when destiny meets (Episode 28)


guys I thinks you guys doesn’t find the flashback track good,then we can tell about the present.tell you opinion.yesterday I posted a comment but it published only today so I sm going yo update two updates for today.

Maya turns her face and sees the beautiful picture of a small child and smiles.Akash sees the direction and asks Maya whether she like boy or girl.she didn’t give her answer and He goes to the side and hold her face and repeats his question,she asks not to blabver and sits quietly.He asks her to tell her the problem why she is avoiding him when millions of girls are behind him.Maya angrily sees his eyes and says “May be but me Maya won’t fall for you Akash “He laughs and hugs her and repeats his question for thd third time .She gets very much shy and moves his hand and tells in a very mild voice”Girl like my mom”,He caress her face and gets into
thought.Maya feels very much comfortable in his hand and leans on his hand.

Poorva comes to her house with bandage on head and sees her father searching her friends number to knke about her he see her injured and asks her about the matter,she begins to cry and tells Bout seeing Akash caring for Maya in the hospital and sits down in the
floor.He consoles her and asks her to think about her future with Mathew and his family.she nods yes but thinks about both and vcompsres them,he feels that it was wrong to miss Akash in her life.she plans something and wipes her tears.

Akash and Maya comes back to home and sees some decoration in the house and wonders who made it.A Lady stands in the entrance with a flower bouquet and gives it to Akash and Maya,both of them sees her with some confusion.she asks them to come inside and introduce herself as preet,who is Akash’s distance cousin from Punjab.Akash gets happy to see her and asks about her family.Preet sees Maya still very tired and asks her to sleep for sometime. She tells about staying there until she finds a place to stay in her friend’s house.Akash leaves to his room and sits in the table thinking about Maya he feels so much happy about her.He hears his phone ringing and picks the call.And gets shocked to know that Dadi is hospitalised in Varanasi. he gets very much upset and calls Maya to tell her the details.

Guru comes back home and sees a new girl sitting in the hall and gets confused whether it is Maya’s house or not.Preet sees Guru and asks him to get in.He comes in with a confusion.he sees Akash coming down with bags in his hand and asks him the matter.he tells about Dadi’s condition and asks him to take care of the house for some days.He asks preet to stay there and leaves to Varanasi with Maya.

Poorva comes to Akadh’s house and finds Guru sitting in the sifa with newspaper in His hand and asks him about Maya and Akash.she gets very much shocked to know that Akash gas left the city even without informing her and remembers about his closeness with Maya and asks Guru about the reason.He tells about Dadi’s serious condition.and asks Poorva about her fiancee and irritates her,she drives back to Homs and gets angry thinking that they will sodnd some time together while going to Varanasi. Akash and Maya sits in the flight to reach Delhi then plans to go by Train to Varanasi.Maya asks him not to worry and remembers about her childhood in Varanasi .she gets a bit disturbed. Akash sees her restless and asks about the reason.

Poorvs thinks to go to Varanasi to see Akash and executes her plan to her dad in a different way so that he believes her very much.They goes to Akash’s house in Varanasi and sees dadi sitting in the bed with very dull and fevered look.Maya runs to her and asks her about her health.Akash comes behind her and sits near Dadi and hugs her with a some anger and happiness.She asks both of them to stop worrying and just take rest for sometimes.Thru goes to the room.Akash asks his neighbour uncle and gets to know about Dadi’s mild attack. He leaves towards the room and sees Maya struggling with the lock in the bedroom. He goes to help her and the lock breaks down.they see each other and smiles .Maya sees the yeme from tjdw room and asks Akash,when they will go the temple.Akash tells about going at night and closes her eyes to sleep for a while.Maya tries to sleep and remembers seeing her parents killed in a road accident near the temple and gets up shouting ‘No”..

