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swasan grand reception held at maheswari house …
suji – arrey bhaiya keep that flower there..
ram – kaka see the lights, check them.
shomi – swara get ready fast, guests might be arriving soon.
shekar – sanskar beta enough of sleeping, get ready..
suji and rp – sanskar kumbhakarna at least today get up soon.
sans – my ears are paining ,I will be down at 10.30 sharp.
10.30 am, guests started arriving swasan descended the stairs with graceful walk and smile on their face.
swasan were waiting for their lovely readers , slowly every one showed up…
All were present, but they were waiting for important person..
Readers – whom are you waiting????
Swasan – she is our spl.guest.
Readers – Who she might be??? (Thinking deeply)
Swasan – there she is !!!!!!!
Readers – were shocked..
swasan – welcome navi…
Navi – gave warm smile to all..(what to do self praise, don’t scold me friends)
so, for what we are waiting, let’s start the party…
shan , choco, maha, yaz, mirna along with swara were dancing for darling dambakku …..darling dambakku….. darling dambaku…. kuda..kuda..kuda…..
They were dancing and teasing sanskar…

Another side kakali, mica, simin, uma, chanu, rabi along with sanskar were dancing for adhaaru adhaaru … udhaaru udhaaru kattadha udhaaru… elamea enimea naaladhan nadakum, pataasu summavey koluthama vedikama….
So like this all were dancing…….

Next they planned to play game,
They had long rope, and divided into groups..
Swara team – febi, mariyajap,anu,s,prakirti and Sammy.
Sanskar team – anninya,vb, shreeyu,vyshu,soujanya and riyanjali.
Both the teams were ready for playing the game..
Swara team on one side of rope and sanskar team on other side of rope and they started pulling the rope each side… come draggg…. this side …. no this side… like this they were struggling and finally Sanskar team won…
But Sanskar cheated the game – he gave wink and flying kiss in between and our sweeetu swara got shy and she left the rope….
Swara – sanskar this in not fair..
Sans – everything is fair in love and war devil..
Swara – oh is it??
Sans – yup….
swara – picked the chair and started hitting sanskar with it…
sans – someone save me….

Now all started supporting swara and sanskar was sad since no one helped him..
sanskar – he heard corus voice we will help u .. he turned back and saw his friends khushboo,krystle,lakshmi,sana nehal,sahana,moumita, anu and tanya. thank god you arrived at right time, save me from this devil.
friends – haa , friend in need friend in deed….. they were moving towards swara with angry face…
sans – see my army…
swara – is it?? next minute his friends gang hugged swara and joined her team….
sans – ahhh poor meee… all are betrayers….

sanskar got plan ,he picked all the gulabu jamuns, ice – cream and other savories
kept on the table and started throwing them on swara..
Swara and her friends did same with sanskar…
After 1 hour of war, parents arrived and shocked to see the scenario…
They shouted sanskar…. swara………
Entire hall was standing like satue…..
Parents scolded them and as a punishment they were commanded to clean the entire hall…
Poor friends ( readers), swara and sankar cleaned the house .
It was tiring day reader friends bid them bye and wished them happy married life….

One person was sitting on the bed with nervousness and due to tension, that person was playing with fingers…
Another person entered the room like don and gave wide smile to the person sitting on the bed.
The Person sitting on bed was shy and moved towards the window ….
The don – went near the person who was standing near window, made the person look her face..
The person sitting on bed was sanskar and the girl who was behaving like don is swara :p
swara – hey thief, why are you blushing like a girl???
sans –bending his head down and was drawing patterns on the floor with his toe finger…(shy face)
swara – look my face she cupped his face..
sans – lowering his eyes down and gave small smile..
swara – she pulled him by collar left her hot breath on his face.
sans – devil im very new to this…
swara – am I going to class every day??
sans – with shock face..
swara – she was draw patterns on his face using pointing finger…
sans – hey devil enough of this drama and he pulled swara close to him by holding her waist tightly..
swara – sanskar leave me…
sans – why should I leave you??
swara – oi thief I will call mom..
Sans – is it?? call her…
Swara – maa… maaa…only action but no voice..
Sans – swara were has your vocal gone??
Swara – felt shy and hugged him tightly….
Sans – was happy as he got his love and gonna start his life afresh…( monologue)
Sans – I want to say you something swara .
Swara – tell..
Sans – I was praying to god daily that I should meet you once again in my life and lead a cheer filled life , like my hope I met you again… thank god, he heard my prayers and DESTINY MADE US FORTUNNATE by uniting us this time..
Swara – I LOVE U INFINITY SANKAR…… she gave a million dollar smile…
Sanskar slowly kept his forehead on hers and both were smiling like idiot…..

Their lips were so close that each other breathe fell on other lips…. both muttered I love you and it was their FIRST KISS….. :-* :-* :-* :-*
Ok ok… close your eyes now…. good night….. cover with sheets…..
Morning :
It was like other day, swasan started their fight and now suji and RP never came in between for support, because when they interfere, swasan join in one team and rag them..
swara and sankar remained as thief and devil forever and ever……

………………………………THE END……………………….

I would like to thank each person who was encouraging me from day 1 and silent reader’s tooo….
Here after I won’t disturb u……….
Take care….
Bye friends…..

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  2. nice ending..loved

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    Plz come back wid another swasan ff ……..

    1. Scooby

      no worries yaz if u want to convey me any msg u can tell them in nive ff.. na epodhum adhula suthitu irupen.. tc, nanum una miss panuven.. well….

      1. SNY

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  4. Simin

    Awesome blossom
    Hilarious sanskar shy swara don gosh

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  5. Rabia

    Wah wahh naviii ???? awesome u showed tug of war u known i remembered tug of war in our school between whole boys of school and whole girla of the school and im leading that war ???? and we wonnnn and i was laughing whilw pulling Ooo God it was really a fun and by writing this u gave a flashback of my school thankuuuu ??? awesome epi and awesome end ??

    1. Scooby

      Waahhh waahhhh don has been ganster in school days itself…
      thnk u so much rabi….. tc … 😀 :-* :-*

      1. Rabia

        Hehehehe thankuuu navii ??

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    amazing dear it was rly beautiful and decent…no words to describe

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    Theri baby….. Loved it…. Very nice…. Semaya iruku….. Superb…. Come back with another ff dr….. ?

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    hahhaha….hillarious ep…awesome. Yayy….our team won in tough of war….Shy sanky…ROFL. Difficult to imagine him drawing patterns with toe…haha. Come back soon with another ff plz

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      give me treat as u won the tough of war…. 😀 😀
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  11. Mica

    Naviiiiiii… self praising is rudeeee!!!1*beat Navi with wafer choco stick
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    and the don Swara..damn! you again fool me 😀 😀
    come back soon with other story.. love you

    1. Scooby

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    Superrrr ending dear….loved it… Thank you once again for adding me…Hehehe, I agree with mica,she is right??.. Micuuu, well said dear??..

    Now coming to you, I will miss you and your ff dear… Plz come back with another ff if possible… Till then take care, bye bye.. A tight hug for you..Love you loads..muaaah?????

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      hahhhaha uma dr 🙂 😀 :D…. i will miss u too… but no worries wanna contact me, u cn leave a comment in nive ff, i will roaming there.. she is my back up…
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    2. Mica

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      1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

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  14. Wow!!!!
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    dis is soo cute 1 dr!!
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    and their wed nyt!!! 😮
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