when destiny meets (Episode 27)

Maya calls him and goes in search of him,she finds him lustdnimg to some music.she thinks to knock the door but stops thinking that it may disturb him.Akash sees her coming and leaving thrigh his phone ad smiles.he thinks about Poorva and gets so much angry and breaks the vase in anger.Maya sees the moon and thinks to break her fsdt.Akash stands behind her and asks her to see his face before breaking her fast,she turns and it happens to be her imagination,she searches for his photo with closed eyes..Akash comes down and sees Maya searching something,he takes the photo and stands near her,she searches behind the curtain and he hold her hand,bringz her closer whispers and asks her to complete her fast as soon as possible.She blinks seeing his sudden closeness and remembers about Poorva’s betrayal and asks him “What will be my condition if Poorva was loyal,”,he leaves her and walks,she repeats her question with a anger in eyes.

Poorva angrily thinks about Akash’s lies and feels bad for breaking his relation for the daje of mere money.she trues to call h bit he cuts her call.she thinks that he might be very much upset and leaves in the night to see him.She drives the car in half drunken state and hit a tree and faints.People near him sees this and runs yo help her.Akash finds call from Poorva’s number and picks the all in anger,he hears some maen telling “Please come sikn sir,this mafsm us very much hurt and wounded “,he asks them to go to the hospital and comes out of the room fastly.Maya thinks about spoiling Akash’s mood and goes towards his room to say sorry and finish her fast.Akash opens the door and runs toward the car in hurry.he tells about Poorva’s accident and starts the car.Maya asks him to phone and sits in the dinning table and sees the puja plate,she gets angry.and pours the water in the floor.she takes out roti and begins to eat with tears and says to herself “He is a good actor in off screen “.she continues eating.

Akash reaches the hospital and sees Poorva blabbering his name and sits bedudrs her.she hold his hand and continuously says sorry.He sees her face got wounded and with head blood clot and remembers the day when their marriage broke and everything.he thinks about Maya’s fast and calls her number.she packs her bag and asks Akash about Poorva’s health.she overheard “Poorva”, telling “I love you,I love you “,she cuts the call .

Akash comes to the home in the morning and sees Maya behaving very much normal.He stops her from moving inside and asks her the matter why she is behaving so normal even nothing is happening. She asks him what is happening and says”Everything is going on as before “and moves.He follows her and asks her to give him one opportunity to explain.she seeshim very tired and asks him to fresh up and goes to the room and locks the door .Akash feels bad goes to get ready to leave to the shooting.He comes out and finds her not there. He searches for in all the room ,sees her going out in a auto,he tries to call her .

Maya sits in a orphanage and sees children playing with each other and smiles seeing the happiness of small ones,she thinks about her happy family and smiles,she takes out a photo from bag and sees it with tears.The photo consist of a couple and their ten year old daughter ,Maya in it.she keeps the photo inside and remembers the day when she finds her parents dead.she cries thinking about Akash and finds someone giving kerchief.she turns and sees Guru near her.she leans on his shoulder and sobs silently.Akash calls her number ,and finds her not picking calls,gets tensed.

Maya comes home at afternoon and sees Akash angrily sitting in the sofa.She remembers him telling that he will start his shoot from tomorrow. She asks him about his new shooting and sees him.not responding.He sees her and gets up angrily ,She asks him about his shoot.he tells that he didnt went to the shooting and cancelled the offer.Maya sees him with a shock.he walks from there.She follows him.
Maya:wat are you telling you said it was yr dream.
Akash:yes but just leave it.
Maya:hey,its a big offer and
Akash:wat,just leave it .
Akash:way ate you coming yo say,I didn’t leave to the shooting because I was busy thinking about someone.
Maya:mmm I know you havevso much concern for Apoorva.
Akash:don’t irritate me I am talking about You.
Maya: don’t make me responsible,did. asked you to wait for me or think about me.you haven’t think about me until before three days and now.
Akash:enough just go.
Maya:thanks for your concern.
Akash(drags the chair )
Maya:if you get such angry slap me font show your anger on objects
she goes from there and stands in the room,she feels dizzy and falls on the floor.Akash runs behind her and lift her,he takes her to he hospital and admits her ,Poorva sees Them together and fumes,she thinks to find the matter.The doctor asks Akash to take care of Maya very well because she is so anaemic, He accepts the doctor and finds Maya waking,he sits and hold Maya’s hand and says “Sorry”,she takesher hand and turn to another side.

precap:Akash sees Maya very much beautiful and lifts her in the arms

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