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Episode 22

Both sahil and sanskar are waiting for Doctor to comeout as he is checking ragini.

After sometime doctor came out

Both ran to him and asked

“How is ragini now??” In unison

Both looked at eo

” she is fine, After 10min you can see her” doctor said to both and left

Fewminutes back


Sahil and sanskar looking eo sanskar holding ragini

Sahil is about to say ‘sanskar’ before that sanskar shouted at him to move as he stood like statue.

Sanskar picked Ragini in his arms and started to move but Sahil stopped

“Leave her!” Saying this he tried to take Ragini in his arms.

sanskar asked “what the hell!!!just get out of the way”

Sahil stopped being shocked and after sometime he got know about his memoryloss so he sighed a bit relief and helped ragini carrying to hospital.


“Who are you man?” Sanskar asked

“Sahil, friend of Ragini ”

“Then, you are staying with Ragini ?” Sanskar asked

” yeah… she is the only one i have , and I’m living only for her”

Sanskar is looking at him by fisted his hand tight.

Then nurse came out and told them

“Sir,you can see the patient now !”

Sahil opened the door then Ragini saw sanskar ,she felt happy after seeing him but soon her eyes fallen on sahil.

“How are you Ragini??? Do you know how much tensed i was ! For one moment i thought i lost you. I cant leave without you ragini.” Sahil is continuously blabbering but Ragini mind was only stuck at one thing

“Why he still didnt entered into room.”

Sahil then saw ragini in deep thoughts

“Ragini kaha kogayi tum, chalo rest karo mei formalaties purikarke aatahu” he told and left

She nodded and again looking at the door expecting him to come but sadly he left the place.

After two days

Sahil is not letting her to step down from bed or house , he is caring her a lot but her heart was stuck at the moment which happened two days back where she hugged him, she found solace in his embrace… some peace which she is searching for months…

She wanted to be there for lifetime

She was thinking about the moment what actually happened


When she hugged him tight actually she doesn’t wanted to leave him… when he told her that its going to be alright and they are going to leave, then she hugged him more tighter and that thought of leaving him and fear of darkness and she felt suffocated everything made her losing consciousness ….

Flashback Ends.

She laughed thinking about how she behaved with him asking 500rupees

Hitting her forehead.

Slowly she dozedoff.

Next day

Ragini went to the hotel where she first saw sanskar .. she enquired about him but she didnt got a glimpse of him.

While she going back she saw sanskar..

soon she shouted “oyeee” (she didnt know his name)

He turned towards her and smiled

She ran to him and stood infront of him

“Hey! How u feeling now?” He asked

” fine, you didnt came to see me in hospital ! Why?” She asked

” sahil is there to take care of u, then why me?” He said with hurt

But those words hurted her a lot

“Ok,bye i have work” he left bidding bye to her

Dont know why she felt to stop him but she couldn’t.


Next day

She again saw him on restaurant , but he didnt notice her…he is talking over phone with someone.

She went to him and sat beside him.

“Hey! Morning ?” He wished while disconnecting mobile

“Your 500 rupees” She retuned the money which she took at their first meeting

“Na, that’s fine Ragini …I was just kidding” he said

“Ok! Fine atleast have cup of coffee with me!” She asked

“Sure 😊” he said and

After a while he started leaving the place

She holded his wrist

“Your name?”

” Sanskar” he said with smile and bid bye to her. While going he stopped on way and turned to her by holding her hand

” Will u be my friend?” He asked forwarding his hand

Soon a wide smile is crepted on her lips and she joined her hand with his and hugged him tightly.

This was all seen by Sahil gritting his teeth.


“You are mine Raginiiii” breaking the glass he shouted top of his voice

“I will not let you go this time ,

Mr. Sanskar maheshwari, I will kill you this time” Sahil smirked

and called some goons.


It’s been a week

They are good friends now and in these days somehow ragini felt very comfortable with sanskar and attracted to him.

