when destiny meets (Episode 20)

Poorva tries to say something but stops seeing her dad coming to house.She shouts calling dad and runs to him.Akash and Maya comes out of their room and sees a man coming inside the house.He notices Akash along with Maya and remembers about his daughter telling about a girl named Maya.he gets thoughts regarding seeing her somewhere and thinks about it.

Maya sees the guest started to coming and giesto her room because she don’t like to stand and answer everybody’s question about her birth and growth.she sees Akash’s happiness when he was with Poorva through the window and prays up the god to keep him happy always along with Poorva.

She takes out her camera and remembers buying it with the help of one of her professor and takes some of the photos of Akash and his relatives.

Guru comes along with the catering person and asks Dadi to order the food items for Akash’s engagement,Dadi asks him to order by himself but strictly vegetarian.Poorva comes with her long distance bus and tells about her family asking for a non veg meals.Dadi gets awkward on hearing about non veg and leaves from there.she was basically from a very much orthodox panfit family .Akash sees all this and gets confused to convince whom at first.

Maya sees him in dilemma and assures him that she will make Dadi understand and leaves yo talk to her.Dadi begins to cry and says that “She don’t want to allow people eating non veg in this house where she considers as a temple “.Maya tells Dadi to understand about Akash’s feelings because he is very much depressed.

Poorva packs her bag and shouts at Akash and says “I won’t come to this house until your Dadi asks sorry to my bay”.Akash tries to pacify her and says atlast “OK,bye”.Poorva gets very much shocked and stands without talking any more words.Her father tells about staying in a hotel and conducting the party in hotel after completing the engagement in a simple manner.Akash deliberately accepts the idea and goes to make Dadi accept for this.

At the evening, Akash waits for poorva and gets very much happy on seeing her coming beautifully dressed in a yellow saree with lots of beautiful design all over it.Maya comes out of the room and all of them skocks to see Maya dressed in the same shade.She stands puzzled while Poorva stores her with so much anger.Akash doesn’t understand the mind of Poorva and praises her dress.

Guest starts to come to the engagement functionmost of them gets confused to see who is the actual bride of Akash.Poorva hears some of the ladies telling to each other that Maya was very much beautiful than Poorva in that saree.the engagement function gets over and all of them gets ready to leave for the party at hotel blue diamond.Maya leaves to washroom and finds the door locked from outside.

Poorva happily gets into the car and praises one of her friend for locking Maya inside the washroom itself.Her friend smiles and remembers Poorva pleading anf crying asking her to lock Maya because she is so much manipulative and etc.Maya shouts Dadi and Akash and finds no one opening the door.She finds a metal rod and gets an idea

All of them reaches the hotel and Dadi searches for Maya in all the car and thinks where she might be.she stops Poorva to ask about Maya and sees her coming by a auto.Poorva gets very much shocked and angrily stares at her friend.Maya tells about his she got struck in bathroom and comes .out.Poorva shows a fake concern.

Everyone enjoys in the party and Maya sits in a isolated place along with a glass of apple juice.One of Poorva’s friend comes and sits near her and introduces himself as Lawrence,and asks her to join for a dance with him.Maya asks him to leave.he pours something in Maya’s drink and leaves.Poorva sees all this and shows thumps up.

Akash sees Maya sitting alone in the party and goes near her .She sees him coming and asks him the reason.She smiles and tells about Poorva’s friend locked her in the bathroom. he gets shocked and asks her “How are you so much sure ?”.She tells that when she peeped through the window and ask her to help she ignores and leaves.Akash apologises in behalf of her and eats some spicy dish from her table.he gets spicy and drinks the apple juice.He feels dizzy.

Poorva comes and sees the glass empty and assumes that it must be Maya who have drink it and goes from there with satisfaction.Akash feels so much tired and asks the manager to guide him to some room which was allotted by him.The manager leave him in room no56. and goes.Maya sees Poorva’s father coming and trues to get up and the dish falls over her saree pallu.He gets concerned and asks her to go and clean and tells about their room being 56.

Maya gets into the room and finds Akash lying on the bed .She goes towards the bathroom and washes her dress ,She comes out on hearing Akash assuring people that only he is staying and no one is in his room.The police tells that this being their raid because …,she cannot hear any more words.The police recognises Akash and goes from there without checking the room.

Akash turns and gets very much shocked to see Maya standing inside the room.he sees the time and finds it nearly 11PM.He asks her the reason for her to get into the room and scold her.both of them hears the knock near the door.Akash angrily breaks the vase and asks her to shut up for sometimes.She gets very much feared and sits in the couch.Akash didn’t open the door and sees piece standing through the magic eye.

Poorva finds Akash missing from the particular place and searches for him everywhere. She sees the police standing near room no 56 ,thinks anout the reson.her cousin says about them.calling police to inform about doing some third right business in the hotel and gets happy that Maya will be questioned and she won’t come into his matter anymore,everyone leaves the hotel because the party is over,Poorva reaches home and still kisses Akash ,she calls the hotel and asks about Akash and gets shocked knowing that he went to that room.

Akash sees Maya crying so much and hold her
tightly and signs her to open the door,she asks him not to do that because the police will wrongly assumes them.He orders her to open the door and sits on the sofa without any tension.she goes near the door and turns and sees him with a pleading eyes.and opens the door.

The police comes inside the room and sees Maya and Akash inside the room.a reporter who came to attend the meeting sees Akash with a women and begins to click more and note photos.Akash asks them to stop because it is his personal.and The police asks about their relation.Maya tries to talk when he says “My wife”.Maya and the whole press sees him with a mild surprise and shock.

The police says about him telling about staying single in the particular room.Akash says “Sorry,sir,I didn’t tell the word single,I mean that we as a family is here “.Maya sees the press ans tries to close the door but Akash asks her not to do so and puts his hand across the door.Maya stands confused with his attitude.

They leaves back to home in a taxi.Maya still did not come out of her shock and controls her tearzwuth a kerchief.Akash sees her crying and asks her not to create a scene in front all the people.they reaches home and finds everyone seeing the news about Akash and Maya.Poorva comes running and tries to slaps Akash hardly.Maya comes in between and gets hurt by the slap.Akash hold her from falling.

precap:Maya asks Akash to give her a opportunity to explain him.He walks away.

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