Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-17 by suma

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Sanskar started walking again holding ragini in his arms. At last he reached road after walking so long time. He then called someone and they brought car,soon he placed her in passenger seat and wore seat belt and he went to driver seat and started driving.

After 2hrs they reached  home and he placed sleeping Ragini on bed and he went to kitchen thinking about to do something to eat as she just ate one chocolate from last night…He made sandwich which he knows how to do from past years. After some time he arranged everything on place and left from home.


Sun rays fell on beautiful face and she turned to other side hiding her face hugging pillow , she slowly opened her eyes yawning and scanned the whole place and shocked.

She get down from the bed with jerk and started searching sanskar as she remembered last night where she was in some jungle. She started calling his name and came out and opened mouth “0” shape by looking at front scene …it’s a island other than this house whole surrounding is water…she was happy and jumping like a kid. ❤️❤️❤️

She happily came in search of sanskar there she found a note

Hii princess very good morning
Go to the room and open cupboard

She smiled for the last words urs sanskar , yes he is only hers Ragini Ka sanskar.
She moved to room and opened the cupboard and found a Note there

” Take the box beside this note and see ”
She opened the box which has jeans and T-shirt
(Surprised !!! )

Jeans!!!! She thought

It’s not like she didn’t wore but she didn’t expected ???
Soon she took bath and wore that and came in search of another note and found one on refrigerator

” Hey princess have these hot sandwiches which I tried with love ”

She smiled and ate those sandwiches
Not bad!!!! She uttered

She again started searching for another note but there were left nothing. She came out and saw a rose flower petals filled and showing a path to somewhere…she started walking on rose petals there she saw a boat and she ran to the boat thinking sanskar be there but there is no one near boat and when she turned back she hitted a hard chest ?
Ofcourse it’s sanskar , he holded her and asked to step in to boat. She did as he said …he started driving the boat
” Can I drive ?? ” She asked
He smiled and said
” Come ”
She holded the steering of the boat and he holded one of her hand and other one holding her waist.
She is enjoying happily and he is just admiring her.
After some far he stopped the boat and gave her snorkel mask and made her wear and he too wore the mask and signed her to jump.
” Omg sanskar iam scared …I don’t know diving or either swimming ”
” I’m here na Ragini…nothing will happen …and it’s not that deep…just jump ” he asked
” No way ….I’m scared ”
He holded her waist in both hands from back side
” No…no…no….no sanskar….sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”


Holding her both jumped into the water. Ragini is not  opening her eyes due to fear that she cannot swim
Then she felt some tickling sensation but she is adamant to open her eyes. Sanskar poked her and holded her hand assuring her to open her eyes to see. She slowly opened her eyes
I thought my eyes will not open ??? forgot about the mask I wore???

She felt so happy seeing the different fishes which giving her tickling sensation and she is smiling seeing that and enjoying. He saw her happiness which made him so happy and he holded her hand and asked to move further she moved along with him and shocked to see the scenerio infront of her , he pointed to show her ?

“I’m sorry for everything till now, one thing I have to clear that “I love you ” No matter  how many girls threw themselves at me, I won’t be taken away, remember Iam always yours only yours ❤️”

It was beautifully written on stone which is in water
He showed another stone

” When ever I look at you , Iam  like ‘Damn!! Iam so fu**ing lucky ‘ and I smile like idiot ”

She smiled looking at the stone, and hugged him he slowly made her move to next stone

” When I die ,I wanna go to heaven to put your name on a star. Let all the angels see how much you mean to me ”

A small tear escaped from her eyes and soon it turned red and she left his hand and took a stone and   started erasing the word die and she wrote

” I will kill you if you talk about death ” 

He holded his ears and moved to further  stone

” My ultimate goal is for My kids to be like
Wow Dad really loves Mom ”

She smiled at this and went to stone and erased
“My”  and wrote “our” ❤️  and smiled at him like she achieved something and he is just adoring her?????

Soon he knelt down there and forwarded a ring which inscribed “RagSan”  by saying ” I love you ”  in sign language (they are in water)

She drew her finger into the ring and happily hugged him. Both came back to boat

” Please don’t leave me Ragini… I can’t live without you…U dont even know how important u are to me ” he said
“She hugged him tightly and said I love you too “

For the first time ….first time she said I love you too ?????????

He broke the hug and kissed her forehead
Both drove to home and she asked him to take rest as he is awake from night doing this stuff
He lifted her in his arms and placed her on bed hugging her.

” Can you remove your shirt?” She asked, he gave a look why?

” I like to place my head on your bare chest ???” she said cutely
He removed his shirt And holding her in his embrace slowly he dozed off and she kissed his chest and holded him through waist slowly she too dozed off


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