when destiny meets (Episode 24)

Poorva comes out of the shock and asks him not to worry and they can manage by some other means.Akash sees her face with a sharpness and was very much shocked to see her upset on hearing the matter,they continue their jogging. Maya thinks about Akash making her coffee and sits in the room with a happy and sadness together,she gets call from one of her friend and thinks to go and
meet him.Maya gets ready and comes out,she sees Akash coming back home with Poorva after completing his jogging.

Maya and Akash smiles at each other,Poorva fumes and asks Akash to come inside the house.Maya leaves from there with a little heart and walks in the road,she thinks about Akash ,sees Guru in the mall and calls him name soundly.Akash sits very much upset ,and sees Poorva talking with someone on the phone and asks Poorva to come because he need to talk with her.Poorva asks him to wait and continues her work,she comes calling Akash finds him going out in his car.

Guru sees Maya and asks her the reason to come to the place.Maya tells about her trend called her to come .She asks abpu Guru’s work in the place.he shows a set of new dress and says that he came to bring some sets of dress .Mata thinks of bringing Akash ,a pair of dress and goes inside the mall.she haven’t seen such big shop.one of the salesperson asks her ,about the person whom she needs to buy cloth.She asks Maya”Mam,the person will look like AC sir “,she smiles and says “yes”and walks along with her to the place.

Akash stands on a isolated person and sees people havingva very busy life,he remembers the day when he actually met Poorva and thinks that she won’t be with him when he don’t gave any of the amount to lead a luxury life.Akash comes back home only during the afternoon and gets surprised to see That Poorva had left and sits in the sofa.Maya comes .

She asks him whether he had any problem with Poorva and tells about her leaving from there very much angrily.Akash behavesleadt interested and closes his eyes.Maya gives him some cold water to drink and asks him to wait for sometimes and he will bring him food.he says “No need for food “.and walks from there.Maya asks him about the problem.He thinks for a while and says “I am not getting enough opportunity in films,you won’t me to eat and sleep happily”.Maya asks him to sit and says “So what Akash,you can manage things,if not let us start some small business “,He sees her surprised and sees her walking.He calls her and asks “Even if I am insolvent, will you be with me”,she nods yes and goes from there.

Akash thinks about something and comes down to have food.Maya serves him food and asks him to eat hot food.he tastes the food and remembers his mother’s handmade food and smiles seeing Maya.He asks her to sit and have some food.She tells that she will eat after sometimes and serves him more food.they hear some knock at the door and leaves to see.Poorva comes inside and hugs Akash tightly.Mays cannot see it and walks from there straight to the kitchen.Akash asks Poorva to leave him and asks her where she left in middle.She tells about going to meet a producer in some place and talked about his future career.Akash laughs and says “I am not mad Poorva”and goes to wash hands.Maya heard this from kitchen and thinks “Akash is angry with Poorva so only he is talking with me nicely,still now I am just a substitute in his life “.She smiles bitterly.

precap:Akash and Maya leaves to Poorva’s birthday party.

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