Destiny made us together (Ragsan) Character sketch and Episode 1

Hello guys iam back wid new Ragsan SS
Let’s say dilbole RAGSAN /RAGLAK
Already iam writing two Ragsan FF …thought to write this too and it’s a love – hate story …

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Character sketch-

Ragini gadodia and swara gadodia are sisters

Sanskar maheswari and laksh maheswari are brothers

Dp and ap are parents of laksh

Rp and sujatha are parents of Sanskar and uttara

Janaki and Shekhar are parents of  swaragini..


A big mansion is shown which is fully decorated
Panditji is chanting mantras…..
Sanky and lucky are sitting in wedding attires…..

Sanky (in mind) – omg I can’t believe that iam going to married that to the girl whom I love…after marriage I will say to her that how much I love her…for me it’s love marriage…thank you God…thank you so much…

Swara (in mind) – I love him…finally iam getting married to him…but I have to say to him that iam in love wid him…

After sometime…sanky filled her forehead with vermilion and wear her mangalsutra …
Same with lucky…

Pandit declared both couples as husband and wife…sanky is on cloud 9 that he cannot resist to see his wife or love ….

He asked pandit that can she remove her veil on face…

All laughed and pandit said u can …

Janaki asked the girls to open their veil…

Sanky turned to see his beautiful wife but seeing her he literally shocked to hell  and fainted…

Same to girl she too fainted looking at her husband ….

After some time both gained their consious and looking at eo “Tum”…at unison…

All are confused as y they are shocked…

Sanky -(in mind) god u made my life hell by making her as my wife…oh god all the time mom and dad said u both are marrying swaragini but I never asked who is going to be my girl….i thought as swara and I loved her… fate ….iss pagal ladki ke saath phas chuka hai …..that one veil on her face made my life hell…

Here all are asking about the girl …but she is fuming in anger…that how she married that monkey , idiot …I hate him…and God made him as my husband and tied him to my neck….

“I never expected that I married the one whom I hate most ”

Here sanky – I loved one and I married another one…????????

Take blessings with elders said pandit…

Swaragini and sanlak came forward ..

Ap- sanskar come with ragini….
And laksh with swara…

Sanky – omg how to tell that I hate her and I don’t want her as my wife…

Both couples came forward and took elders blessings

After sometime ragini dragged sanskar to one room unnoticed by any one…

Sanky – hey wat r u doing leave my hand…

Ragini – mujhko koi interest Nahi hai tumhare hath pakadne Ka…and she left his hand and closed the door

Sanky – what are u doing???

Ragini – don’t expect much monkey as iam not interested in this marriage bcz I hate u…I hate u the mossttttttt

Sanky – hahaha…thank god…I too hate  u so much…and iam not interested in marrying you becoz I love swara…

Ragini – then y did u married me??

Sanky – Hoy hello ….iam not married to u…but fate haina ??

Ragini – toh ab kya kare…

Sanky – first of all don’t show Ur face to me…I will cry Wen ever I saw u with that mangalsutra wch tied by me… even I can’t imagined u as my wife in my dreams and pls stay away…

Ragini punched hard in his stomach…

Sanky – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh idiot…y??

Ragini – iam not falling on u…and stay away from me…u know Iam karate black belt…

Sanky – hahaha I know I know…he bursted out laughing remembering past incident…

Ragini  about to say someone knocked the door …

She is going to open then he pulled her and said

Now don’t say this to anyone and I will express my love to swara and I will marry her after divorcing u…

Ragini – ok but till then don’t order me to do that and this as u don’t have any right on me…

Sanky -? u toh chudail…

Ragini – shutup…u monkey donkey duffer…

He opened the door and all family members are at door and started teasing them..

Both felt awkward as both had hatred feeling towards them…


To be continued

Phewww…so guys how was it…mention in comments to continue or stop…

As you know any feedback accepted…

Signing off

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