when destiny meets (Episode 32)

Maya reaches the room and thinks about Akash’s influence in the press and smiles,she thinks in her mind that her heart is still skipping a bit when Akash is near her.Poorva sees Akash trying to get ready by himself and gets into the room with a smile and closes his eyes from the backside. Akash senses Poorva and asks her to move away.She asks him to come down to have food because she have made it. Akash sees her going and thinks of the days when Maya closed her eyes from backside and they share some romance and laughs.He smiles bitterly.and goes down to have food.Maya comes down to the restaurant area and sits in a table .She sees a teen age girl and her friend who happens to a boy standing with lots of confusion and goes near them.

Akash tastes the food and finds it without salt ,he sees Poorva very much haoy to know about his opinion and praised the food.He thinks to meet Maya and leaves from there in half food.Poorva thinks “So still he care fofmy welfare “and smriks,she adds the salt to the food and sits in the table to have food.Maya asks the girl about the matter.
The girl:Actually mam
Boy:just shut up Simmi.
Girl:Please u don’t talk.mam,we are
Maya: just call me Maya.
Boy:yesMaya its our personal.
Maya:you just shutup.Simmi,you tell
Simmi:di,he is my school friend,we came to hotel to have some food but here ,here
Rahul:Simmi,you don’t cry,here Simmi’s uncle saw and assume us to be lovers and he created a issue and called my father’s number.
Rahul:Please Maya mam,help us.
Maya: OK,I will talk to him,where is he.
Rahul:there in the third, table.

Maya goes to the table and gets shocked to see Shah Sir in the table,she sees him with a shock.He sees her and get happy and asksher to sit along with him.She smiles and asks him to leave the children free without creating any issue.Shah sir turns and sees them and says in a scolding tone”But Simonisha is a young girl and he “.Maya asks him to be cool and says “Time has changed sir,its changed “.He thinks deeply and asks both to leave.Maya thanks him.he asks her to gave food with him.

Akash reaches the hotel and sees Maya standing in the car parking shooting bye to someone.He comes and stands near her without any words.Maya says “Today I saw shah sir in the hotel “.he smiles and thinks about their fight before years He suddenly finds that sgw found him without turning and asks her the matter.she asks him not to blabber and shows the message which he sends her before coming.They laughs and goes inside the hotel.Poorva waits for him to come and sees him not coming and calks his driver’s number.

Next morning,Akash leaves to the shooting spot and sees Maya in the sets and wonders ,because yesterday she said about leaving to the Nagpur by day after tomorrow .He approaches her to get for the answer the question but stops seeing Nana coming with screen paper,he says to Maya’Sorry Maya,for hurting you and I need you to “,she asks him to stop and says”No sir,this is the last day I am working here”.Akash gets his answer and stands quiet dissatisfied because Maya is sure about going from there.He goes to continue the scene which was stopped on that day.

During the luncheon ,Maya sees Akash not having his protein milk shake and comes near him with some soup in her hand,she asks him the reason which is bothering him so much.He sees through her eyes and murmurs in a voice which can be heard only to her that “It is you,Maya”.She turns away and gives him the soup. He drink it and says “Today everything is very bad for me I mean the soup,it lacks sweetness as your words “.she Stares at him and moves.one of the person switches the radio and all of them heats the news about the new depression in Arabian sea and about the possibility of a tyccon to hit the place.Nana asks everyone to go home as the shooting is over.Maya goes to take herbag from the dressing room and gets struck inside the room.Akash goes to change and hears her voice and goes to help her.

Nana closes the door of the studio and assures about everyone coming out.he asks about AC ,and one of the assistant says that he must let earlier itself.They leaves in their vehicle from thete.it begins to rain very heavily outside and coconut tree falls on the electric post leafing to power shut down.Maya comes out and sees the place very dark.Akash asks her not to move and goes shouting other’s name but no one comes to help him.he shouts “Is anyone there ?”.Maya comes following him and gets panic seeing the studio locked,she tries to call someone for help and shouts.Akash searches for signal and says”Shai,no signal ya”.Maya gets tired and sits in a chair which is put nearby.Akash sits in the floor near her.She sees him with a angry look.he murmurs”Ho god she is going to kill me “.Maya asks him not to worry about Apoorva.He angrily looks at her and says “I mean you “.They share a angry look at each other.

precap:Maya sees Akash shivering in cold and offers him some shawl to cover himself.(galliyan plays)

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