when destiny meets (Episode 18)

Maya sees akash’s reaction on tasting the dishes and relusced seeing him.smiling happily seeing his happiness in face.Dadi sees them from hall and prays to god to bring Maya in their life .Rosy aunty and Alexander uncle sits and talks bout going to Vatican at least once in their life time ,Maya enters and greets them,she overhears their conversation and thinks to give them some surprise.

Guru comes out his room and calls Akash and finds him missing,he searches for Akash and finds him decorating the room and asks him the reason.he smiles and says “Today is Poorva’s birthday “,Guru sees the arrangement and happily hugs Akash and asks him when he going to propose to Poorva.Akash thinks about that says in some days.

Guru sees Maya from balcony and calls her,she comes out of her room and signs Guru the matter,Akash sees them.talking and thinks to invite Maya for Poorva’s birthday party ,he writes the invitation in a chit and throws into Maya’s hand,she opens it and shows thumps up.Poorva sits in her friend’s room and thinks about her lifestyle and worries thinking about Akash’s traditional Dadi,she asks her friend about getting permission from her mother to permit her to stay in her room.Her friend assures her and asks her to come.

Guru does the arrangement for the surprise party. and three of themwaits for Poorva to back to home.they hears the bell sound and goes down by switching off the light ,Akash stands on the darkness the two goes and opens the door.Poorva doesn’t stand and talk and just leave to her room and packs things and comes out.Guru and Maya sees her behaviour and gets surprised.She was about say something when Akash comes down and asks her ,”Where are you going Poorva”.she tells about going to share her friend’s house and goes.Maya tried to call her but Akash hold her hand and says “No need”and leaves to the room and sits in the darkness.

Maya doesn’t know how to talk and leaves to her house.Guru sitsnear Akash and consoles him.He smiles hiding all his pain and says”So what let’s celebrate her birthday “and applies the cream all over guru’s face both of them happily enjoys.Maya seesthiz and smiles contently seeing him happy.She closes her eyes to sleep.Akash thinks about Poorva and loses his sleep.He thinks about Dadi and tries to sleep.

After two weeks,Maya was getting ready to go to the documentary shoot,she sees Akash getting ready in his formal attire to leave to the shooting.she wishes him good morning and finds no response and closes the window.He was busy on the phone and doesn’t notice Maya. Maya thinks about Akash and says “Everything changed in that two days”and sees the poster of Hus film all over the road.Guru waits for Maya and continues to call her .Maya leaves to place as soon as possible.

Akash finds Maya leaving in her second hand scooty and thinks to offer her a lift in his car.he stops the car near her and sees Maya struggling with herscoity.he gets out of the car and stands behind Maya.She turns and gets surprised to see Akash standing there .he hold the scooty and put of in stand and tells”Let’s go by my car,come”.She denies but cannot talk on seeing the stress on his words.

They goes together in the car.Maya thinks something and asks Akash about Apoorva,he says “She is going to Malaysia next week to ralj about our marriage to her father “,Maya congrates him and sees the posters of Akash all over the roads and praises him about his acting skill.He drops her and leaves from the place .She sees him going and says “You must be happy ,but why are you very much tensed Akash”_she remembers him arranging his tie often and leaves in search of Guru in the place.

Rosy aunty gets tears on seeing the tickets to go to Vatican and hugs Maya tightly.She hugs her and says “This is the gift for you from my first salary in Mumbai”and kisses her.Alexander uncle praises Maya and blesses her for a good life partner in future.Akash comes to get keys and sees all of them crying with a smile and gets inside the house and asks the matter.Rosy tells about Mata’s gift for their wedding anniversary.Rosy worries about the place where Maya will stay during their travel .Akash says”why not in my house?”.Mata sees him confused.

precap: Akash sees Maya standing in the bus stand in late night .

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