Destiny made us together (Ragsan) Episode 2


She is sitting on bed holding glass of milk…but he still not reached room…

Ragini pov –

I came to Kolkata 1week back as iam staying in banglore from last 5yrs for my education and mom and dad fixed marriage for me and swara , swara and lucky are friends but his brother sanskar came from abroad 1month back completing his MBA and now both sanlak are looking after their business …and marriage is happening very fast…I never denied dad proposal for me as he knows what is best for me…

Today is my wedding with laksh maheswari but I hate his brother sanskar maheswari to peaks…but I dono how swara will be happy with dat karela…we both got ready and came downstairs and maa made us sit in our places beside our would be patidev ….after sitting beside him I felt an unknown feeling…a smile appeared on my face…he held my hand , iam shocked and small current passed through my nerves…I don’t know what happend to me ..he make me wear mangalsutra in his touch I lost myself…..after all the rituals I heard some familiar voice …I hate the owner of the voice…but it sounded from  beside me…I tried to open my veil..but my bangle got struck to lehenga…..after that mom said to open the veil after that —— all went blank…

I thought of being Mrs.maheswari…but never thought of being Mrs.sanskar maheswari …to my fate it’s true…and I have to believe it…..

But God gave me chance to take revenge of this karela…idiot…duffer…I will show him hell…for everyone it’s silly matter but for me it’s the only matter to hate him…

I smirked

Pov ends.

Iam sleepy but this idiot is not here …if I locked the door then how would he come, I have waited enough so now it’s his time to take punishment ????…..

She locked the door and slept …

By then he came and knocked the door…but to his fate she doesn’t open …he is knocking from 20min but no use…she is listening but not opening as his punishment to stay outside…but after sometime door knocking stopped…she came near the door and trying to see in the lock hole…but some one patted her shoulder she jerked and turned..

How did u get in?? U chipkali how much time u will take to open the door..and u watching through hole wish I will not open the door what will u do idiot..this is my room …oh now this is mine too…I said I don’t want to see u and I don’t wanna argue u..that’s better she said

He came near bed and took the milk glass…took a sip and spit it out …she burst out laughing…

U …how dare u to mix salt in it!!! Hahah drink na …u know what for u before sleeping drinking milk is habit and it’s the last glass and u won’t sleep untill drinking milk?????? Now no milk until morning ?????
Now I will get sleep peacefully….very good night????

#in another room

Lucky – swara I know this marriage happened all of sudden don’t worry …I will give u space…I know Ur parents insisted to get married soon…so don’t worry
I will sleep in couch…u sleep in bed..

Swara – laksh can I ask u something??

Laksh – ofcourse u can swara

Swara –  u didn’t have any expectations in this marriage??

Laksh (in mind) – I loved u and iam in love with u and I always love u…but I know Ur parents forced to marry …but don’t worry swara …I will not force u to this marriage and in this relationship…

Laksh what happened??? Nothing swara don’t think much and sleep well good night…he took the pillow and blanket and went to couch..

Swara – (in mind) I love u laksh …how to tell u??

Both slept

#ragsan room

She is sleeping on bed…he is walking here and there as he is habitual for milk before sleep…she is laughing…he fumed in anger and came to her and folded her hand to back …

ahhh idiot it’s paining…laugh na now…hahahha laugh u chipkali…

She jerked his hand and he fell on her now he is in top of ragini…

For the first time he think about her that how beautiful she is!!!!

U duffer getup na…how much weight Ur, total this Dumbo body on me getup u idiot…but he is lost in his angelic beauty , her eyes blinking like stars and rosy lips may be blabbering something but it is not reaching to me…..


he fell on floor..

He scratched his head and asked How???

What??… How did I fell here…I pushed u idiot…but y???….think about it mr.maheswari….iam a black belt in karate..good night…

And ha forget to tell u I hate u mr.maheshwari

I too hate u Mrs.maheswari…

She turned a side and sleeping in bed…

he is not getting sleep…???? He came to balcony and looking at the stars…she came to him and said Now u r looking at stars in night..tmw onwards I will show u stars in daylight…she left the place…

Screen splits on sleeping ragini and sleepless sanskar

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  1. Lahari

    superb..i love to ready hate to love stories..

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      thanks lahari

  2. Superb.. Hope soon they will realize their love

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      thanks vinu

  3. Amazingggg

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  7. Superb poor sanskar

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  8. Akankshanna

    Amazingggg….. Dushman dushman zamaana kam nhi….. Koi aaye…. Koi aaye…. Hum kisi se kam nhiiiiiii…….. Waaah!!!

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      thanks akankshanna

  9. Amazing dr. Ragsan scenes are wonderful

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  11. Pity on sanky. Superbbbbbbbb

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  12. Awesomeee love to read like this story

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  13. Ossommmmmm. Funny too

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  14. Amazing sissy. Rags plzzzzzz show some mercy on sanky poor guy

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  16. Superb hate to lovvveeeeee

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  17. Bela

    Ragsan are hilarious and sweet. So Swalak love each other? I guess as soon as they come together, Sanskaar would leave them alone and focus on Ragini instead ❤

    1. Suma123

      yeah swalak love eo but didnt express ….thanks bela

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  19. Superb dear

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