when destiny meets (Episode 13)

Akash reaches home and sees Dadi waiting for him standing in the hall,he runs and hugs.Dadi asks Akash to come after changing clothes and to have dinner.Maya stands in the rain and her face covers with the rain drops.she falls on the bed thinking about Akash, she murmurs”Akash”and closes her eyes .Akash sits in the dressing table and takes Maya’s photo from the cupboard,he hold the photo near his reflection and says “Good pair,akashji “and laughs.
Guru gets connection and calls Maya’s number in night.Maya puts the phone in charger and hears thephobe ringing,she picks the call seeing Guru’s number in display and attends the call.
Maya: hello Guru,how are you ?

Guru:mmmm fine,how are you Ms.Maya.
Maya:hey ,what is the reason for difference in your words ,I am always the same Maya.
Guru:OK,how us your job with AC ,the great.
Maya(stammers): mmm
Guru:how is he and his attitude .
Maya:Please ,I don’t like to talk about him.
Guru:OK,I just called to know are you fine,mmm bye

Maya:bye Guru.
Next morning,Akash gets ready for his jogging and finds someone on the door and asks the person to come in.Guru enters Akash’s house and stands near the entrance.Akash ties the shoe lace and sees the person who is standing .He almost shouts” Guru”.Dadi comes and finds Guru standing in the entrance.the photo of Guru and Akash hanging in the wall above him.She remembers their friendship and fights.

Maya sits in the car and waits for Raju to come because they are going to buy grocery for the house from a newly started departmental store in the centre of city.Maya finds the water droplets all over the car and smiles seeing it.Raju comes with a list and they leaves for the shopping Malkin their car.Raju tells about the shopping mall and the nearby localities.Maya thinks of buying a new set of dress for herself and says “Raju bhai,tell me a good shop for dresses ” Rahu prefetes a particular shop and they reached the shopping mall.

Akash asks Guru to sit and runs to get some thing for him to drink.Guru doesn’t open his mouth and says atlast that “No need for this ,Akash “.Akash comes with a bottle of grape juice and pours it in the glasses in front of Guru.He sits with Guru and smiles seeing him after a long while.Dadi asks Guru”When did you come to Mumbai “.Guru says “I am in Mumbai for the past 4 years Akash remains silent for this answer as if he knows it very well.”Dadi sees both of them and gets puzzled and confused. she hears a noise at kitchen and goes to see it.

Maya and Raju goes to grocery shop and does the purchasing.Maya hears a little boy shouting at all of the persons in the shop.Maya asks him the reason.He says “Aunty,my mom have left the shop and went to have somewirk outside but no one is working properly in this place “.She gets impressed by the words and kisses the boy.A lady wearing a orange colour saree enters with some bags in her hand and shouts ” Sameer,where are you ?”.Maya sees the lady and gets surprised .The lady finds sameer with Maya and almost stands dumb stricken .

precap:Guru sees Maya in the hotel and thinks to call her.

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