when destiny meets (Episode 23)

Akash wakes up and gets a very high fevered head ache.He murmurs for his head pain ,and sees himself sleeping in Maya’s room and calls her name soundly.Maya comes out of the garden on hearing his voice and comes towards the room.He sees her and fumes thinking the incident which she created yesterday. He gets glimpse of people talking and praising her beauty .He asks her for a cup of hot coffee and sits in the sofa in the hall.She leaves to prepare coffee.Akash sees his phone and finds many mussed call from Poorva and attends the present call from her number with a surprise because she is calling him for this many times.

Guru comes out of his room dressed in formal look and sees Akash sitting in the sofa,he goes in search of Maya and finds her coming with two cups of hot coffee and some medicines ,Guru asks her not to wait for him during after noon and goes from there with his laptop.Maya comes to hall and searches for Akash,he didn’t find him and hears his voice near the garden,and goes to see him.He partially hears his conversation and Akash telling”Come on,Poorva,she is just one of the problem in our life not very much problem,we can make her understand”.He turns and sees Maya standing with coffee and cuts the call.and sits in the balcony chair.

Maya gets upset on hearing Akash telling her as problem and gets very much angry because she has assured him that she won’t let him
live with her allthriugh the life and file a divorce as soon as possible.She goes to her room and sees Akash’s watch there,takes it and keeps it in a box.Akash sips the coffee and feels better from his head ache.He searches for Maya to say a thanks but finds her no where.He gets call from the director stating that the shoot has cancelled for two days due to some strike.He says fine and goes to bath.Maya sits in the breakfast and eats bread slices with no happiness or sadness.Akash sees her eating only bread and stands near the dinning table.she gets surprised to see him there., she thought that Akash had left the place without informing her.He sits in opposite chair.

Akash leaves to Poorva’s house to meet her,He thinks of Maya just eating bread as breakfast, on the way ,the gardener tells yo neighbour that his mad is very good in nature and she waits for Akash sir till night ,she haven’t eat anything till his return.He smiles and his mouth says “Nice”,he remembered Dadi telling that she also usually waits like this for Dadaji.He reaches Poorva’s house.and thinks to give her surprise so stops the cat before a street and wsljs to her house.he hears Poorva telling to his father that “Dad,just we can wait ,he will divorce her and then ,no one will be ready to leave a rich actor like Akash”.he gets shocked and knocks at the door.

Maya gets ready to leave to meet the producer who has accepted her idea and story of the film.She comes reaches his house and gets shocked to Akash in the house.Akash also gets equally shocked.The producer was new to the city and he don’t know about Akadh’s relationship with Maya.Maya tells him the story.Akash listens to the story and thinks that it was very nice.He sees the producer quiet impressed.Maya completes the story and asks about the result.He tells that he will tell tomorrow and asks her to leave.The producer praises Maya and asks about Akash’s opinion about the girl.He remains silent and sees The story copy .he takes it to read.

Guru comesbavk home at night and finds Akash still sitting g before the garden and seeing the beautiful flowers.he hugs Akash and asks him the reason.he didn’t not tell anything and walks along with Guru inside thdhouse.They sits in the dinning table and eats the hot chappathi made by Maya.Maya joins them and takes one chappathi in her plate and taste it. Akash sees it and puts another one in her plate to her surprise.He asks her to eat properly and walks from there without eating.

He sits in his room and thinks about the cute friendship between him and Maya before some months and gets hurt thinking about all the misunderstanding.he closed his eyes to pretend to sleep on hearing the voice of Maya calling him.she enters the room and keeps tablet in the tray and leaves from the room.Poorva thinks about Maya and Akash and gets very much confused to see Akash’s behaviour on that particular day.She washes her face and changes into a yellow nightyand lies on the bed with confusion.

Next day,Akash wakes up very early and comes out of the room and sees Maya sleeping in the counch in her room and touches her hsur and names it fine,as it was falling on her face . he thinks about their dance performance before a day and smiles thinking about her.he hears her phone ringing and picks the calm.he gets shocked to see Akash,Her and Guru’s photo as wallpaper and attends the call.

Poorva thinks to come to Akash’s house to meet him as a surprise.Akash cuts the call and sees Maya waking and asks her not to strain and he will manage today. She says mmm,and continues to get up. Akash leave to make coffee for her.and gives her a cup.she sips the coffee and sees him happily and says “Thank you “.Akash sips his coffee and finds the coffee without sugar.he turns and sees Maya enjyong the same coffee.He thinks about Guru telling once,”When we are in love or in a relationship,you like to give up something for them “,He thinks about himself and finds no change in him.

Poorvs sees him standing in the kitchen and gets very much surprised.Akash tells about the coffee that he made and gives her to drink.She smells it and says tjsy the coffee don’t be very nice.Akash smiles and sips the coffee without sugar.Maya comes and says “mmm,the coffee was very nice “,He thanks her for drinking the coffee and he goes with Poorva for jogging.

Poorva sees Akash in dome thoughts and says ‘You are changing Akash”,he sees her with a question and asks her the matter.She says “Actually before you don’t used to drink coffeebit noe preoari g coffee for her “.he thinks about his old days when he gets irritated on seeing coffee. He thinks whether he is changed for Maya and thinks about getting angry when someone teases her.He asks Poorva “Poorva,I am not getting enough movie offers,what can we?”.She gets shocked and remains silent.

precap:Poorva says”you don’t sorry,we can manage my some means “.

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