when destiny meets (Episode 11)

Maya and Akash sees each other remembering the old incident.Dadi comes inside the studio and asks one of the light not about the way to go inside,he by mistake shows her the odd way.Dadi thinks that it was correct and walks in the way. Maya thinks that Akash must have taken her earring but diwsnt get courage to talk to him and asks her earrings,she knows how he will change the topic and smiles.Both if them feels good and smiles one again.Maya goes to arrange the scene.the light goes off.Akash gets her light from his cell phone.

Dadi finds the way wrong and begins to walk in order to find the way,she gets very much afraid due to darkness though it was afternoon the studio was full of equipment and looks like midnight.She somehow comes out of the wrong path and reaches the corect shooting spot.She tries to find Akash in the darkness and calls his name.Maya and Akash gets tangled in the cloth ,everyone trues to separate them,they comes out of the cloth.Maya laughs happily and was standing almost hugging Akash.He sees Dadi and tries to move.

Nana gets some what better and goes to Maya’s room and finds her bag opens,he thinks to see it and not to do it.he gets into dilemma and takes the bag,he finds a album nnot properly closed .he turns to pages and finds Maya’s photo with Akash.He gets shocked seeing a photo in which they are dressed in Wedding attire.he gets puzzled and thinks to find the relation between them.He hears Raju coming and goes our of the room.

Maya turns and finds Dadi standing there with food for Akash.she murmurs “Dadi”.Dadi sees Maya and gets happy seeing her,she walks fastly towards Dadi.Akash comes in between them and says “Ms.Maya ,it is my Dadi and Dadi,this is Maya,my film’s story writer”.both the ladies sees each other and Maya avoids Dadi’s eyes And says “Welcome mam,it is nice to see Akash sir’s grandma ,please sit mam “and goes from there.

Dadi turns and sees Akash with lots and lots of questions.She asks him “what is actually going on ,Akshu”.He puts in head down and says “Dadi .we are just colleagues “.Maya sees them from distance and apologises to Dadi for not talking with her properly.She thinks of the love which Dadi gave her and walks from there .Akash makes Dadi leave ,comes towards Maya and turns her.

Nana comes to the shooting spot and sees Maya and Akash working in the shooting spot.he takes out of them and hold it in his hand and sees both if them with surprise and shock.Maya sees Nana coming and comes calling him.he keeps the photo inside the pocket
and says “I came to see my assistant’s work “,he praises Maya for managing everything well.Akash sees Nana holding something and covering his pocket and asks him the matter.

precap:Akash sees Maya standing in rain and gives her umberalla, she pushes it .(sun sathiya )plays in background.

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  1. Wowww nice love story yaar

  2. fantastic

  3. akash maya scene is really good

  4. nice janani good writing skill

  5. awesome eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode akash maya romance

  6. super sis

  7. Awesome episode, loved it very much

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