Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-15 by suma

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Sanskar pov

She totally ignored me….she is not talking to me the whole 5hrs journey ,she not even look at me…this pooja really annoyed me when ever I tried to talk with ragini, she interupts me ….I know she isn’t doing this wantedly but what to do…she is my best friend…
And how to cool ragini, I made mistake by saying that I made wore saree for pooja…but I wanted to clear her this that she is more important to me than anyone

We reached our house in Mangalore…

Manglore the city I love , I visited here so many times but now here iam with my love ,now iam loving this more

I walked to room and closed the door, waiting for ragini to come from wr

” Ragini, listen to me ” my words not even stealing her glance without any chance I went near her and stood front of her and holded her hands

“Mujhe maaf Karo na plzzzz , tum mujh se baath bhi Nahi kiya subaah se”

” Kyu baath Karu sanskar ” she asked me

I don’t know what to reply because I didn’t expect this answer from her…I thought she will start scolding and iam thinking about how to stop her scoldings…but she turned my thoughts to 90°

” Kyu matlab…kyu ki tumari baath ache lagte ho mujhe ”
dammnnnnn I know I gave lame excuse but seriously I don’t know how to handle situation
Ok….I have to do this

Soon I fell on my knees
” Ragini, listen I know what Ur feeling but im sorry it’s  past and she is my friend and promise I will never do that to anyone…i have been with girls there….but its not  the matter , u should know that i love u and i will do anything for u, but I want you to talk to me…I don’t want u to ignore me … I love u too much yaar “

“u been with girls??? Means  ” she asked me with confusion?

In that speech her brain caught only this line ???

” Means I have been with girls ” I said ?

” i didn’t asked u to repeat that ,I asked what that means ” ?

“My knees are paining shall I getup ?” She nodded

” Now say , what that means ? “

” Ummm….that means “

” Means ” ?

” Ufff…I can’t say baby, u should understand “

” That means u dated “

” Hmmm “

” How many ? “

” Is it necessary now ?? “

” But once u said that u had no girls in Ur life  before u fell in love with swa…swara “

” Yes , i don’t have any girlfriends “

” Then “

” Pls ye sab chodo ,Now what matters is you and Me “

” Pooja ?”

” Ufff god kitne doubts hai …..when will u understand that I love u damn it…why u drag her in between, she is just my friend, if u don’t want her to be here tell me I will sure send her off, but listen she is  my friend  and u don’t have to be jealous about that …”

By caressing her hair I said ” I love u and U R my life now …get this point clear ok “

She nodded “ok “

” Today night there will be official party related to company, pls be ready at 7pm I will come and pick u up “

” I wanted to ask him about pooja, is she coming or not ??? He said that there is nothing between them…but what about that pooja ” she thought

” Ummm Ragini pls be fast…I will make something to eat for us ”
By this I left the room and came to kitchen

Ragini pov


” How much time she will take still?? ” Pooja said

” Relax pooja, still there is time na , let her ” i said

I saw Sanskar there standing near car he is handsome as always in black tuxedo standing there with hands in pockets with his cute smile soon my gaze shift to the person beside sanskar ,she is none other than pooja she is touching his body and he is comfortable with that which irked me…soon I reached to them

” Finally u came Ragini ” pooja said

I turned towards her,she is looking gorgeous ??? I can’t able to take my eyes from her , she is my girl …my angel…looking like a Royal princess in royal blue gown and her hair is tied up like messy bun.

” You are coming ?? ” She asked pooja

” Didn’t he informed ?? ” pooja said

” Sorry ,I forgot to tell u ,when we leave her she will be alone na, so she asked me that she can join the party “

And you said yes donkey….I will kill you really

” Okay let’s move sanky , it’s getting late “

I moved to passenger seat but soon pooja came and occupied the place ….I saw Sanskar but he gave me helpless look

Seriously I hate this man? he could have told her

We reached venue and I felt very bore bcz iam alone and sanskar is talking to his clients

Iam feeling hungry and he is not here , Ragini don’t think about anyone here  soon I walked towards food…I ate till my stomach feel full and I walked in search of sanskar as he still didn’t have food ..

Soon my eyes got blurred by watching the scene before me and tears got covered my eyes and they are ready to flow

Sanskar hugged pooja tightly and kissed her forehead and she is smiling


Suddenly I felt ground under my feet is collapsed , I ran from there , i dono where iam going but iam running I wanted to run far away from him
While iam running I had hit to a large stone kept on road , kneeling down I found my heels broken. suddenly a car overtook me and I saw Sanskar sitting in driving seat.

