when destiny meets (Episode 2)

She says”Guru”,the man replys and asks her about her life,she smiles and says “My life took a change when I came to meet you in your home “.Guru laughs and ask her about her health.She talks for sometimes and disconnect the call.Charu leaves to her home with her papa.She comes in and ons the TV and finds the film fare function,She sits down and begins to watch he show.The best hero award is given to AC,that is the short firm of Akash Chaterjie .He goes to gets the award and thanks the jury and says “there is one person in my life whom I need to tell a sorry is to my ,whom most of don’t know”.Tears roll from the Lady’s eyes.

Akash is sees the flowers in the garden and asks the servant to take care if the plants carefully if he goes to any outdoor shooting,The servant says “Sabji,you have said it hundred times before “and leaves to clean the house.He gets ready to leave to the shorting spot because he had the shooting at 11 am.He leaves the house dressed in a cheery red shirt and black pant.The shooting spot is full of crowd because the Handsome Akash is coming for the shooting.He sees the crowd and waves Hus band.one if the reporter asks him “Sir,could you say that one person whom used to be a secret in your life “He gives a smiles and moves in.

His thoughts goes backwards and a name reverberated in His mind,he murmurs “Maya “,He reaches the shooting sets and greets the director,the director gives him the scene paper and asks him to read the dialogue,he finds the heroine’s name as Maya and asks the director to change the name .He stands puzzled due to need for changing the name if lead in film.Akash sits in the chair and sees people worshipping him and feels happy.

Maya switch off the TV and gets up,she goes her room and gets ready in a violet full sleeve tops and white jean and comes out to leave the house for work,She gets a call from Nana,one of her mentor
and gets shocked and surprised and picks the call with a hurry.Nana asks her to come to Mumbai because he needs her help.She hesitate to accept and says “But sir,I don’t need to be in Mumbai and I am very much satisfied with this income in Nagpur.Nana compels her to come.Maya agrees to go to Mumbai.

Akash sees the heroine and smiles at her,She gets very much happy and praises about his attitude and millions of girls are falling for him.he remembers Maya shouting at him that “There can be millions of girls behind you but I am not that type,me,Maya won’t fall of a fellow like you “.He comes out of past and asks the heroine about her happiness to meet him.She says that her happiness knew no bound.Akash laughs along with her.

Precap:Maya gets into the flight which goes to Mumbai .Akash goes to airport for the travel for his outdoor shooting of his film.they almost meets in the airport

(guys this time ,I will just stop the story if I didn’t get enough comments or response ,I expect at least 5 comments in a day,please )

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