remove the wodden piece from the transformer. Akash makes sound to make them turn .

precap:Maya walks in the road and meets with a accident.

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