hellooo buddiesssss, THANK YOU so much for your lovely comments in last chapie.. I’m overwhelmed by your cute response… and I forgot to add mica and uma name in first chapie sorry guys… so no offence..

this chapie is for u all who read part 1, so relish it….

It was around 9.30 am and some one was knocking the door swara beta, sanskar kumbhakarana get up its getting let and swara you should perform your ritual please come down soon… like this suji was chanting mantra for 10 minutes and swara slowly opened her eyes and on hearing the sound. Swara was shocked to the see the time and she found sanskar sleeping next to her. She yelled yes mom I will be down in few minutes. Swara got up, took bath quickly and made herself presentable and was ready to leave the room and she found sanskar sleeping peacefully. She gave wide smile and placed a clock next to his ears by setting alarm and swara ran down. Alarm started ringing and with sudden jerk sanskar sat on his bed and he felt like atom bomb exploded next to him. He was sitting silently and recollecting what happened and came to conclusion that alarm was kept by DEVIL(swara).

Soon sanskar got refreshed and came down to have breakfast, he saw all were busy in prayers and sat ready for having his breakfast. Swara was signing bhajan songs and sanskar was mesimerized in her voice but to disturb her he switched on tv and played abhi toh party shuru hui hai song loudly.

Suji got angry and scowled at his act and swara was sticking out her tongue and laughing at him. This side suji,rp and swara were talking something. Sanskar got angry and he saw the dishes on the table, and found kesari/halwa and came to conclusion sure this devil would have prepared this and he added salt to the food and left the table fast before anyone could see him.

Trio gathered for breakfast and sanksar was missing, soon swara served the sweet prepared by her and suji was yelling sanskar kumbhakarana went to sleep again ah?? Come down for breakfast.

Sanskar was happy becz swara was going to get flop on first day itself, and he approached the table and said yeah sujatha can’t you shut your mouth??? Suji squeezed his ears, from when you started calling me by my name??? ahhhhhh mom leave its paining I just gave a try and sanskar gave a wide smile to swara. Swara was shocked by his action and thinking why is he laughing?????? Here suji asked swara to serve him breakfast and she too did and he was asking her to keep keasri/halwa and she kept that on his plate. Soon he took a bite and fed it to suji and rp and both spit out and shouted yuck and sanskar gave winning smile to swara and she was confused. Sanskar soon replied see what your favorite bahu has done?? Its disgusting right??? Come let send your bahu to her house and let she learn cooking and I will be happy and free here…..
Trio stared at sanskar and he gestured what????? Ram soon replied then we should send your mom only to her house, becz my bahu rani prepared ladooo today.. aww it was finger licking good yummy, it was round, garnished with few cashew and cardamom and ghee was melting me to have more and more. It slipped into my throat like silk….
Sanskar was shocked and he holded fist in angry and glared at swara….

sujatha started arey sanskar after your wife arrival, your teasing your mom food na, hate you and she started her drama like crying.. sanskar composed himself and sighed hey mom just stop your drama I will kill you instead of her then.
Suji – whom your planning to kill sanskar??
Sanskar – did I tell like that? then you might have heard it wrong.
Swara- just nodded her vigorously and left the place.
Sanskar – went for work. I will make you suffer tonite swara(monologue)
Swara – went to her room unpacked her bags and placed her things in cupboard ,Soon she adorned the room according to her wish and left for helping suji.

Evening – swara went to her house had few talks with her mom and dad and she asked when will rags come ma, she did not even attend my marriage and not picking my call and she is speaking to you alone secretly. This time I won’t leave her ,when she shows up. It was getting late, she bid bye to her parents and left to her in-law house.

Trio had dinner and suji said sanskar will always be late from office so better you sleep dr. she said ok mom and all slept.

It was around 10 pm sanskar came through window sill and sneaked into his room like cat. While entering he pushed the vase and it got broken. On hearing the sound swara got up and she was searching where the sound came??? Sanskar being clever he slept flat on floor so in dark he could not be seen. Swara took few steps and gave glance to entire room once and slept again.

Sanskar now crawled and reached near dressing table, covered himself with black stole and took a pocket knife went near swara and woke her. swara got irritated and she turned to other side of bed and slept again. Sanskar this time shook her, swara was afraid and opened her mouth to shout, soon sanskar threatened her with knife not to create a scene, swara was gulping in fear and she was sweating profusely. Sanskar was enjoying ,watching her fearful face and he asked her what did you do in morning??teased me right?? Now swara came to know , it was sanskar, she smiled herself and immediately she hugged the thief, will you save me from my husband, he is stupid, idiot, donkey, buffalo and gave all names. This was enough for sanskar he pushed her down and rolled over her, do I look like monkey, donkey, buffalo??? Do you know what they will do??? He came close to her face, soon he was mesmerized to see her beautiful almond shaped eyes and here swara was affected by his closeness. This was the first time she felt butterflies in her stomach, soon she took this as chance and pushed sanskar and started beating him, thief……….