Whenever they meet they both feel so special and she loves to meet him daily … everytime she lie to sahil about meeting sanskar as it may hurt him.

” So, You don’t love Sahil? ” Sanskar asked

” No, I don’t have feelings for him!” She said

A wide smile appeared on his lips which was noticed by Ragini

” Why so happy ?” She asked raising one eyebrow

“Na, i just thinking sahil Bach Gaya warna”

“😣😣😣 Y” she frowned

” Hey chill!! I was just joking!”

” No, you said it wantedly” she twisted her lips

” ok! Chalo sorry” he holded his ears

” Not accepted” she turned her face

” Then?”

” Sit-ups ” said smiling

” What!!! No”

” Yes! 🤔🤔🤔 10″

” What here??”

” Yes sanskar”

” Ragini, please please No… Not here, look.. so many girls are there all will look at me”

” You are thinking about that girls😣😣😣”

” Ha… Im not yet married!Ragini” He acted like feeling shy

” Stop it! And do sit-ups” she ordered

” Ok ! He stood up and counted 3…2…1…R…U…N….Runnnnnn”

He started running

” Stop !! You Cheater” she started chasing him.

“I will not stop!! Catch me if you can!!!”

“Ahhhhh” she started screaming holding her leg sitting at one place

Soon sanskar ran to her

Holding her leg

” Ragini…what happened? ” He is tensed to hell

“Come lets go to hospital, he picked her in his arms and started running to his car and he arrived near car”

” Shit, your car is very near!” She said encircling her hands on his neck and freely moving her legs.

He stopped and looking at her

” Lagi toh nai na” he asked cutely

” Nope, I was just acting 😋😋

*She winked at him*

He smiled still holding her in his arms

Both had a cute eyelock


” He is doing too much with Ragini….I have to do something soon…other wise he will not leave Ragini”

And called someone

” Execute the plan tomorrow”


Next day

Phone conversation

” Ha maa, I’m good!! How u doing??”

“Ha good beta, when are you coming back?”

” Maa in two days, I will give u one surprise maa”

” What was that sanskar”

” Maa, it’s surprise!! I hope u know the meaning😁😁”

” Ok! Ma I have to get ready I have one person to meet”

” Ok beta, bye take care”

” Bye ma”


He got freshup and got ready to meet ragini

And ragini is getting ready to meet sanskar

Sahil stopped ragini

“Where are you going ragini?”

“ i already said na i have to attend one interview today”

Listening her lie he cant able to control his anger.

“ where Ragini tell me, i will drop u” he asked her in cold tone

“Its okay sahil, i will go by myself” she didnt noticed his tone

“Ragini, i have to talk to you” he said tightly holding the chair controlling his anger.

“We will talk later sahil, im getting late”

“Getting late!!! For what Ragini… meeting that blo*dy sanskar!!!” He shouted at top of his voice for that she scared to hell as this is the firt time she saw his anger

“ sa…sah….sahil”

By listening her stammering he controlled his anger and cupped her face

“Sorry Ragini! I dont like you to meet anyone who is stranger … you dont even know from he is and im just taking care of you”


“Im waiting for your decision! Ragini, hope you remember”

“ please sahil, dont make things hard i already told you many times that i dont have any feelings for you, im treating you as my friend”

He fisted his hand

“Once you loved me! Now what happened Ragini?”

“ i dont even remember sahil… its related to heart if i loved you i would have definitely accepted the day u proposed me but i didnt felt anything towards you! Please try to understand me and about sanskar , he is good person and now he isnt stranger now.. but i feel a strong bond towards sanskar i dont know why!”

Sahil looked at her angrily

“Okay, sahil im going to meet sanskar, dont worry , he will take care of me and nothing will happen to me” she smiled and assured him and left home

Soon he called one person.


Here Ragsan met eachother and talking

Ragini was about to say something but she shouted “sanskarrrrr” without completing her scream

soon one goon came to sanskar and hit on his head.


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