when destiny meets (Episode 12)

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Akash asks Nana about the thing which he us hiding,Nana says nothing and sits in a chair.He asks them to continue their shooting .Maya smiles and walks to do the arrangement.Akash sees Nana’s different behaviour and goes to get ready for the scene. It starts to rain heavily outside.Nana sees the rain and thinks to go home before it gets too late,He signs Maya and leaves from there.The photo falls on the set itself.One of assistant director keeps it on the blue file without seeing it,Akash asks the person to bring him water ,He keeps the file and leaves to get water.Akash opens the file.

Guru sees the heavy rain and switches on the TV and finds that there us a high chance for a heavy rain tonight.He sits in the hall with hot cup of coffee.He remembers about Maya while seeing the hot coffee.he thinks of calling Maya and talk with her.He dials the number and finds no signal due to heavy wind.He goes yo his bedroom and takes letter written by Maya to him.

Mays sees the rain getting tougher and asks all the crew members to leave as soon as possible and stops the shooting for today.Akash sees Maya waiting for cab to reach home and offers her a lift in his car.She denies it and thinks to go by auto. She sees the rain getting more and accept His offer with a dilemma. They began to traveling the car .Akash sees the rainy places and drives car.Maya sees the people standing in the rain and smiles seeing their freedom.She finds the car stopped suddenly.She turns and finds Akash getting down from car.She shouts “Akash,don’t do anything,it is very rainy “.But he was not in a mood and begins to dances with the people ,they identifies him and happily dances with him.

Nana reaches home and sees the heavy rain and thinks to calk Maya to know where is she,he remembers her going in the auto in morning and calls her.She doesn’t get signal so cuts the call.her phone falls down and switches off.Nana worries about Maya.he puts his hand inside the pocket and finds the photo missing.He searches for it all over his room and sits holding his hand.Maya sees the blue file inside the car and keeps it in back seat.the photo falls on the back seat .She sees Akash coming ,he gets into the car and laughs happily .Maya sees him with a different look.

Akash starts the car and drives the car towards Maya’s residence Maya sees Akash fully wet and remembers about a old incidents and sees him with some sort of confusion,he turns and finds her literally staring at him and asks her the reason.
Maya: mmmm nothing
Akash: come on,whats the matter.
Maya: n…nothing
Akash(switches on the heater ):OK
Maya(smiles )

Akash: (switche the radio).
Radio jockey(RJ):hello guys,I know everyone are enjoying the beautiful climate,with your partner and shot cfee with a bucket of snacks,to sooth the situation.let’s all listen to this song from the film…..
Maya(offs the radio): its just irritating.
Akash:you liked Listening to radio before years,isn’t you .
Maya:yes,but things don’t be same all the time,doesn’t iteven you hate water and especially rains.and today

Akash:mmmm OK,I give up
Maya closes her eyes and says to herself that “you are not the person who usual give up but today you behave weird and losing your self “.She sees a couples playing in rainanf gets memory from their past.
Before 5 years.
a beautiful rainy evening.
In a resort in the country side.

Maya was wearing a beautiful yellow sakwar with lots of designs all over it.Akash comes searching for Maya,he sees her sitting near to the garden area in the drizzling rain.he hold her and asks her to come inside and not to play in rain as a small child.Maya says”PleaseAkash,leave me to behave myself ,I like rain”,she puts some water on Akash’s face.Akash scolds “Are you idiot ,do you have some sense”and covers her with a umberalla.She throws the umberalla and goes in middle of rain.He shouts “Maya,hear to me once “.(FB over)

She hears Akash calling her and opens her eyes.He says ” Nana sir’s house “.Maya gets down from the car,Akash switches the radio and Sun sathiya plays inside the car.Maya sees Nana waiting for her in the front porch.He asks Maya to go and change .She goes to bathroom and thinks of all the happening and comes out.she stands near the balcony and plays with rain.Akash sees this from his car and starts his car with a smile .

precap:guru comes to meet Akash in his house.

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  1. Ohhh so akash loves maya

  2. very nice

  3. yesterday i really miss your ff dr wonderful episode

  4. awesome

  5. what happened between akash and maya iam eagerly waiting their past

  6. Awesome episode, love rain scene….both akash n maya changed alot…But destiny will bring them together sooner r later…lovely episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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