when destiny meets (Episode 15)

Maya finds Guru and comes to his table and sits with him.Guru finds Maya a but upset and dull desire all of the happiness in her present life.he offered her hot water and says “Your past is somewhat haunting you ,isn’t it ?”.She sees him.shockingly and says in amild voice,”: I met Preet today in the departmental store “.Guru asks her tobr happy now and think about her past neither future.She nods yes but she gets her thoughts back before many years .

(FB) Maya comes to the library near the house where she was staying as paying guest and enters the library,she register her name as member and goes in to take any book to read.she finds Akash inside the library and gets very much surprised and almost says “You even come to library ,AC”.He turns with three books in his hand and asks “You thought that I am a illiterate fellow,I like reading book and this is for my friend “and shows some books to her .Both of them sits in the chairs which are put to read books.Akash sees Maya searching for a particular books and says herthst it was in the top rack. Maya says “Mmm OK,I will manage it “and climbs a ladder to take the book ,she misses the grip and falls .Akash hold her in his arm and makes her sit down.the rack full of books fall over both of them.Both of them laughs and runs out from the library.She asks him the secret of his happiness.He says “I usually live this moment,not my past or future “.They part away and goes in different direction.

Akash smiles thinking about the innocence of Maya and leaves to his house .(FB ends)
guru sees Maya not even sipping the coffee and asks her the matter.She comes out of her thoughts and says”Nothing,”and sips the coffee.Guru asks her about her giddiness.she says that it was a bit OK but still when I get vety such happy or sad,I am getting giddiness and “.She feels someone in the hotel and turns but fails to see Akash in the third table.He was listening to every conversation of both.Maya says “Just leave about me ,you tell about your new film “.Guru laughs and says “Mmm fine but not very good “.

Akash thinks about the happiness which Maya has in her face when she sees Guru.he enjoys her happiness and takes a photo of her without her concern.Maya asks Guru to come to Nana’s house so that they can meet each other.Guru says “nothing changes in my life ,Maya madam,that Nana was once my father,that all “and goes to wash his hand.Maya sees the direction he goes and sits in the chair.Akash smiles on seeing her emotions .and get up to leave the hotel.

Next day, Maya and Nana leaves to the shooting spot because Nana was a bit OK than the previous day,they reaches the shooting spot and finds Akash missing from the place,he summons a Assistant director and asks about Akash .The person says “Sir,actually one of his friend came from London,so he won’t come today “.Maya asks the other artist to come and yeyt ready for the scene,she behave that she is not even bothered by any of his activities but her mind continuely asked about the London girl.

Akash sits in the sofa and hears footsteps off someone and wonders to see the person,he finds Apporvaa alias Poorva standing with her luggage’s in her hand .He puzzles and asks her “Where are you going poorva ?”.she says “I am going to check in in some ggood hotel because you are not even talking with me as before “.He condoles her and gives idea of going to a cinema. He gets call from Maya and picks the call.
Maya:Hello Akash sir,this is Maya
Akash (goes to his room,locks the room ):yes,tell me Maya.
Maya:Nana sir asked about your schedule tomorrow.
Akash: (he hears Maya’s voice in anger,and gets naughty ):tomorrow,me and my GF are planning to go to a small picnic.

Maya:(blo*dy hell):oook sir.
Akash:mmmm no work is first,I’ll come tomorrow.
Maya:Mmmm fine.
she thinks about the gf and gets irritated about Akash calling her gf.Poorva and Akash gets ready to level to the cinema.Dadi sees the dressing of Poorva and doesn’t like very much but she keeps quiet and goes to do the kitchen work.Poorva talks like a chatter box and they reaches the shootng spot.Poorva says “But we have planned to go to Cinema,isn’t it ?”.he says yes “But today just shooting “and takes her in.Maya sesz them coming and gets super jealous on seeing the girl as especially poorva. Poorva sees Maya there and gets shocked.she was again shocked to see Maya and Akash talking as if nothing happened between them in past. She approaches Maya and asks”I think I am correct and you are Maya,Akash’s”.Maya stops her and says”Film’s assistant director “.

precap:Poorva blames Maya for the injury happened to Akash in the shooting spot.she goes from there with tears.Akash shouts calling her name and goes behind him.

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