when destiny meets (Episode 17)

Akash comes to his home and sees Poorva eating with her bag near the car ,goes surprisingly near the car and hugs her.they shares some smiles and Akash asks her the sudden respn to leave Rosy Aunty’s house.Poorva says”Akash,she is over protective ,I hate her attitude “and leans over his shoulder.Maya sees Akash with Poirva through the window and thinks that they might be lovers and smiles on their bonding.She hears Rosy aubty’s voice and goes to see .

A two stored house is shown in another corner of the city,where a young man wearing red shirt and walks out of his room with walkman and cellphone in His hands.he gets call on his phone and picks the call.Akash was on the phone and says “Hello,Guru,it is me Akash,I need to talk to you about poorva”.Guru laughs and asks him he matter which is bothering about Poorva.He finds his father coming and cuts the call.Nana sees Guru and orders him to come down and leaves from there.

Maya leaves to meet shah abdulah one of the top director of film industry with her CV to join as his assistant,she sees Akash in the shooting spot and smiles in a friendly manner seeing him.Akash sees her in the shooting spot and gives his reply with a smile.Shah abdullah asks Maya to wait till the end if the scene.She sits in a chair and absorbs all the activities in the shooting spot.Akash does in scene.Shah abdullah gives ideas to his assistant and sees Maya absorbing.

Maya waits for sometime and reaches Shah sir and says “Die,I need to say something “.he asks her to wait till he calls her.she says “No,sir but I want to tell something if the camera is kept in that angle we cannot focus on the minute expression of the actors “.Shah sees her with surprise and says in the loud voice “This madam is teaching us how to work in shooting spot “. Akash comes and signs Mayanot to speak by signs.But she says “but sir,it may be right or wrong but just give me a chance to prove that I am right “.He shows her the way to go out.She says “Mr.Abdullah sir,you may be the king if direction but just a simple human “She walks from there .Shah continues the shooting finds Maya’s words are correct,he asks his assistant to call her.

both Baba and guru sits in the dining table yo have breakfast ,Guru stands without sitting and sees his father with a confusion and remembers him about calling him to talk something. Nana asks Guru about his future plans and asks him to sit and talk.he says “But Nana sir,first understand something ,you are just my guardian not my relation “.Nana throws the plate and shouts “Mind your language,I am your daddy “.He says”May be but you haven’t done anything for me “and walks from there. Nana sees the direction where Guru leaving and gets worried about his son.

Maya again comes to the Shah abdullah’s place and stands without talking .He congrates her and asks her to sit in the chair.she denies the offer and says “Sir,you teased me in a loud voice but now praising me in a mild voice “.Akash hears her talking and gets impressive.Abdullah laughs and says “I understood that you are very much talented,now I am offering a opportunity to work with me ,what are you going to do ?”.She smiles gently and says “No sir,I don’t want
to use this opportunity,thanks for talking with me “,she adjust as her specs and walks from there.Akash murmurs “Attitude”,same time Maya goes to a nearby coffee shop and sips a coffee with happiness.

Guru comes to the same place and orders for a coffee and sits in the chair angrily ,Maya sees him very much dull from his action.he gives money with his left hand and drinks the coffee using his right hand.He suddenly sees a girl observing him and gets shocked.He takes the coffee and sits opposite to Maya.she smiles and introduces herself.Guru asks her the reason for her happiness.She tells him the whole incident. guru asks her why she give up the opportunity. She says “Because today Shah sir was wrong in some aspect. if I work with me,he will wait for my first mistake,that is the reason “.Guru sees her impressive.

in the evening,Akash comes home and sees Dadi and Poorva arguing witheavh other goes in between their fight and asks both to stop the problem.Dadi complains about Poorva talking with too much attitude and Poorva blames dadi for being so mean.they hear a bell ring on the goes to see.Maya stands with a box of sweets .Dadi likes her very much and asks her to come inside.Akash asks Poorva to go to her room and be quiet.She gives sweet to Akash.he tastes the sweet and asks her the reason.she tells about her new director venture.he asks about her partner.she says “His name is Guru”.Akash stands spell bound.

Nana waits for guru and finds him.not coming,he asks the servant to call anyone of Guru’s friend to investigate about him.The servant says that he don’t know anyone .Guru sits in Akash’s house and asks him permission to stay in this house for 2 days.Dadi scolds him for asking permission and tells “What are you saying,you are like my grandson and you much stay here “.Guru thanks Dadi and hugs her very happily.

Poorva doesn’t like Guru staying and but for a courtesy she talks with him without any regrets.Maya usually comes to Akash’s house when he was not present and plays games with Dadi and helps her in preparing some food dishes.One day Akash comes home early and finds Dadi playing candy crush and smells good foods and reached the kitchen to see.he finds Maya preparing food and lean on the wall seeing her food making style.She turns and finds Akash standing.and smiles.he comes and tastes all the food prepared and praises the taste of the food.

precap:Rosy aunty thinks to go to Vatican for some times with uncle.

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