when destiny meets (Episode 30)


Akash gets very much shocked to know that Maya was pregnant and thinks about the reason why she left him,he didn’t get any clarity and gets angry on himself.he stops the shooting and angrily leaves in his car towards his home.Maya comes to Nana’s home and sees him waiting.He asks about the actual problem of her and scolds her for not letting the shooting happen properly. Maya asks him not to blame on her and leaves to pack her belongings.She thinks to go back to Nagpur and lead a happy life faraway from this film industry.She packs her bag and finds Akash’s call in her number. she cuts the call and continues her work.Akash angrily stops the car in the portico and walks in.He didn’t understand why she leave him and sits thinking about the same.Poorva sits near him and sees his wound and takes out the first aid kit to help him.he moves his hand and goes to his room.he opens a cupboard and sees Maya’s bangles and dresses,he takes out everythings and throws it in the bed.He sees Dadi and Poirca seeing him and closes the door.He remembers about him asking her “Which child she like ,boy or girl ?”.He angrily calls her continuely even when she cuts it.Maya at last picks the call and asks him the reason,why he is calling her .He asks her to come to some hotel and he need to talk.She resist and says “I ,I need to go to Nagpur by night “.He cuts the call and remembers the day when he comes back to India and thinks to clear the misunderstanding to her.

Poorva knocks at the door and asks him to join her in the dinner,he refuses and goes out of the house.Poorva thinks why he us behaving so rude to me and sees him left his phone.she takes the phone and sees Maya’s message that she will come to the hotel.she gets panics and delete the message and types”No need”.she thinks not to miss Akash once more in her life.She thinks to make things favourable for her and smiles.

Maya sees Akash’s message and gets so much angry.she thinks to go the hotel and then leaves to the railway station.She stops near the hotel and sees Akash’s car parked inside.she enters the hotel and sees Him drinking in the bar.She feels very bad to see him drinking and goes near him .Akash sees someone near and turns to see.he feels very much surprised to see Maya.and pulls her to sit along with him and she asks him”Why did you asked me to come ?”.He asks her “Why did you leave me ?”.in a blabbering voice.she sees him with a very angry look and says “You must know the answer”and tries to go from there.Akash runs behind her and falls on the floor and gets Hus hand again hurt.blood flows from the wound.Maya gets into a taxi and leaves, but she feels some pain in her heart.and asks the driver to stop and peeps through the window and sees people lifting Akash and going.She closes her eyes and asks him to drive straight to the railway station.Both of them feels pain in their heart and closes their eyes in pain not bearing to see other’s tears.

Next day,Akash gets up from the bed and sees Poorva sitting in the chair and sees him with a tired look.he asks her ,how he came here and about Where is Maya.He sees the door opening and finds Maya standing in the door and remembers her telling that she us leaving to Nagpur,and smiles.She asks Poorva to come because some press is coming to take out His interview.Poorva walks angrily with Maya and stops her in the hall and asks’Why did you came back in His life ?”Maya asks Poorva to talk with some sense and says “I am not dying for his love or this money”.the press asks about his injury and asks for a cover story.Akash thanks their concern and asks them to leave.He asks one of the servant and asks about Maya and comes to know that she had left in a auto.Press people goes in Akash’scar and sees the photo which falls inside the car.

precap:Maya sees flash new that Akash married Maya.and gets shocked.

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  1. I am a big fan of ur ff I hv a doupt janani is Maya pregnant in the past or present if if in present where is her child and is this whole incident and the flash news happening in the past or present a bit confused plzzzzzz cmnt

  2. wow very nice epi idiot poorva i hate

  3. Ohhh so sad for both

  4. maya was pregnant in past and had a abortion.

  5. Today’s episode was nice.

  6. Awesome episode, but pls clear akash maya misunderstanding

  7. Sooo gud yaa

  8. its amazing…

  9. Wow. Plz update the next part soon

  10. update the next part soon nice episode

  11. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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