hello happy Sunday friends  

Since it was Sunday four planned for outing , and all were busy in getting ready. swara and ragini were wearing tees and pencil fit jeans, sanlak in casuals. Soon girls got ready and they were waiting for sanlak. Lucky too joined them and sanskar was taking long time.
Swarags – lucky what is sanskar doing? We girls itself got ready soon and you boys taking such long time.
Lucky- I too don’t know what he is doing in your room. Better go call him swara. Your right person for him. Till then I will enjoy with rags.
Swara- gave cunning look to lucky and she fled to her room. she was banging the door for five minutes but no response. Again she hit the door strong and the door got opened. swara gave “O” face and stood shocking seeing sanskar.. Sanskar she shouted at her throat.
Sanskar – was shocked and he too doesn’t know what to do.

Three girls were shouting ahh bhai, why is the devil shouting and disturbing us.
Swara – am I devil??? And sanskar I don’t know when you will grow ?? we are waiting for you down there and here your watching cartoon with these kids.
Kids – bhai I don’t know how you’r living with his devil.
Swara – oi elf’s your again calling me devil, I won’t buy you chocolates.
Kids – no di your cute bubbly angel and they hugged her.
Sanskar – you kids forgot me and joined in enemy team.
Kids- no bhai we love always…
Swara – ok sanskar who are these kids ???

Sanskar – these kids are living next door and they are my friends.
1st kid – hi I’m mica
2nd kid – hai I’m kakali
3rd kid – hello I’m maha

Swara gave hug to them and she said we are going out and you can enjoy with your friend late. Then mickakamaha gave hug to sanskar and left to their house.
Swasan locked the house and joined raglak in car.
Raglak – why this much time?? Doing romance ah??
Swasan – shut up rowdies.
Soon they reached mall, decided to purchase clothes.
Swara and ragini were engrossed in their shopping and they forgot the time. Sanskar and laksh approached them and said madame you are here for more than 3 hours, did you finish your shopping or not??
Swarags- still pending and we are facing difficulty in choosing colors.
Sanlak – what??? Shocked expression- not yet over ah?
Lucky – bro if girls are together their desire will be never satisfied better, we can split them. I will help ragini and you take swara with you.

Sanskar – come swara I will help you and he dragged her.
Swara – lucky I’m gonna faint, please save me.
Ragsanlak – drambaz swara stop your acting.
Swara- first time this thief showing care towards me.
Sanskar – becz I don’t wanna to die due to your shopaholic disease.
Swara – shrugged her shoulders and followed sanskar.
Swara- tried many dress and alas sanskar found a master piece dress for his lovely wife and gave her. Try this, suits you best. ( swara dress – imagine red gown when sanski confess her – cover pic).
Swara – yuck no, such a bad taste you have thief.
Sanskar –this dress itself too much for you devil , try them fast before I change my mind to kill you.
Swara – scrunched her nose and left towards trial room.
Sanskar – was impatient becz it has been 15 minutes, yet swara did not return. He gave sigh and he rested his forehead in front table and closed his eyes.

Swara- wow this dress fits perfectly and suits me best. Not bad Mr. thief your best man. (monologue inside trial room) she called sanskar, how am I looking??
Sanskar –was flabbergasted by her look and his mouth uttered gorgeous without his sense.
Swara – blushed seeing his expression and pinched sanskar.
Sanskar – oh my devil is looking stunning, but credit goes to great SANSKAR.
Swara – hey thief first time I accept you word and thank you for helping me.
Sanskar – pleasure is mine.
Swara suddenly hugged sanskar , and she closed her eyes to feel him and she was happy inside but she wasn’t knowing the reason. Sanskar was astonished by her action and he was too confused and did not react for few seconds but later he reciprocated the hug. Both were feeling heavenly in each other’s arm and love was ignited inside their heart like a spark.
Raglak – tapped their shoulders, ahem ahem we are in mall not bedroom.
Swasan – embarssed and avoided eye contact, But they were blusing & reminiscing their hug inside.
Swara – I’m hungry.
Lucky – bhukkad
Ragsan – we can our lunch here.

Four went to restaurant – ordered their favorite foods and relishing them. Last all ordered for ice cream.
Swara – nut corner, sanskar – jelly lover, lucky – big ben and ragini – falooda.
All started having them and lucky started, took small pinch and applied on ragini. Rags did the same to laksh and this time he repeated same to swara. Swara took big scoop and threw on lucky. lucky yelled and threw some on her but it landed on sanskar. Sanskar got angry and he threw on lucky but it landed on swara. Now the war started four were throwing the ice cream on the other and entire hotel were witnessing them and started laughing and bussing at them. Alas hotel manager shouted at them and alerted them.
Swasan raglak were shocked to see their place and left from hotel immediately. They went to washroom and cleared themselves. Sanlak arrived to car first, but girls were taking long time. Sanlak were angry and they went in search of them. They were terribly shocked and fled to the place and started fighting. Few mens were ragging swarags and torturing them. Sanlak gave black and blue to the goons. Goons fell on girls feet and asked for forgiveness. But swara and rags were not in mood and they were silently standing like statue and tears were rolling down their eyes like shower tap.
Sanlak- consoled them and they reached their house.
sanskar took swara to their room and lucky took rags to her room.
lucky – rags I know my words are not enough to console you but you both should have been careful right or you could have shouted for help right. Be bold he after rags. soon ragini hugged lucky and cried her heart and slept in his arms. And he made ragini lie on the bed and covered her with sheet and left the room.

