swara , suji and Rp were having their breakfast and discussing the stories ,happened last week.
sans – early morning itself trio started their gossip.
suji – kumbhakarna, how come you got up so early at 9.00am???
sans – mom please stop your tape recorder.
suji – ok sir I will zip my mouth, come have your breakfast.
sans – gave wide shock to everyone.
sans – walked to towards pooja room and he was praying,” god I know you will be shocked to see my entry like others, but what to do I need your help for revenge plan. Please stay with me and bless while I’m torturing swara, she played with me so I need to teach her lesson that I’m not scary boy” I hope you will hear my application????? ok bye god if you help me I would offer you ladoos, diwali is on the way :p” tata god…………………….. he left the pooja room with determination (let’s see, he wins or his plans gets flop)
suji – swara beta can you check whether it’s raining outside???
swara – why mom??
RP – becoz sanskar is praying na!!!!
swara – who knows the truth mom??? Why he is doing this drama???
suji – your correct beta.
sans – I’m not drama queen like both (suji and swara) of you. Ok were is lucky and rags?? when did you arrive??
suji – we arrived here today morning and raglak left since they had emergency in their office. do you think they are sleepy monster like you sanskar??
swara and suji gave hifi and was teasing him.
sans –enough of your MIL and DIL drama, it’s getting late for me, I will inform colors tv to air your drama – may be it will get super hit.
trio (suji swara rp) – when is the audition?????
sans – why did you create me in this world god ???
trio – we are also thinking the same , trio gave hifi and giggled seeing sans reaction.
sans – I will die if stay here one more minute..
trio – who told you to stay??? hahahhahahahh………………….
sans – gave deadly glare, grabbed his lappy and went to his office.
staffs wished him good morning …………………….
sans – bad morning he scowled at them and fled to his room..
staffs – we are dead today.
sans – whole day he was scolding all the staffs and showed his anger to them..
Evening at MM:
trio – was watching “doreman “and laughing loudly…
sans – is this house or mental asylum??? I have very big doubt……
trio – sans you came from office so soon???? come join us in watching tv. it’s so fun.
sans – I have doubt !!!!! you’r doing this purposefully or unintentionally?? you three are watching cartoon like kids…
suji – there is no age for watching cartoons ( note – if ur watching cartoons then give hifi)
swara – mom he is acting too much. when you were out of station he was watching cartoon with neighborhood children…. now he acting like mature person.
sans – ahh I don’t know how this swara’s brain alone working perfectly….
four had their dinner and went to sleep……………..
SWASAN room:
swara – went to change and sans was lying on the bed..
sans – haaa…. he shouted and was lying on the floor holding his back…
swara – rushed out from washroom and asked him what happen with so much tension on her face???
sans – swara help me in getting up and later you can start your CBI job..
swara –helped him in walking and made him lie on the bed, so how did you fall???
sans – I was dreaming and rolled to other side, but my bad luck it was open space I fell down… with sad face and painful look…
swara – hahhahha very funny sanskar….
sans – swara can you do me favour??? with humble look.
swara – ok what help??
sans – can u massage my back its paining so much??
swara – was shocked and later she agreed..
sans – lied on his stomach and swara massaged his back. swara here above towards right coner,she massaged there, swara next left corner below, she massaged him there, swara in centre….
swara gave a look and with little force she pressed him.
sans – are you planning to break my bones?? do it softly swara.
swara – sans I think your faking.
sans – no swara, see my face do I look like faking???
swara – have bit doubt.
sans –swara don’t doubt your hubby. I’m telling you the truth.
swara – ok I believe you sans.
sans – swara my legs are too paining, can you press them also??
swara – nooo…. I wont.
sans – please angel!!!
swara – angel ahh!!!!!!!!! sans are you drunk???
sans – no sweet heart??
swara – sweet heart ahhh?? I’m going to die…
sans – stop talking bad swara, how can I live without you??
swara – wait let me clean my ears…… what did you say, repeat it again…
sans – golden words can’t be repeated swara..
swara – was in shock, she was thinking how did this monster change into loving hubby???
sans – don’t squeeze your brain too much swara, I have changed in real, so press my legs too..
swara – she gave smile and started pressing his legs..
sans – wah wah…. your hands have done magic swara, I can’t feel the pain after your massage..
swara – checked him whether he has fever or not??
sans – what happen??
swara – nothing.. she yawned ,wished him good night and slept.
sans – after half an hour, he was admiring swara who was sleeping like small child and he slowly moved towards washroom.
Inside washroom:
Locked the door turned on tap,
he was dancing like Michael Jackson , doing stunts in air, flooring steps and swayed his body zig zag and he was jumping like monkey….. he had evil smile ,accompanied by victory.
swara your really a kid, easily you believed my lie and massaged me…. aww I should say, you looked so cute while massaging me…… sanskar today you won and thank you god for helping me…
sans – came out of washroom and slept on other side of bed with angelic smile…..
midnight –sans turned to other side of bed and saw his angel face glowing in moon’s light. he was mesmerized in her beauty, he slowly touched her face and was talking with her. how come I did not see the caring side of yours ?? Sometimes you tease me a lot, during those times I feel like killing you. but now you looking like firefly, which spreads light in darkness… he gave her forehead kiss and slept.
hank you for your response in last chapie friends……

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