when destiny meets (Episode 22)

Akash gets very much happy to see Guru and hugs him with so much happiness.Maya comes down from the steps and gets equally happy to see him.Three of them sits in the sofa.And Maya gibes him coffee to drink.He happily tastes the coffee and says “Mmmm,nice taste ,I haven’t found it so much nice “.She gets shy seeing the aprsusal for her.Akash sips the coffee and says “Hkw,yummy she forget to add coffee powder and milk “,Maya stares at him and goes on hearing the cooker sound.Guru tries to tell something when Akash signs her showing Dadi’s room and they leaves in his car.

Akash:What guru you are very silent ?
Guru:mmm nothing,iam happy for both iof you.
Akash:for what?
Guru:you both adjusted to the new life and now very much happy.
Akash(laughs):you are mistaken,she is staying in my house just as Dadi’s caretaker and not as my wife.we never shared such a bond in three months.
Guru:hey, so it means you still love Poorva.
Guru: wat ,I am correct .
Akash: may be but I respect Maya very much.
Guru:I cannot understand your words.
Akash:no one can understand my words.
Guru:but Wat about Maya.

Akash: he deserves a better life,a caring husband but really not me,we are faking a love,some fights in front of Dadi ,she comes here oce in some months ,we dont wsnt to hurt so we are to making her believe that we are very happy in marriage.
Guru thinks about this and cannot talk anything and asksAkash about the other days when Dadi is not at home.Akash tells “She will be in my house but not as my wife,I usually goes to some shoots or party and stays in Poorva’s house.”.He sees Akash with some sort if shock,Akash continues “We are going to marry after divorcing this Maya”.

They comes back to home and finds Dadi getting ready to leave to a trip to Varanasi with some of her friends.Maya packs her bag and sees Akash coming,she walks from there and messages him about Dadi’s anger that Guru didn’t talk to her.Akash smiles and hugs Dafi and tells about Guru.They laughs happily, Guru turns and finds Maya standing with tears and hiding it on seeing him.
They goes to the railway station to leave her and comes back.Guru waits for them to come in the house.Maya walks from there,Akash stops her and tells her that she need not worry about him for some weeks because he is going to stay in his friend’s house.Maya nods yes and goes to her room and locks it from inside.Guru asks him to change his attitude and goes to call Maya.
Poorva gets dressed in a cheery red saree and waits for Akash to come to pick her up so that they can go to the party which is going to be conducted tonight.Akash gets dressed in a white dress and comes our of his room.Maya comes from the garden and gives him a red rise.he gets it in his hand and stands puzzled. She asks him to give to Poorva so that she gets very much happy and goes to continue her work.Guru tells “You are the only wife who gives rose to her husband’s affair “.Both Akash and Maya doesn’t react and leaves in their way.

They reach the party venue and sees lots of people in the place,they goes inside and starts to celebrate the birthday party of Poorva’s friend manik ,all of them starts to enjoy the party.Poorva thinks and asks Akash to give his phone.he messages Maya yo come to the party as soon as possible in black dress.Maya sees the message and gets very much surprised.She calls Akash’s number.Akash gets confused and says “Yes come “,he asks Poorva for the matter.She says “See this Akash,everyone are dressed in either white or red ,and now she will come in black dress without a invitation”.May thinks for many times and decides to go.

Akash dances with the girls and finds a auto stopping in front of the hotel,Maya gets down in a black saree ans sees that the security let’s her come in only after showing the invitation. Both Poorva and Akash sees her with pity and laughs.Maya smiles and says “I think you are mistaken,I didn’t come to attend the party,just to stay in this hotel for two days “,Poorva says “See Akash,your wife don’t even give you respect”in a louder voice.

The security apologises for stopping Maya and asks her to get in because she is Akash’s wife.Maya smiles and enters the security check.Akash sees her with anger because they planned to insult her.Maya smiles and notices everyone dressed in white or red and see her black dress.Poorva thinks that “She is insulted because for wearing a wrong dress colour “.Maya asks Akash ,why he told wrong colour.He smrikes.

Everyone asks Maya,why she wore a wrong colour in the party.Maya gets very much embrassed and says “Because so only you People are talking with me “and blinks her eyes towards Poorva.She asks them to wait for a minute and leaves to the rest room.Poorva tells to Akash that sheight be crying.Akash feels the sane and feels abit concerned.They gets surprised to see Maya coming out of the rest room in a white saree.

everyone begins to dance,Akash walks towards Maya and pulls her toward the dance floor,they dance for the song.Teri meri prem kahani by rocking in the floor.Akash asks her the secret of colour changing of the saree.she smiles and tells “A secret is a secret ,pati dev “and continues matching his steps. The song stops and Akash misses His steps in Maya’s eyes. Everyone claps.Poorva gets very much angry and sits in a chair and orders for a glass of alcohol. Akash leaves her and goes to mingle with his friends. She sits in a chsur and remembers the day of his engagement and gets very much upset.she takes out the black shawl from the bag and covers her body .Akash sees the time and finds Maya still sitting alone and comes near her.She asks him”When will he come home ?”.He asks her to not yo act as a typical wife,gives her keys to leave. and sips another glass of alcohol.Maya holds his hand from drinking and asks him to stop drinking.she leaves the place and drives in Akash’s car to home.

after a midnight,Akash comes back home fully drunken and shouts at Maya gir coming to the party,she asks him to shut his mouth because Guru is sleeping in his room.Akash drags her yo the room and licks the door ans pushes her to the floor and asks her why she came to the party.She tells because of his message.He raises his hand to slap.Akash gets his alcoholic effect down and sees Maya with a shock.He finds Maya has slapped him .He says “How dare you ,Maya?”and fallson the bed.

precap:Maya sees Akash talking with Poorva and gets very much yupset.

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