when destiny meets (Episode 3)

Maya remembers her life in past and sits in the flight which is going to Mumbai.She sees a group of 5 girls going to Mumbai,they were holding a magazine in their hand,one of the girl tells “Wow,how s*xy he is,I am one of his greatest fan”.Another girl giggle and says “Everybody in yhd world is his fans “,the flight authority asks them to sit in their respective places,as the flight is going to begins its journey.Maya sees the magazine left by the girls and says “In thus world,there is one person who don’t like Akash,and it is me “,she closes her eyes and enjoys the journey.

The director says that he had changed the name of the heroine into Manisha,and informs him the travel For London to outdoor shooting,Akash goes to act the scene but he thinks about something andccompletes the scene and asks his driver to make arrangement to reach airport on time.He leaves to the caraven and sits remembering about the name Maya.

Nana is the man who is in his late 50’s ,he gets ready to go and pick Maya from the airport,he comes out of the house and starts his car.He thinks about the day when he first met Maya with Akash and says “Both of them may like or not but the destiny will brings them together”.He smiles and starts the car.Maya comes out of thebaurport and finds Nana sir anywhere,she turns to make a call.Akadh reaches the airport and sees his film person not yet came ,he walks and collides with Maya.He hold her from falling down

Maya finds her in someone’s support and moves away,she gets shocked equally shocked as Akash to see him.Akash doesn’t respond. and stands shocked on seeing her.One of his film’s associate director comes and says that All of them has arrived and let’s go.Maya sees him going and begins to walk in opposite direction.Nana sees his from a distance and stops the car near Maya,she turns and finds him ,and hugs him.

They begins their journey towards Nana’s house and the same time Akash finishes his check and starts his journey yo London for the shotyimg,he cannot come to the conclusion whether meeting Maya was true or his imagination. He sees his picture on the magazine and takes the magazine and sees his picture.he remembers the day ,he first met Maya and says to himself “a bad day”.Maya sees the posters of Akash everywhere and closes the window.

Nana asks her to be comfortable by staying in his house as she is like his daughter and stops the car in front of a large portico,they gets in.the servants comes running and says “Msm,it is very nice to see you,I was very eager to meet you because sir usually talks about you”

Nana laughs and says “Raju,go and make arrangement for Maya to stay “.She goes with Raju and sits in the room given for her.Akash whispers Maya while at the same time she whispers Akash.Akash reads yhr article and thinks to himself that I am not that must lucky even to get a sorry for my mistakes.

precap:Nana asks Maya to assist him in doing a film.

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  1. very nice pls update soon

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  4. pls update soon eagerly waiting for your episode

  5. Wow. . .superb. . . Is maya an actress?

  6. It is really intresting dear ……… a very diffrent concept from other ff …………
    Actually i read ur update today so i had to read from start to understand ♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-* :-* pls keep updating and take care

  7. Wowww assist a film with akash awesome

  8. Awesome episode, they meet…both thinking about each other..precap very exciting. ..she will assist in film..wowwww. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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