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“Laksh, sanskar wanted to talk to everyone ” swara said

” I don’t know swara…I everytime get scared whenever I talk with him that only I know how much he loves ragini and now I don’t even dare to say him  bcz of his health  “

” Please laksh don’t feel bad…go and talk to him ”

” I wanted to talk to everyone, I’m done with this resting session in that room for whole 3months and I’m going to some place for some change…. please don’t say no ” sanskar said

” Sanskar, we are thinking about your health and you!!!! How can we send u ” sujatha said

” Mom, please i have arranged everything Tonight I’m leaving “

” Bhai….I will come with you ” laksh said

“Lucky…I’m not going to any trip, so that I can go with anyone…I want some change …so please and listen , I will call you now and then ….so don’t call me ” sanskar said and left to his room.

” Take care sanskar , atleast tell us where u going ?? ” Sujatha and ram asked.

” I don’t know maa…I will go by car and will stay whereever I feel to stay “

” No sanskar…don’t go by car …listen ” sujatha said

” Please mom…I will take care ” sanskar assured and left bidding bye to everyone.

Whole night he is driving….

Morning he stopped at one place he saw the board

“Welcome to Hyderabad”

Hyderabad , well now I will stop here today …will take rest here. He went to one hotel and booked a room.
Morning he went to one restaurant
He ordered coffee and sat on one table. Looking into his mobile slowly he sipped coffee and placed it on table.

” Hello Mr.handsome ” A beautiful voice heard and he looked at owner of the voice and the face is more beautiful
Sparkling eyes❤️
Rosy lips ❤️
Button nose ?
And he is continuously staring at her.
After sometime she shakes him
” Hello Mr. “

Nothing is registering on his brain.

??? Beautiful face
Beautiful eyes,
You’re nothing but craze
Beautiful you
I look amazed
What is your name …..what is your name

She slowly took his finger and dipped in hot coffee ”
” Aaahhhhhhhhh ” he screamed ,She laughed

” What the !!!! “

” What!!! From how long I’m calling you !! You are in some lalala land “

” Yeah, In lala land ” he said holding his ? heart  dreaming

” What ??” She asked confused

” Nothing, tell me ” he asked

” Actually !!! There (pointing to one person ) she is my friend neethu we came here to eat ice-cream but after eating ice-cream we came to know that we forgot money , can you please pay  our bill and pakka we will give it back ” she asked cutely

” Ofcourse ….I will pay , but what is the guarantee that you will repay my money ” sanskar asked

” Look at my face do I look like cheater who cheats for money ” she asked cutely

” yes,That’s why I asked ??? “

” ???? “

” Ok??… atleast tell me your name and number and where do you live, I will come and collect the money when you have it “

” After all for 500rupees I want to give all the details ?? “

” Oh!!! After all , then go…go and see someone who give you money without asking Ur details ” sanskar said

” How rude!! Huh!!!!Ok, my name is Ragini…and mobile number,??? I don’t have mobile , so give me 500″ she asked
She is Ragini guys…

“Oh, Ragini ….nice name!!! But I think it doesn’t suit you ???? and if you don’t have your mobile number then it’s not at all a prblm…give me your friend’s ”

” He is like jelly fish ….looking handsome but ????totally nuthead ” thought ragini

” What ??? Give me ” sanskar asked

” Actually !!! She didn’t get her mobile here  and i don’t remember her mobile number “

” Wow!!! You should be a great story writer in future , how quickly you created one “

” Really ! She don’t have , aap ki kasam” ragini said

He slowly moved to her and holded her chin and made her turn towards her friend who is batting in mobile.
Ragini bites her lips
” Aap ki kasam ” he initiated her

” Sorry , actually we don’t want to give number to stranger “

” Huh….I think you talked with me more than 15min , still you think  I’m stranger?? “

” For 500 rupees , how much  you talk ??? let it be don’t give…bye ” she started to move

“??? Listen ragini…sit I will give…have one coffee with me “

” Sorry , I have to leave it’s already late “

” Ok !! Will meet you next time , I will pay Ur bill “

He gave money and smiled

” Thanks handsome “

” I have a name beautiful “

” No need to mention  Mr.handsome “

He smiled and she too smiled

” I won the bet, tomorrow party is yours ” ragini said

” I thought he will not give, shit …ok tmw will be mine , but will you come??? “

” No , Sahil planned something so he won’t leave if I don’t go ” ragini said

” Still you don’t have any feelings for him “

” No, neethu I don’t have any feelings…I don’t know why…. His care…his love is genuine but I really don’t have such type of feelings for him and I told him many times but he said he waits for me till he die “

” Then, why don’t you accept him “

” I don’t know…sometimes I feel someone who loves me is waiting for me and someone who loves me is thinking for me all the time and you know what I feel I have a family who is missing me and I feel like I don’t belong here “

” Hmmmm…started your puranam…iam listening this  like some 1000th time, chalo let’s move ” .

They both left the place.

Sanskar is looking at the disappearing figure of ragini , holding his heart and smiled

” she looks like an Angel ”
I missed her mobile number ??? but will find you soon and tell you that I love you.

Love you Ragini….❤️

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  5. MKRS

    Fabulouuuuusssss suma. So now Ragsan are going to start fresh. But want more their scenes. Update i love you mrs raginisanskarmaheswari.

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      Thank you ❤️?Will update soon

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      Will get to know soon about that….memory back is a bit late track…but I will try to keep not boring with the track ✌️

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      Thanks nive ❤️ Will try to update as my exam preparations are going on….yeah ragsan met soon and I hope u ppl enjoy the current track

  18. Superb. I thought after ragsan accident this story turned into emotional plot but here fresh ragsan love story. Interesting.

    1. Suma123

      Thanks dear ❤️If you want means I will try to write emotional one and make you all ppl cry ?????

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