when destiny meets (Episode 26)

Maya asks Akash to do as per his wish and sits in the car without seeing his face,his words always reverberates in his ears,she gets confused and closes her eyes.Akash see her confused ,smiles.he think for a while and leaves inside and sees Poorva flirting with Mathew and laughs on seeing that.he goes to the stage and make a noise in wine glass to gather other’s attention.Poorva asks him the matter.Akash smiles “Guys,I am very much happy to share my happiness with you that is …..”.he stops and sees Poorva with a smile.everyone asks him the matter ,he continued his words” I am getting offer to play in Hollywood film”,every one laughs for Akash except Poorva,she gets shocked that Akash’s film graph is going up.,she cannot utter any words.She scold herself for leaving Akash,thinking that he is struggling and tries to come near him but Mathew hold her hand and calls for a dance.

Akash comes out and sees Maya sitting in the car and calls out her name,she worries seeing him standing in the rain.She opens the door and asks him to get inside.Akash sits in the car and plays with the water in his head.Maya smiles seeing his actions and lean on the window.He starts the car with a unknown happiness. Maya asks him how could he be so much happy despite Poorva’s new life fixed with Mathew. He asks her to change the topic and concentrates on driving.

They reaches the house.Maya stands in the rain and enjoys the rain.Akash pulls her inside and asks her why she is very happy on seeing rain.Maya says ‘I love rain “and play in the rain.Akash sees her with a smile and stands in the portico seeing her very much happy.They comes inside. Maya asks Akash about food which she need to prepare. He asks her not to prepare food and goes to his room and locks at the door,Maya changes her dress into a night suit and sits near the window enjoying each rain droplets.Akash sits in his room thinking about Maya and hugs his pillow.

Akash wakes up in early morning and sees light in Maya’s room and goes to see her. Maya dresses herself into a red saree and eats some sweets. Akash gets so much confused and remembers that she keeping Karva chauth fast. He goes without making any noise.Maya prays to the God”I know it is wrong to pray for Akash,who loves someone but please make him Happy till the end,please god”.
She comes out and sees Akash sitting in the hall seeing the rain.She asks him the matter.He smiles and greets her “Good morning”and asks about her red dress.She shocks and manages that by telling “Actually today is Karva chauth,people will keep fast for their husband ,though I am not keeping so just wearing red saree.Hr enjoys her lies and smiles.Maya thinks that she have managed the matter.

In the breakfast table,Akash reads the newspaper and reads news that husband also keeps fast for their wife.He thinks to keep fast for Maya and smiles.She comes with a plate full of roti and serves him.he sees the food and asks Maya to sit .she denies,he acts like being angry and leaves without eating.Maya sees him going and wonders the reason for his anger.Akash sits in the caraven and feels very much hungry,he thinks to eat some fruits but stops and controls his hunger.Maya stands in the lawn seeing all the plants in the garden and smiles.She sees plants with full of flowers and enjoys the view.Akash completes the shoot and wonders how Maya will finish his fast without informing him,he thinks “She can do anything “,he comes back home and sees Maya sitting in the sofa. He gives her a gift and says”Surprise”,she opens it and finds a golden ear ring.She sees him with a shocking expressionist expression.He says”I was just celebrating by new film offer in Hollywood “and bites his tongue. She gets glimpse of him telling that he is not having any film offer and turns,finds him not their ,she calls his name to confront him.

precap:Maya feels dizzy and sits in the bed.

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  1. what abeautiful relationship they share…

  2. what abeautiful relationship they share…plz updt soon.

  3. awesome

  4. they love each other very much but they separated feeling sad

  5. nice continue soon

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  7. episode was good..

  8. maya akash kept fast for each other. super

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  11. i love akash and maya pair very much thanks for giving such a wonderful ff janani

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  13. Awesome episode, just loved it to the core…..

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