Maya sees Akash shaking her and asks the matter,she tells about her parents accident and cries.He consoles her and pats her head,she tries to sleep for sometimes.He thinks to make Maya happy and thinks about the way with concentrated mind.He comes down and sees Dadi trying to cook and hold her hand asking her not yo for so.and asks her to sit with him.Poorva reaches Varanasi in the night and sees the place very much dirty and asks a rickshaw to stop.Akash and Maya walks on the banks of Ganga sees the beauty of the place.They reached the temple and does the puja for the god .they comes out and sees Poorva standing in the road with unckran dress.Akash shows his hand to call her and stops seeing Maya angrily staring at him but She comes running and hugs Akash.Maya tries to walk but stops seeing him holding her hand.

Guru tries to Akash’s number to ask him sbpit Dadi’s health and finds the number not reachable,he turns and sees Preet coming in to the house and sees the time,the clock strike 9 PM.He sees someone dropping her and sees the car ,stands shockingly ask her about the matter,she asks him not to interfere in his personal matter and goes to her room angrily.Guru asks her whether she know about the person who dropped her ,Preet says “My boss”,he angrily hold her and says in a loud voice”That man is my father”.Preet stands confused and suddenly begins to cry .

Poorva comes down after changing the dress and sees all of them waiting for her to join the supper.Dadi doesn’t talk with Akash and Maya for bringing her to home and sits before the plate.Poorva sees Akash very much happy and guesses the reason and smirks thinking that this happiness will last only for some days because after that Maya will be out of the game.She asks Maya to serve her dhal and purposely pours it in her dress.Maya sees Akash with a meaning that this is happening only because of you and leaves to the room to change.he follows her,Maya goes to bathroom and truesy to clean the strain.she opens the tap and by mistake the shower opens,Akash who comes to help her gets struck in tjd water,they share a cool eye lock.

Poorva sits in the room allotted for her and thinks how could Akash falls for such a cheap girl .She thinks to ask him the reason but stops seeing Dadi sitting in the hall with some sloka book.She gets call from Mathew and without any interest picks the call.
Mathew:hi,baby how r u?
Poorva’:hash,fine ,and you.
Mathew:I am missing you badly and I have a good news for you .
Poorva(with fame interest): ya,wat?
Mathew: surprise.
Poorva:OK bye.
Mathew: hey Poorvi.

but he finds the call disconnected and wonders why she is behaving so uninterested and worries about her health.he messages her to tajr good care and sits in his room full of photos of legendary singers and pop musicians .Poorva sees the message and throws the phone in the bed and sits thinking .Maya changes into a beautiful saree and comes out of the bedroom and sees Akash literally seeing her with awe and asks him the reason..Akash gets and walks towards her and lifts her in his arms.

Next day,Maya comes down from the room dressed in a black salwar ,and sees Dadi doing preparation for Akash’s parents death anniversary.Maya asks her about the puja and gets to know that Akash’s parents died in a similar road accident ,she turns to asks him but stops seeing him coming down so angry and shouts at everyone to stop the puja in this house.Poorva comes and asks Akash to be calm and tells Dadi to stop orelse he will behave wild.Maya stood like a statue with lots of puzzles.Dadi asks h to understand but he throws the flowers and runs to his room.

Guru sees Preet getting ready to go and asks her about her meeting which is very urgent.she asks him not to tell bad about Nana sir and goes from there.Guru thinks to talk to Nana regarding yhd matter and clear the misunderstanding and infactustion of a young girl like Preet,He goes to her room and sees some letters from Nana to Preet and opens one such Letter to read,and his reaction changes after testing the handwriting and .he dials Nana’s numbers with tension.

Maya asks Akash to open the door and calks out his name continuously and gets tired,Akash at last opens the door and asks her the matter.she asks him to give some times so that she can talk.Akash asks her to talk anything about his parents and goes down and out of the house.Poorva comes near Maya and says about Akash’s anger for his parents and shows some fake concern.

precap:Maya asks the servant to do arrangement in the house to celebrate happiness.

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