Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-20 by suma

Heyaa guys long time na…this update ???
Ok finally I’m here with this update … I have edited some part about Sahil (ragini has no crush on Sahil)

As I lost in bet here is the update ani TevarAnisha


Aditi tried calling to Ragini but call is not connecting …
” Don’t cry Aditi …I’m not a villian …I’m hero “

” Please leave me… please Sahil “

” I will Aditi….once after getting my Ragu “

” Please she is happy now ! How can you do this to her “

” You raising my anger level , please stop your blabbering…she will be happy with me “

*Call again*

Aditi called then it connected
” Speaker on ” Sahil added

” Ragu….hello….”

” Ch..Ch…Ch…you don’t know how to start also …first hello then my sweety name Ragu “

” Hello madam ! Who is this ? We already informed you na…this girl met with accident please come fast we are taking her to near by hospital “

Sahil snatched the mobile and
” What …accident…where…I will kill you if something happened to her “

” Sir come to xxxx hospital “

He ended the call after slapping Aditi hard, he rushed to hospital.


Nikhil admitted sanskar in hospital after getting to know about this accident and he tried to contact ragini…but couldn’t then he called sanskar parents and laksh and they arrived manglore.

They are in same hospital but noone knew ragini also admitted in same hospital.

24hrs completed still doctors didn’t report any thing about their condition and all are tensed about ragini as no news about her.

Then Sanjay (Aditi husband ) moving there with Aditi on stretcher…
Aditi saw swara and called her…
” Swara….swara…Ragini….”

” Aditi…what happened to you…what happened to Ragini…where is she ?? “

” Swara….listen…Ragini met with accident and Sahil knows where she is ” Aditi said

” Accident !!! ” swara shocked and laksh came to her

” Listen you don’t have much time, you have to save from him “

” which hospital Aditi “

Ahhhhhh Aditi shouted…
“Pls swara,our baby is more important now…let us take her to ICU ” Sanjay said
Swara nodded.

Doctor came out

” How is she ?? She is fine right!!!..can I see her now ??” Sahil asked

” Who are you ? ” Doc asked

” Sahil ….Sahil sengupta …I asked about ragini…how is she damnit “

” She is fine Mr. Sahil…who are u to patient “

” She is…she is my fiance..
Can I see her now “

” Yeah you can ”

” Sanskar ….how are you feeling now ? ” Sujatha asked

” Mmmmm I’m fine maa “

” How it happened sanskar ? “

He tried to remember but his head started hurting and he fainted.
Soon doctor came and checked him

” Doctor what happened to him?? , Is he fine ?? ” laksh asked

” He is suffering from partial amnesia , and untill he will get conscious we can’t say anything about it ” doctor responded

Here ragsah
” Ragini…how are you feeling now ? ”
She is just looking at him not responding
He holded her hand…but soon she took her hand away

” If you are angry on me… please hit me…but don’t stop talking to me Ragu ” Sahil said holding her hand
She felt uncomfortable when he holded her hand.

” Who are you ? ” she asked

Then doctor entered into room and answered
” Your fiancé ”
She looked at doctor and he smiled and continued
” How are you feeling now ?? “

” Fine doctor “

” Actually you are very lucky that you are safe after that major accident ” doctor said

” Accident??? ” She whispered and tried to remember but she couldn’t

” Doctor why…why can’t I remember anything happened ” she tried to remember and hurting herself….

” Ragini please…calm down…Ragini… please ” Sahil trying to control but ragini is not in a position to control herself

” Ms. Ragini please calm down ” doctor said

” its Mrs.Ragini sanskar Maheswari ” Ragini out bursted loudly.

For this doctor and Sahil both are shocked

“What !!!! What are you saying Ragini ” doctor asked
Sahil was shocked to listen name sanskar Maheswari
She fell unconscious.

Doctor was felt something wrong about Sahil.
Soon he went to his cabin and called police
” Hello police station , sir we have admitted one accident case name ragini but …….”

Call ended
Doctor saw Sahil in his cabin

” Kya doctor ?? Kya batane wali thi aap police ko” Sahil smirked with holding the phone cable wire.

” It’s an accident case and we should inform police so that we don’t get into any problem “

” Ch Ch Ch…..lie…being in a great profession lying ?? “

” I will inform to police if you threaten me “

” Do you think you will be alive till then ? “

” Threating me “

” God! ???Really I didn’t threaten  you…I’m just giving information Doctor “

” Doctor Harshad Couldn’t handle family problems so took his life in hospital , it’s gonna be tomorrow headlines in newspaper , just informing you bcz you can’t see tmw paper na ” Sahil smirked

“Laksh doctor informed na, don’t discuss anything with Sanskar it may leads him to slip into coma “

” Sure ma…I don’t discuss , but how long we can keep this hidden from Bhai ” laksh asked sujatha

” Try to understand his condition laksh “

” Iam laksh “

” Then what about Ragini ? “

” Search Ragini without informing or discussing with Sanskar “

” Sure maa ”

After 3months

In these three months not even a place left in manglore we searched for Ragini everywhere…but No…we didn’t get any information about her swara “

” Please laksh I want my sister back , I don’t know how is she ? Where is she ? ” Swara started crying

” Swara, calm down…sanskar will listen “

” You are concerned about your brother…but what about my sister laksh ?? “

” Swara understand me…am I sitting idle in home ?? Tell me…I’m searching her from last 3months “

She hugged him and cried in his embrace

” Swara go and serve food for Bhai “

She nodded.


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