I wiped my tears, I don’t want him to know that…soon he came to me and lifted in his arms and made me sit on passenger seat and drove off

All the way we both kept silent…actually iam controlling my cry as hard as I can…finally we reached home As soon as we reached , Not waiting for him, I ran to my room wiping my tears which are flowing.

I opened my room door with thud and tried  bolt it before he enter, but to my fate I couldn’t his shoe tucked btwn the door …I tried to lock it by pushing with all my strength,but I couldn’t lock it…

Finally I left trying and rushed inside and took the near flower vase and threw it in his direction.

” What the …” He missed and the vase got broken into pieces

Soon I grabbed some books and files and threw at him one by one and he kept his hands to protect himself by getting hit

“Ragini , are u crazy ?? “


Auchhhhh he screamed bcz of hit

” Pls stop ragu “


Alarm got broken ?

” Ragu, listen …that vase is very expensive pls…Its my favourite ” seeing a vase in my hand he said

I threw at him without listening to him and he missed it and it got broken


I searched around for another piece of weapon and I saw pillows there in bed and I went to pick them
And threw at him…iam crying at one side and laughed on other while my shot hit him..

” Listen to me ragu once “

” No, u hugged pooja and kissed her “

” What ?? No i never kissed her ” he said while keeping his hand as shield

” Liar, I saw u kissing her here ” I said pointing to my forehead and he found it cute again I threw one book at him

” God , my cheeks are swelling pls stop na…I don’t understand why are you angry ?? “

” What ?? ” I stopped throwing and walked to him

Sanskar pov

She is looking at me like I did a big crime which I had no knowledge about it

” You don’t know why iam angry at u now ” she said pointing her finger on my chest she laughed for few minutes and again started crying

God I’m confused now…one time she will cry and she will laugh what’s wrong with her

” This is all because of you ” she said while hitting my chest with her small fists.

” Calm down Ragu, I was comforting her as she was stressed because there someone reminded her past about her parents death , nothing else ” I said ,trying to calm her

” No, I won’t believe you. You always support her.she tries to touch you at every moment and u enjoy it “

God!!! She is jealous…I felt happy that she too craved for my attention just like I do for her. She likes me…she don’t hate me…yes she don’t hate me….

” I hate this feeling of helplessness. U making me feel this , when ever she is near u, I don’t like it and I feel like my heart is aching…I hate u…I hate u for making me feel like this ” she was crying loud

Mann she likes me….?????

Soon I captured her lips and caught her in my arms ,her body stiffened. Her body relaxed after a few minutes…she don’t know how to kiss…she simply followed my gesture ,she fisted my shirt ..I snaked my arm around her waist pulling her onto me, not leaving an inch gap btwn us. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissing hardly.
I separated our lips to take breathe ,I started peppering small wet kisses on her jaw and licked down her neck. Her small moans boosted my ego, I wanted to take her. I unzipped the gown and I moved behind her such that my front face her back.closing the gap I bent down and rubbed my lips on her shoulder making her shudder.i caught her by waist before she could fall and pulled her waist to meet my hardened groin. Slowly I removed the gown from her shoulders and started kissing her , I picked her up in my arms and placed her on bed, I removed my shoes and shirt and I covered her body with mine and kissed her slowly from neck to cleavage , her hands are running through my hair pushing more into ,taking it as chance I removed her dress completely keeping her mind diverting  in kiss. Feeling cool breeze on her body then she shocked as when did I removed .

I covered her bare body with mine and she turned to otherside giving me her back. I closed the gap between us and licked down her back. She fisted the bedsheet tightly trying to calm herself down. I moved down to her waist and licked her belly button.her body arched forward pushing her stomach into my face. Her moans filled the entire room which excited me to the core.

A sudden knock at the door poured water on us.

” Sanky , are you there ? ” Pooja voice rang, causing me to stop my adventure. Ignoring her I tried to kiss ragini but she pushed me and jumped out of bed like she wokeup from a dream.

She covered her body with bedsheet ,I followed her but as soon as I tried to catch her by hands she jerked it away and rushed inside the bathroom leaving me frustrated. She locked it soon as I tried to enter.
Damn pooja she ruined special moment.


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