Sanskar came to sense and closed her mouth, swara its me shut up devil. mom might come here any minute hearing your screech voice. Swara bite his hands and yelled, hello mister get off from me and sanskar I knew you’re the thief so wait and watch me tomorrow and she wished him good night and slept on bed. Soon sanskar changed his dress and cursed himself, as his plan got flop and slept on couch.

Tadda…….. so how was this chapie friends???

Whom did you like swara or sanksar???

And if you want hate scenes like true fight, both hurting each other????? I can add but for that you should give me reply.

If you did not like this SS then do tell me, I will stop writing.

Thank you for reading……

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    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much anu 😀

  1. Arunika

    Loved it!!!

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much arunika 😉

  2. Nive

    NAVI dear kalakitiga dear superb epi.I laughed like hell.Thank for giving this ss.For my sister I am very” மகிழ்ச்சி”???

    1. Scooby

      Aww thnk u nive sisy… aprm unga ff nxt part post panunga… nanbenda 😀

  3. Mica

    Naviii!!!!! i hate you ! i got stomachache due unstop laughing !!!
    their fight omg.. really naughty Swara!
    i love both.. huhuhu, i love naughty Swara and pathetic Sanskar , the flop planner 😀 😀
    i want it.. but for next few episode, let me enjoy their silliness
    love it soooo very much Dear! ty for mention me…

    1. Scooby

      Mica u hate me 🙁 yup sure mica dr i wil entertain u all with this naughtiness..
      thnk u so much dr 😀
      and sanskar told he will join u for watching disney.. 😉

  4. Awesome….

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much anu rathore keep reading 😀

  5. Dont want to see true fights dr??????
    Part was amazing dr?????
    Swara,was awesome????????
    I really enjoyed last part ?????
    Wow dr….waiting fr next part?

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much madhu dr.. sure i will entertain u with loads of fun.. keep reading 😀

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u S keep reading 😀

  6. Arshaanya

    No hate scenes….
    M liking sanskar more hahahaha he was funny…
    Lkd d chappy

    1. Scooby

      Im glad u liked sanskar. I will convey him and thnk u so much dr 😀

  7. akka super romba comedya irruku i cant even control my laugh bu the i like sanky

    1. Scooby

      Romba sandhosama da.. and i will convey sanskar u liked his part.. keep reading mahi sisy 😀

  8. Soujanya


    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much souju dr 😀

  9. Kakali

    Stop ur meaningless talks which u wrote at last… huhhhh… never say like that…

    M laughing okkk… soo let me laugh … hahahahahh…. Sanskar u r soooo useless…*awwww*
    being a girl m proud of u Swara… carry on ur torture ..hihihihihi…
    N u too Navi carry on this kind of scenes… i really loved dat…n last but not d least i want their real fight ,, but not now .after some chappies….. let me enjoy… thnk u…

    1. Scooby

      Ok kakali im so hapie u loved swara nd her activities i wil convey her.. thn i will entertain with fun.. keep reading. Thnk u so much kakali dr 😀

  10. Vyshu10

    superb….love both swasan. Plz don’t show them hurting each other….continue showing cute fights only

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much vyshu 😀 and keep reading i will entertain u with fun. And convey swasan dat u liked thm 😉

  11. Rabia

    Awesome navii ?

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much rabi 😀

  12. Awesome dear ? lol

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much ani dr keep reading 😀

  13. Nice

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      thank u afra 😀

  14. Good going m enjoying

    1. Scooby

      Glad ur enjoying tani keep reading 😀

  15. Abirsha

    Navi no hate scenes….love swasan like this…..I like both swara and sanskar…..its very nice and don’t say we don’t like ur ss

  16. Scooby

    Thnk u so much shan dr 😀 and i wil convey them dat shan loves u both…

  17. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Don’t dare to say it boring, otherwise I am gonna…. Hmmm… Hmmm.Let me think.
    Yeah got it??, I am not gonna talk with you???.
    About chappy, stupendous.I loved the swara most,she is cho cute???.
    Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Sorry for the late comment dear actually I was busy??.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Scooby

      Thnk u so much uma dr 😀 and yup i will continue my work thn convey u liked swara too.. keep reading bye


    Ha ha ha… lol, swasan are too funny… I’m laughing like hell, salt halwa, he he he… ram answer for sanskar then we should send your mom… poor suji… sanskar entering like thief and getting caught… idhula highlight eh apdiya avan tharaila paduthadhu… always his plan getting flop… clever swara, poor sanskar… I love both of them… epi was sweet like swara laddoo… dont dare to stop this one… purinchudha…

    1. Scooby

      thnk u so much nive dr <3 <3 wt to do i too pity for sanski the flopper 🙂 🙂

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