swasan room:-
swara he shook her, but no response. Swara he shouted and shook her vigourously. Swara was scared and pushed him. Swara its me you thief, don’t get afraid. Sorry swara I failed you and did not protect you. He was too crying along with swara. Swara saw his tears and hugged him and soon both were hugging and crying. But sanskar being boy he is lil strong, he consoled her. Swara we came there in nick time ,nothing happened to you and ragini. We rescued you ,so be strong. He gave her forehead kiss and patted her cheeks and made her strong. Swara was feeling protected in his arms and slept. He too slept holding her.
After few hours sanskar woke up and went to lucky room and discussed about recent happening and they decided to regain swara and ragini like they were before this incident.
It was around 6.00 pm swara and rags reached hall and saw sanlak preparing food. They were shocked and shouted what are you doing guys??

Sanlak – cooking
Swarags- my foot it smells bad and are you planning to kills us??
Sanlak – no……
Swarags- better stop that and we can order pizza and they placed the order.
Sanlak – wow pizza * twinkling eyes and drooling*
Sawrags – ok till then we can talk.
Sanlak – have a plan, why can’t we dance??
Swarags – nice idea.
Swarags – were dancing for rocku kuthu song from premam movie.
Sanlak – were amazed and they danced for desi boys.
Now four were dancing for aaluma doluma isalakadi maaluma song from vedhalam.
Swasan – danced for ishq wala love and love was in the air and they forgot their real world. San hands were around swara waist and he was holding her like doll and swara hands were locked around his neck and theirs eye were locked and had blissful feeling inside them.

Raglak- shook them and raglak were dancing for saree ke fall sa song.
Then swarag got plan and they were forcing sanlak to that, But they were opposing and running inside the house to escape from them. Swara was running behind sanskar and ragini was searching for lucky.
And soon sanlak were ready in their attire. Swarags were laughing at them.
Important – sanlak were wearing short skirt and tees hardly covering their hip, skin tone powder, blush in their cheeks and mascara gave them final touch for their eyes. Both were looking hot and adorable.
Swarags – played the song.
Sanlak – were shocked hearing the song, it was pink lips song. Omg imagine sanlak dancing for pink lips and their sensual dance steps. Next song was baby doll sanlak were dancing like sunny hahehe…

Next song they changed their costume – they we wearing nighty and towel around their neck 😀 😀 danced for malla malla malla marudha malla maley mardhumaley silla illa vengada silla sillaley vangadasiley song. sanlak were looking awful in nighty  
Swarags – were laughing holding their stomach and teaching them to move their waist like girl and teasing them in between.
Pizza too came and four relished it and slept in hall due to their dance party.

So how was today chapie???
Thank you for reading this chapie.


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      Thnk u vyshu 😀

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      Thnk u divya 😀

  2. Awesome nd vrryy funny part

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      Thnk u so much anu 😀

  3. ?????amazing …..

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      Thnk u so much manu 😀

  4. Wow yaar amazing swasan are real fun

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  5. Mast…had fun

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  6. SNY

    Awesome epi akka…..
    Adhuvum sanlak dance semma….
    Tamil songs lam spr???????

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      Thnk u so much sny dr 😀 wts ur name ?? Sukanya vah? T

      1. SNY

        Enn name adhu illa…ennoda name yaz

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  8. Rabia

    Awesome navi and u make sanky as a brother to mica and kakali ???? they will surely faint after calling him bhai ???

    1. Mica

      how can we faint ? we are not in your FF Rabia! 😀 😀

      1. Rabia

        hahahaha micaaa because my fainting sequence is finished naa 😉

    2. Kakali

      Haaaa Rabiaa diii just a feww minutes agoo i got consciousness… she make himm my bhai… it cant even happen in my worst nightmare….uuhhhuuuu…. dii m missing ur ff n u… r u liitle well now?? take care *thodda zyada* coz i wantt my chappy…

      1. Rabia

        kakali thank god u woke up 😉 and dear im having a bigg surpriseee for u and mica speacially but that surprise will be on tuesday soo u have to wait till tuesday im sure u will like itt soo just 2 days moree (with puppy smile ) 😉

    3. Scooby

      Thnk u so much rabi dr. Haha let thm faint. 😀 😀

  9. Nice

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  10. akka thanku so muchhhhh unmaiyave nan sanskar kuda movie paathen wowwwww it was awesome thanku so much akka and indha epi it was awesome and too funny . loved it

