when destiny meets (Episode 10)

He begins to act in the scene but his thoughts totally revolves around Maya,he cannot concentrate on the work but some who manages the work and ends the particular scene.Nana notices the difference in the acting of Akash and thinks to talk to him regarding the matter,but Akash finishes the particular scene andgoes to his caraven and remembers how Maya behaved so angrily with him today and thinks for a longer time but could not understand anything,He remembers the innocence which was present in maya before years and smiles thinking her innocent face.

Guru comes to Mumbai from Patna after finishing his works in Patna,he comes out of the railway station and finds the Grand posters of Akash all over the wall.He gets irritated and summons a car and leaves in the car,He sees lots of missed calls from Maya and thinks the urgent need for her to call,he tries her number but finds the number switched off.He remembers about Maya,and thinks “the girl has faced lots of problems in her life “.

Maya comes out of washroom with soap and changes into a purple coloured tops and black skirt.she takes her phone and finds a call from Guru and thinks of calling him but stops seeing someone on the door knocking the door.She comes out of her room.before she could go and see,Raju opens the door and finds Nana stnding in the doorsteps very much tired .He comes in and sees Maya standing in the stairs and smiles at her covering his tiredness.She comes down and gives him water to drink.He smiles takes a sip of water.

Akash reaches in home by self driving and Knocks at the door,the servant comes with decoration paper and opens the door.He sees him with doubt and asks the reason for this decoration.A old lady comes out of puja room and says “I only asked to do,askhu”.she is Mrs.Malthi,Akash’s one and only relation and paternal grandma.he gets surprised on seeing her and hugs her.She asks him to come after freshing up and goes to make his favourite foods.She finds him not coming and goes to his room ,she sees Maya’s portrait and thinks “Where are you ma,Maya,he is dying without you ?”.

Next day,Akash goes to shooting and finds Nana didn’t come because he is having a severe fever.He finds Maya commanding all and working in the sets.He comes inside and greet her good morning,she replies for it and goes asking someone to do the arrangement properly.The scene to be taken is a love scene,She tries yo make the heroine understand the particular situation and react well but she didn’t get the same feel from the heroine Nancy .

Akash sees her almost argueng with Nancy and comes near both the ladies and asks the matter,Maya says “Nancy,just note it properly “and tells the dialogue seeing Akash
‘Rahul,you don’t understand my feelings for you,you cannot feelmy heartbeat,but I want to say that I love you “and hugs him with a tears ..Nancy claps at the end and says “Mam,you’re acting very good than me “.She leaves the place with a smile.Akash finds a ear ring in his coat and remembers it got struck when Maya hugs him for the scene.He smiles and keeps it in his pocket,Maya sees her reflection in the mirror and finds her eat rings missing and goes in search of it.She asks Akash “Sir,did you saw my ear rings ,it is actually gold ?”.He says “No,did you think that it is my job to see you earrings “.Maya angrily goes from the place.

Akash and Maya remembers a dejavo of the same incident happened before 6 years.(FB )
Maya comes to Akash’s house to stay as the paying guest.He comes out and sees her sitting in his sofa and shouts at her,She gets angrily and gives her reply angrily .Maya goes to wash her face keeping her ring in the table.Akash purposely takes it and keeps inside his jersey pocket.She searches for it with tears .He asks her as if he don’t know anything .She says “It is the favourite ring if mine,I bought it with my first salary “.He feels badand gives it to her.
(FB ends )

Precap :Nana sees Maya’s photos with Akash and wonders about their relation.Dadi comes to give food to Akash and sees him laughing along with Maya.

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  1. Along with maya he is laighing impossible yaar

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  4. superb episode

  5. I hope maya n akash become frndz once again …..
    Nice update janani

  6. Awesome episode, dadi knows akash’s pain for maya…a little hope for their unity…plus nana also know the truth soon…n dadi n nana will join them… keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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