when destiny meets (Episode 25)

Akash sees Maya standing in tjs kitchen and Poorva hugging him.and gets so much uneasy,he asks Poorva to move from him and goes to wash his hands,Poorva stands so much confused by his behaviour and goes behind him calling his name. Maya comes out of the kitchen to take away the utensils and sees Poorva and Akash talking with very much happiness, and closes her eyes and goes from there.she gets very much upset to see Akash with Poorva.Poorva tells about her birthday party and asks him to join her in the hotel.Akash sees the direction where Poorvs went and stands confused,he goes towards Maya’s room and finds her lying in the bed .He sits besides her and touches her hand.

Poorva thinks to call all of her friends to the party and enjoy it very much.She duals everyone’s number and invites them to the birthday party.she goes to her home happily and hugs her father.He was preparing to go back to Mysore yo look after their business.he asks her the matter of her happiness.she tells about arranging a birthday party in hotel and asksher father to sysy with her for some days PR atleadt tonight.He tells about the urgent work and leaves to airport.she goes to her room and takes out a gorgeous gown from the closet and sits near the dressing table.Her thoughts go back and she thinks about celebrating her birthday with Akash once in college.

Maya gets up and asks him the reason ,whether he need anything,she avoids his eyes and turns away and Akash asks her to join him in the party tonight.She smiles and thinks in her mind “Ho,next idea to insult me,but this time I won’t give you time “,she gives excuses about not feeling well and asks him to go .Akash asks her to join because today is the big day for him and he is going to give a important statement in the party.She guess something and tells that she will come.She thinks that todayvevery fake relation will end.

both of them.leaves to the party at evening,Maya dresses in a green saree and matching ornaments while Akash is dressed in a white shirt and jeans.They sees Akash’s banner for new film being taken away,Maya asks him the reason for this and sees his face getting very much dull.She remembers him telling in the afternoon about the fall in film industry and hold his hand and tells that he will manage all the situation.Akash lost in Maya’s eyes.They comes out of the car and enters the hotel.Akash sees the beautiful decoration and smiles seeing Poorva standing in the lawn with someone. She turns and gets shocked to see Maya with Akash.she goes towards him and hugs him tightly.She asks all the guest to come near and tells about the special guest and their party will start in some time.

Maya asks Akash about the party and comes to know about Poorva’s birthday,she wishes her and joins Akash in the table.Akash didn’t move His eyelids from Maya and sees her movement.Poorva takes the mike and invites Mathew ,one of the leading singer of Bollywood as the special guest.She leans on His shoulder and tells about hermarruage to be fixed with Mathew.Maya gets shocked and turns to see Akadhand finds him just clapping with happiness.She sees him with a surprise. Akash asks her to cla and sees tears rolling from her eyes.she tries to hold her hand but She begins to walk from there fastly,Akash follows her and shouts her name,She stops near the car ,stand holding the door.He asks her the reason,she asks Akash,why he is not feeling bad to see Poorva with someone.He ssys”I don’t know even it may be because of you “he says that with a little smile.She didn’t get the meaning and stares at him

precap:Akash enters the party venue and makes a noise in the glass.

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