when destiny meets (Episode 16)

Akash asks Poorva to sit and see the shooting and goes to prepare for the scene,Poorva sees Maya working and gets worried because they may reconcile and She tries to talk with Poorva and get up to leave ,Akash comes out in the time and goes to do the particular scene.Nana sees Poorva and remembers seeing her with Akash in one of his birthday party .Akash begins his act in front of the camera.Maya sees him through the camera and controls her anger and irritation on seeing Poorva in the sets .Akash cimetes the s ene and while walking to his caraven,he got hurt by a metal rid and his gsnd starts bleeding.Both the ladies rushes to see him.Poorva pushes Maya and shouts”Everyrime,you bring some or other pain in Akash’s life,”.Maya stands shocked.

Guru changes into a black t shirt and blue jean and gets ready to go and meet one of the producer who have accepted to listen to his story once ,He goes to the producers house and enters into the office which is situated in the front porch and knocks the door.The producers welcomes Guru and offered him a coffee.He sits and starts his story.The producer begins to listen it without any interpretation.He completed the story and sees the producers have with a expectation.

Maya asks Poorva to mind her tongue and orders the spot bit to do the first aid to Akash and tries to move.Poorva hold her arm and says “I am talking,listen to me,don’t do too much,you are just a assistant director “.Maya controls her anger and says “Yes,madam but who are you just a friend of hero sir,anything else “.Akash asks them to stop and sits in a nearby chair with pain in his hand.Maya gets hurt by Poorva’s words and behind to walk from there very fastly with tears.He finds her going and runs behind her calling her name soundly. Maya sits in a bus and closes her eyes.Akash sees her going and angrily goes to his caraven.both of them thinks about their past which haunting in present .
Before five years,the central station Mumbai

the place was very crowded and people are trying to keep their luggage’s very safe.a girl comes out if train with her bag in her back and smile in her face,She is Maya,one of the top ranker in her college and have come to pursue her career in the film industry.She sees a liryer standing in the railway station and says “I will give you money,take thus luggage “,he shouts “Do you know who I am,I amAkash “,she cooly adjusted her specs and says “So what,does it make a difference “.she angrily walks with her bags in either hands.Akash stands confused and shouts at the director for giving him costume of a Porter .

Mata gets into a auto and tells the address where she need to go,she rakes out a letter from asthram head Panjak sir and remembers his words saying “Every person in the works have their own life in any of the place in world,your may be in the Mumbai “.she find’s the address and walks into the home,and presses the calling bell .She hears some sound from inside the home and waits in the portico.

Akash angrily comes to his home and finds the house licked,he thinks to go to the neighbour’s house because his classmate Apoorva was staying their as a paying guest.he enters their house and to his surprise see another girl in Apoorva’s room,with high taste of decoration.he knocks at the door and surprises to see the girl who scolded him on the railway station .Maya corrects her skirt and hair and comes near him with anger in her eyes.Before she could utter some word.The owner of house ,Mrs.Rosymary comes and hugs Akash.He enquires about apoorva.Aunty says “She was very unruly so uncle asks her to vacate and this girl comes to stay instead of Apoirva,meet her,She is Maya university rank holder in Visual communication in Pune “.He nods yes and wonders “his such a de glamour girl could have studied Viscom “.He introduces himself and waits for Alexander uncle to come.Maya sits in the chair opposite to Akash and says “I am sorry,actually I thought you are a Porter ,sorry sir “,he laughs victoriously on the sorry and says “Mmm,tell about your family “,she gets years and says “I am a orphan ,studied by Happy mission in pune with help of Pankaj sir “.Akash felt sorry for hurting a unknown girl on the first day of her destiny .ans wishes her for her good future he walks to his home .but thoughts about Maya cones in his mind.

precap:Maya goes to meet one of the leafing director of the period, Mr.Shah abdulah with her CV to join as his assistant,where Akash is acting .

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