when destiny meets (Episode 21)

Akash hold her and asks her to stand properly.he trues to explain to poorva but she doesn’t give ears to his words and leaves from there.Dadi comes near both of them and raises her hand and blesses both if them for a better life together.Akash controls his anger and signs Guru to come and leaves from there angrily.people begins to talk about Maya and Akash and teases their love.

Poorva comes yo the room and sits in theved crying she remembers the day when Akadhpropses to her and the incident happened today.her father consoles her and asks her about going back to mtsore for some days,she wipes her tears and says “No,Daddy,I want to pay back to that girl “and goes to wash her face.he gets worried seeing her angry.

Guru listens to all the incidents and asks Akash to think before any decision because three persons life is tangled in it.he sits near Akash,and asks him to hear to what his heart says and not to his brain.Maya sits in her room and sees Akash’sphoto in her camera and delete all the photo.She remembers seeing love for Poorva in his eyes. Akash leaves to his room and sees wine bottles ,and remembers Maya bought him as a present for his engagement and drinks it fully in a gulp and comes out of his room.shouting Maya.She hears the sound and comes down running with hurry.all the people comes out of their room.

Poorva closes her eyes and remembers the part gets very much upset and scolds herself for trying. to create problem to Maya and ends up in a big issue heteself.she years him shouting and comes diam from her room.Akash pulls Maya and says “You cheated me ,you took away my Poorva from me,cheap girl “,Maya asks him to talk with respect. and tries to move.He brings her much closer and repeats his words and falls on the ground.Maya asks him to behave as adult and pleads him to go from there. people sees this from their rooms.Dadi doesn’t talk and stands stubborn.

Poorva helps Akash to get up and makes him sit in the sofa.she sits near him and asks him to go and sleep.Maya sees everyone staring at her and goes to her room and locks it from inside.she sits near the door and falls asleep.Next day,she heard some band noise and comes put to see the happenings. Akash gets dressed in a red kurta and sits in the sofa.she can still see some hangover effort in his eyes.she hears people calling out her name and opens the door and gets shocked to see Dadi standing with some dress in her hand.

Poorva packs her bag to leave from there.she cannot still believe what Dadi said even after seeing all this yesterday, After Maya runs to her room.Dadi calls Apoorva and asks her to leave from there because she cannot live as Akash’s love anymore.

she hears Maya resisting and comes out of her room.Akash asks her to stop acting and walks towards the car.

Maya doesn’t expect anything lime this happen In .her life.,she cannot believe her own eyes and cannot have courage to accept her friend,Well wisher Akash as her husband.she signs the paper and comes out followed by Dadi.She asks her not to worry and start a life with Akash.All of them except Akash leaves from there. He sits in the car and seezMaya standing without any motion in the register office.He presses the horn but she doesn’t respond.He gets very much hurt seeing betrayal by Maya.

she sits in the car after some times without any emotions in her face.Akash starts the car and drives it towards his house.He finds Maya not even uttering a word and says “Maya,don’t show your acting talent to me,I can see happiness in your eyes “.She doesn’t reply for that and increases the AC.He stops the car and turns towards her and gets very much surprised.Maya sees him and tells in a calm voice “Please Akash,it is hurting me,I don’t want to be wife of a star like you,I wan end to prove myself as a director,my fear is about my dream,my identity, and certainly not about you or your “,she cannot talk more seeing His eyes. He finds somethimg verymuvh hurting him by her tearful eyes.He starts the car and drives it towards His house.

Both of them comes inside the house.Akash leaves yo his room without talking anything.Maya sees him going and stands in the entrance.she remembers coming into the house as Akash’s friend.she dies the grahpravesh and enters the house.in the night.Dadi asks Maya to make Akash understand her and leaves.

She enters the room and finds Akash packing his things.She knocks at thecdoor and enters the room with a little hesitation. Akash turns ,sees her and tells “Ho,next opportunity to make me fall “,she gets insulted by the word and stares at him with anger and agony ,Akash goes from the room and enters the room where Poorva stays while she was living there.

Maya gets upset and goes and opens the tap and wadjes her face and changes into a orange colour night dress and knocks at Akash’snew room.he angrily opens the door and asks her the actual reason.She says “If you are sure that you don’t come,then good night “.Akash doesn’t know how to react and sees her.she sees him with s same look both of them smiles.

Days passes on,Akash comes out of his room and shouts “Maya,where did you kept my phone, it is missing ?”,she comes out of the master bedroom with ironed cloths and tells Akash to see it in the charger and goes to continue her work.Akash finds it there and comes to thank her for helping him.She smiles and says “Its OK”,and concentrated on the work.

Guru comes back to Mumbai from London after completing his three months course on story writing from university in London and comes to Akash’s house.he enters the house and gets shocked to see both of them talking nicely with each other and knocks at the door to make them know his arrival.

Precap:Maya sits in the hall and sees Akash coming half drunk.

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