when destiny meets (Episode 19)

Maya sees him with surprise and asks him to think and talk because his grandma and Poorva may not accept the offer.He denies her idea and says “No one can interfere in my decisions Maya,you are going to stay as paying guest that all,but the payment is your affection for my dadi”.She smiles thinking about his perception and accept the idea.But she don’t know what her destiny is going to bring in her future.

Dadi gets surprised and very much happy to see Maya in her house and huggs,she remembers praying.to god to bring Maya into their life.She accepts Akash’s idea to make Maya stay in her house.Poorva calls Akash and says him.about her returning to Mumbai after meeting her father.Akash gets very much happy and says the news to Maya and Dadi.Maya gets so much happy and congrates Akash,Dadi doesn’t get happy but smiles to see Akash very much happy.

After some days,Maya gets ready to go and meet of her friend ,she leaves the house in the early morning, She sees Akash very much confused and sits near him with bright smile.He turns and sees Maya ,Maya asks him the reason for dullness.He says”I don’t know what to do with that Poorva she is behaving weird “,She asks him the actual reason for the reason. Apoorva sees both of them through the window and thinks that Akash is getting closer to Maya than her.she gets very much hurt and holds the window grills with anger.

Akash sees the direction where Maya is going and thinks that she was one of the most positively thinking girl and smiles seeing her going.Poorva comes near him and sees him with anger and shouts “Akash,what are doing with that girl,she is not that much good at character “,Akash asks her not to talk more about Maya and leaves angrily to his jogging.Maya reaches her friends house and finds her out of station and thinks whether to go back to home or to wait for her,she selects the latter option and waits in the nearby library.she finds someone fainted in the road and runs to help the person. People starts to gather near the location ,She pours water over the face and finds the man must be from a rich family and he is in his late 40’s.She makes I’m wake and gives him some water to drink,.the man opens his mouth and praises Mata for her help.

Akash reaches the shooting spot and finds people waiting in the spot and wonders about the reason.one of the crew member says about The director’s daughter who met in a accident and was hospitalised.Akash says about his idea to go and meet them.all of them begins to talk among them self and decides to go the hospital.when they comes out,they sees the director’s car arriving.He comes out of the car and asks everyone to continue the shooting and says about his daughter being very much fine.Akash wonders seeing the director’s passion for the film and thinks to be like him with a such a hard passion.

Maya sits with the rich man in the park bench,She asks him the reason for not eating food for some days.the man smiles and says”Why should I do so,my son left me and went somewhere “,The man is Nana.Maya asks him not to talk like that and asks about his son so that she can help him to join Nana.Nana tells about His son ,Guru.And shows his picture.Maya gets sjocjked seeing Guru’s photo and assures him and leaves from there,she finds that it is mid day and thinks to return back to home.she gets into a bus .

Akash was on his way back to home after competing his late night shoot,he sees the time nearly 10 PM and asks his driver to leave to home and starts the vehicle by himself,on the way he sees a lady standing sole in the bus stand and goes near the person,he gets very much surprised and shocked to see Maya standing,he stops the car ans calls out her name .Maya scolds herself getting into that bus,she hears someone’s voice and turns back to see him standing.She walks towards Akash.

Dadi gets worried seeing Akash not coming back home and Asks Guru to go and see.Guru pacifies her and asks her to be calm and sleep for sometimes .Guru tries akash’s number and finds him not picking any calls.Maya sits in the car and explains about all the happenings to Akash.he asks her not to talk about Nana to Guru because he won’t listen to anyone who supports his father.Maya nods yes and gets very cold due the climate,she sees Akash sweating and offers her kerchief ,Akash sees her shivering and covers her with his coat.They both see each other with some shock.

Poorva sees Akash coming to home along with Maya and fumes ,she duals her father’s number and asks him to fix her marriage date as soon as possible. Her father gets so much confused because his daughter had called him in late night ,he says “Yah baby “and cuts the call.Poorva comes to hall and finds Akash sitting in sofa and sits near him.Maya leaves to the room offered for her and falls on bed due to tiredness.

Next day,Maya comes down and sees many people waiting in the hall aand comes down very much confused.Dadi welcomes her and asks her to sit along with her to select the engagement dress and custumes for Akash and Poorva,poorva comes out of the room with least interested and sees Dadi selecting dress for her engagement,she shouts”I know how to select my dress “.Maya sees Dadi insulted and says “don’t worry ,You can select your dress,dadi is selecting for Akash “.Poorva opens her mouth to talk when Akash comes from his room and says “poorva ,please Dadi you can select as per your wish “.

precap:Akash comes to the hotel where Poorva asks him to come.

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