when destiny meets (Episode 14)

both the ladies get shocked seeing each other.Maya rinsto the Lady and hugs her to the surprise of Raju and little sameer.Sameer’smom doesn’t react to this hug and wispers in Maya’s ear not to react in a public place and moves away from Maya.she gets equally surprised to see Maya again back in Mumbai.after a long time.She hides her years and asks Maya to carry on her purchase.She thinks “This time ,I will repay for my deeds for sure “and sees Maya doing some purchase in the shop.

Guru asks Akash some time for talking among themselves .Akash says sure and leaves the house with Guru in his new car.both the maen remains silent for a longer time.Akash breaks the silence and says “How are you ,Guru?”.he nods yes in reply and asks Akash to stop the car near the beach and gets down from the car.both of them sits in the beach area.Guru thinks about thehaooy times which both if them spend in this area and smiles thinking about the present distance .Akash holds Guru’s hand and says “Sorry Guru for everything “.

Maya puts the bill and searches for the woman and Sameer,she finds them standing outside and walks towards them with a smile and says “Preet ji,I think you can now talk to me “.Preet breaks down and hugs Maya with rolling tears in her cheeks.She says “Sorry Maya,I made the biggest blunder in my life ,I am not good “.Maya sees her with great confusion.Preet asks Raju and Sameer to leave and sits with Maya in a bench near the elevator.

Guru says in a bitter tone ,”Who am I ,Akash sir,just a poor Assistant director who lived under your mercy before some years”.Akash says “don’t kill me with your words “.both of them remains silent for a while ,Guru asks Akash “Don’t disturb Maya’s life once more,I know that you are trying to move closely with her but please don’t do it ” Akash says”But,wait a while,it means you know Maya very well and “.Guru asjshimnit to utter other words and says ” Don’t forget that she is like my own sister ,may be your marriage can end not by brotherhood “.

Preet says”I should not gave invited you to come that evening,that only created a rift between you and Akash bhaii am tottaly wrong in my perception and very sorry.Maya consoles her and says “I must only thank you because only due to you I understood about that man properly ,and clearly “.Preet tries to tell but Maya says”A past is always a past as usual but my present is different ,so no need anything talk about my past things “.Preet says yes and hugs Maya.

Akash reached his home without Guru,Dadi sees and asks him about Guru.he says “Dadi,he left from there itself” .He finds his landline ringing and picks the call.A lady shouts in her high tone and says “Akash darling,I am coming back to India by tomorrow “.he says k without any more exictment and cuts the call.Maya goes to a Indian restaurant and orders some milkshake and waits for it.Guru comes to the same hotel and sees Maya in the table and thinks to call her but his voice reach her due the crowd over the place.He dials her number .Maya picks the call.

precap:Maya sees Akash in the library and wonders (fb)

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