when destiny meets (Episode 29)


Maya sees him going and thinks to make him do the puja she thinks for a while abf sits in the pujaa and does their rituals ,the. pandit asks her about her relation with Akash and his family.she says “It is my family, he is my husband”.She does the rituals and comrtes the puja .Akash comes back home and sees Maya angrily as he comes to know that she did the puja.He asks her to come to his room and angrily goes,Maya goes and asks him the matter.He confront her for doing the puja which he refused to do.She asks him to thinks with heart and says “It is not a wrong thing,Akash,they are your parents “,he didn’t give him chance to talk and goes from there.Akash sees her with a look and goes to change as they needs to go from there because he need to go to some shooting.

They comes back to house and finds Preet crying in her room and asks the matter.Preet tells about how she respected Nana and loved him but he left her and says that he don’t love her.Maya asks her to see the reality with her eyes and asks whether she can accept Nana’s son who is elder than you and makes her understand the situation. Preet thanks them and leans on Maya’s shoulders. She asks her to be happy and hugs her.

after some months,Maya asks the servants to do the arrangement for very soon because Akash may arrive at any time.She thinks about Akash’s film unit went to London for outdoor shooting for 3 months and are returning after at evening.Maya sees the entrance and waits for him to come,she sees the time and rings his number and see him disconnecting the call.She asks the servant to go out because today is their leave.She sits in house where no one is there and gets call from Preet.Preet gets married to a not of her parent’s choice and noe living with her husband.she tells “Bhabhi,I saw bhai in hotel little China “.Maya thinks that he is planning some special for her and goes to the hotel to meet Akash.She reaches the hotel and comes inside the hotel and asks about Akash,and comes to know that he booked a room in third floor.Maya leaves to the room and sees Akash convincing a lady and hugs her.Maya’s heart beat raises and she trues to hear their conversation.
Akash:come on ,just be calm.please sweety.
The Lady (Poorva):how could I do it,you are living with the idiot.
Akash:That is a compromise life.
Maya. almost loses her balance.
Poorva:Then come let’s enjoy our life,don’t think about her.
Akash: Mmmm not now,you just sleep.
Poorva:you are living with her,if she gets pregnant then she won’t leave you .
Akash:May be but it is my mistake.

Maya cannot have strength to hear it further and goes from there with tears.she comes to home and sees the arrangement,which she had made and sees the words’ come in New papa’,she sits in the floor with tears and sees the arrangement and gets very much angry for believing him.the words”My life with her was a mistake,blunder”repeats in her ears.She thinks that “May be Akash has some reason to talk like that “and washes her tears and smiles thinking about her blunder by suspecting Akash.She waits for him to come.she hears. car sound and goes to see.Akash gets down in drunken stage.

Maya takes him inside.she takes out the video to make the happiness in Akash’s face when he comes to know that she is pregnant. Akash reads the line and laughs loudly.He asks “Who is hoing be father”,Maya says you.he continues laughing and asks “With whose child”.Maya asks him to think and talk because he us talking with his wife.Akash begins to cry and says”You made me away from my Poorva,she is very innocent”,Maya asks him to sleep and let’s talk later. He asks her to get out and not come in because it is his Poorva’s house.Maya loses her last hope and leaves to the room.She sees the time is 4 AM.and asks the servant to come and clear all tjd things.Akash gets up with a severe head ache and sees the servant clearing the decoration and asks them the matter,he finds Maya coming down with Bag and asks her where she is leaving .She says that she understood everything and leaving.she gives him a signed paper and asks him to file divorce and walks away.Guru sees her going and runs behind her.Akash stands confused and angrily shouts at all the employees.he goes to his room and throws the things.Maya stands in the railway station and suddenly gets fits and giddiness. the people and Guru takes her to hospital.Guru tries akash’s number but he asks him not to talk about Maya and cuts the call angrily. the doctor comes and asks Guru to do the formalities .Guru asks”Doctor,she is my close friend ,wat happened to her?”.The doctor Says “Due heavy fits,she has a abortion “.
(Flash back is over)

Maya hears someone calling her and sees the conductor asking her where she needs to get down.She asks the driver to stop the car and begins to walk from there with a unhappy look.Akash sits in thecaraven and sees someone standing on the door and turns to see Guru standing.He yells about Maya’s behaviour and asks Guruto tell whether it is justice or not.Guru says”She has given a large price gir this issue “.Akash says”even I have lost my happiness from the day she leaves,I am dying for past 5 years with a confusion wat is the reason “.Guru remembers promising Maya not to tell about pregnemcy to Akash.he thinks to clear the misunderstanding and says “She had a abortion due to come stress before 5 years”.Akash gets shocked and remembers her asking him to come skin to home because a surprise is there for him. He asks “I don’t know even she is pregnant”,Guru hold his hand and says”She planned to tell you as a surprise but “,he sees Nana coming and stops talking.

precap:Akash finds Maya standing in the road

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