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Destiny made us together (Ragsan) Episode 3


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She wokeup and saw sanskar sleeping in couch..arey I thought he will not sleep whole night but how did he sleep🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔…ok any how he is still asleep na…it’s already 6am she went to freshup and came out there she saw ap and suji are in kitchen…they asked her to do any sweet as its her first day…by then swara came both went to kitchen to make sweet.


Laksh called his mom
‘maa where is my white shirt’ 
Here ap asked swara to show him..she went to room and asked laksh ‘what do u want laksh?’ shirt..’ u go and get fresh I will select the dress and will keep here’…No it’s ok swara, call maa..’ I said na go and get fresh ‘… OK…


Here sanky is ready for going office…by then ragini came to room…he looked at her , she brought kheer for him …by looking at kheer he gulped and reminded last night incident and thought “she is planning something again sanskar be careful of this chipkali”….

what is this??

are u blind???this is kheer….i made it for u with lot of love…taste it na…

nooooooo!!!!!! i know u r tryi…(intrupted by suji)

beta she  made kheer, its really tasty …suji said

sanky sighed and took the bowl.she smirked at him which he didnt notice..he slowly took the first spoon of the kheer into his mouth and his eyes widened…..😵😵😵😵😵😵

ragini smiled victoriously..😁😁😁😁😁😁.he knew it was her plan but bcz of his mom he tasted but to his fate …he really wanted to spit that kheer but he cannot..then suji said “how perfect she did na”

he understood her plan and took another spoon of kheer (with salt in it ) and gulped the kheer and drank water soon,with teary eyes..

what happend beta???suji asked 

nothing maa….its…hot..

he then turned to ragini and smirked..she knew that he is planning against so she turned to leave but he holded her wrist…

my dear wife!!!!thank you somuch for this tasty kheer ,but i really feel happy wen i share it with you and imediately he took the spoon of kheer and made her eat..😉😉😉😉😉

suji smiles at his love towards his wife

she ate it very hardly and plastered a fake smile infront of her ..

by then suji left the room leaving ragsan…

“u chipkali its not so easy to win against sanskar maheshwari”

hahaha stupid maheshwari..

remember “u r wife of that maheshwari ” Do u know meaning of

“No my dear karela maheswari it’s

she winked at him and left the room..


ragini where is bhai?? its getting late to office,he didn’t have breakfast too…go and call him na ,ok laksh

 ragini went to their room and was about to knock the door but immediately stopped when suddenly an idea flashed to her amazing mind…she tiptoed to the door and bolted it..

she couldn’t  stop giggling thinking about the smartest move she did and about consequences..😂😂😂😂😂😂

rags- u addressed me as chipkali right!! now see what this chipkali can do mr.karela maheshwari..

sanky got ready and came near the door.he tried to open the door but failed.he started banging it..he started screaming at last after his failed trails to open the door “maaaaaaaa……badi maaaaaa……luckyyyyyyyyy…….maaaaaaa”

here someone outside the door enjoying and hardly trying to control her gigglings…

sanky- its getting late to office…so i need to break the door..he tried to break…but he failed…he had not enough strength to break the door….he gathered all the strength and take his steps back and took a deep breath.😥😥😥😥😥

ragini slowly opened the door bolt and stepped back..

sanky pushed the door with his full strength and fell right flat on his face kissing the ground…ragini bursted out laughing..

sanskar fumed in anger and started running behind her ….

“you cant reach me mr.karela maheshwari”…”ragini wait….”    “No way ..sankyy ”

she yelled running into room ..sanskar tried to grab her wrist but failed and something hits him every last he holded and and lift her in his arms and layed her on bed and folded her hand back and demanded “say sorry”   “why should i???”  “dont irritate me chipkali..say sorry den i will leave u..”

“RAGINI GADO……RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is never going to say sorry to anyone”

sanskar jerked listening his name after her and he never expected it from then lucky came and dragged sanky that its already late for office…

She went to kitchen with happy face that she took her revenge for what he did previous acts…
“Mr.karela maheswari iam happy that I took revenge for that u locked me in dark room knowing that iam scared of darkness and I spent my whole night  scaring ” for all the family it’s silly…for me it’s enough to hate u…


Here sanskar  is thinking about ragini words that
He slightly blushed and thinking about her…then soon he composes himself and lightly slapping his cheek “I love swara ,I love swara “…
And engrossed in work…

So how was the episode…if you are enjoying reading this story a little appreciation in the form of likes and comments are highly praised…thank you

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