    1. Scooby

      Surprsie for u since… thnk u maha dr 😉

  11. Kakali

    Awwwwwww i hugged them both…*dreaming*

    Back to sence,,,,
    Naviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what was d chappy……!!!! how could u do dat ¿ u called me kid!!!!! *shocking discovery*
    Reading d whole chappy i was laughing very badly ,,, my stomach is aching…. uffggghhh!!!!! Sanlak dance was sooo sensual….SWASAN scene was sooo cuteee n romantic…. feeling like flying… i wanna say much more n moreee n moreeeee… but words are lesss to describe….. it’s feeling heavenly hell yarr….Navii thank u sooo very much dear…. enjoyed it thoroughly….love u … take care…

    1. Scooby

      Hahaha u huggrd thm kido.. cnt even tell properly inwhich clss ur reading. Thn ur kid only na 😉 thnk u so much kakali 😀

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      Thnk u anu 😀

  12. haa haaa haaa
    im still laughing
    oh god
    their dance
    it ws hillarius.
    superb , mindblowing , cute , sweet , extraordinary epi as always.
    lv it 2 da core.

    sanky is such a kiddo. he is watching cartoons, hw cute.
    and their lil cute fights & romance. i lv it.

    plz uplode nxt part asap
    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Scooby

      Aww thnk u so much chanu dr.. all d bst for entrance and sure wil b waoting for the day ur gonna kill d patient. Thnk god i escaped frm u.. lol for fun chanu..

  13. Scooby

    Friends do read but its late.. last chapie i asked abut ur qualification. No one told i knw only maha, shan and nive othrs dont i hv no idea.. if u wud hav told i would have made ur entry according to scene.
    If u read atleast in nxt chapie tell me abt u.

    1. Kakali

      Navii m reading in XI… hahahaha u called me kid… May i kniw d same from u dear??

    2. Kakali

      Opppssss it’s XII… chorryyy..woo mistake se galti hoo gayii…

  14. Mica

    aarrrgghhh i late to read this !!!
    and what the disney channel is this ???? YAY!!!! sanskar watched it with me !!
    but wait,, is there maha and kakali ? shuuhh shuuhh *pushed them both.
    Naviii!!! your Swasan is always impossible…in public , they do romance, but fighting as tom jerry when come to their room..
    and omg… i can’t stop laughing to imagine their sensual dance that too with those silly outfit… how could you do that Navii!!! 😀 😀 😀
    look at Sanlak!!! they blinking their eyes all the time…

    1. Mica

      i’m jobless 😀

    2. Scooby

      Hahaha thnk so much mica dr. I thought ur kid bt ur grown up girl ah.. next tum wil give bedroom romance ok wah!!!

  15. OMG navi, sanlak dance… ha ha ha??? it too hilarious… u made me laugh everytime… thank you so much dear… you know saree ke falls song is my 2yr nephew favourite song… he ll try do knee steps like shahid, pakka comedy eh irukkum… just now my lil sis, nephews, niece and me sends all elders out and danced for this song, lungi dance hawa hawa tamil kuthu song… na avangaluku DJ… he he he… 😀 😀 its such an cute epi… swasan are started to feel… U tempted me adding all my favourite ice-creams… yummyy…. now I’m gonna to eat kulfi…????bye bye … good night ..??

    1. Scooby

      Aww thnk u so much my dr. And my nive is DJ thn sure u ,anu and me shud party one day. I miss anu dr. Thn ur nephew is awesome cute love him nd shud meet him once.. thn for me kulfi. In my colge nanagalum hawa hawa ku epodhum aduvom. Secnd tum msg type panuren icnt tolerate this jealousy ti

    2. Scooby

      Thn tc dr love u ;-* ;-*

  16. hey wt r da qulifications?
    in last chappy i ddnt rply 4 it cz i cdnt understand wt ws dat? cn u plz gv me da demo? then i cn gv u dat.

    1. Scooby

      Im asking you abt ur studies. School or college or job chanu.

      1. Hee hee
        oh is dat so!!??
        Sry cdnt understand.
        Im lil crack.. 😉 😉
        i complete my school..
        im doing my a/l exams 2 select 2 da university. My exams r held in nxt yr..
        I wanna be doc.. hey dnt feel bad 4 my future patients. 😉 😉 😛
        Im nt an indian.
        wt else u wonna knw??
        😉 😉

        Keep writing dr
        waiting 4 ur nxt epi plz upload it asap
        be happy always.

  17. Mumpi

    awesome… i love sanskar’s caring side.. nd dance party is so hilarious..

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u mumpi 😀

  18. Abirsha

    Awesome navi…. Fabulous…. U know what al the tamil songs were very apt and i loved it…. Mala mala sema…. Sanlak nighty potukitu thunda thola potukitu sema…. Enjoyed to the core navi

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much shan dr 😀

  19. madam…

  20. It was amazing Di…I was laughing like a hell…Next part???

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