Part 12

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sans – was dragging swara to the door.
swara – bite’s his hand, hey thief leave my hand its paining.
sans – devil!!!!!! he pulled and threw her on bed, rolled over her and was watching her eyes deeply, tears were rolling down from his eyes and fell on swara face.
swara – was observing his face, tears were oozing out from her eyes too…
sans – I want divorce swara.
swara – her heart beat skipped a minute and she was feeling like someone pricked her with needle in her heart. what are you saying sanskar?? she slapped him hard on his face (friends don’t you think sanskar deserved the same slap in yesterday episode ?????)

sans – fell down on the other side of bed.
swara – tell me the reason why do you need divorce??
sans – I have thousand reasons.

swara – ok fine, she gave him slap again.
sans – thank you, tomorrow is my wedding do attend MS. swara.
swara – with pleasure Mr.sanskar.
swara left MM with cry on her face and suji was pleading her to stay.
suji and ram were interrogating sanskar , why is swara crying and reason behind leaving MM.
Sans – tomorrow, we have hearing for the divorce.
suji and rp – divorce from where that came from??
sans – don’t ask me questions, tomorrow were are going to court that’s it. Saying this sans ran to his room and locked the doors.

Gadodia house :
shomi and shekar –what happen swara ?? why are you crying?? did you meet sanskar?
swara – mom he asked me divorce and tomorrow is hearing.
Parents – what????
swara – yes papa, she left crying to her room.

Night : storm was on rage in every one heart.
Next day : maheswarai’s and gadodia’s were meeting face to face in court.
Parents assembled themselves in rows before law.
swasan were standing before law.

Judge: the case may proceed.
Attorney : these are the papers, my client has appealed for divorce.
judge : ok what about the opposite party??
Attorney 2 : my client is willing to give him divorce.
Judge: few question to you (swasan)
Question 1 :
Why do you want divorce?
Sans – I cannot live with this devil.
Judge: mr.sanskar you cannot address her devil, the court is warning you.
Sans – sorry lord, please give me judgment for divorce.
Swara – I too cannot live this thief.
Sans – oi hello is your speaker out ?? you cannot address me as thief.
Swara – but you called me as devil right!!!!!! tit for tat.
Like this swasan started their quarrel pulling their hairs, biting other and so on…
Judge: will you please stop the fight, he banged the hammer….
Entire room was silent.
Judge – the court is adjourned.
Swasan – noooooo we want divorce now itself.
Judge- no I cannot deal your case today.
Sans – lord, today I’m getting married before that I should divorce her.
Swara – what????
Parents- were hell shocked along with judge.

swara – was staring sanskar.
judge – was thinking deeply and he summoned them divorce. Now swasan were declared as divorcee.
Outside court room: parents were yelling sanskar for his decision and cursing the girl who spellbinds their son.
maheswarai’s – I cannot accept a road side girl as my daughter.
gadodia- ha I can’t accept a monkey for my son.

swasan were listening to their talks quietly.
Judge- Emerged out from his court room.
Swara – you should attend my marriage.
Sans – nooo… judge uncle you should attend my wedding.
Swara – uncle ahh?? how young he is and your addressing him as uncle??? your looking handsome young , so you should attend my wedding( judge age is 59)
Sans – she is fooling you sir.

Swara – I swear, I’m talking true, my marriage is happening at qwerty register office. It will be great pleasure if you attend them. you’r blessing is most needed.
Sans –don’t fall in the pit sir, please attend my marriage it is happening at same office.
Both were pulling judge’s hand on each side, he was like puppet between them.
Swara – left judge hand with jerk, ok sir you come with that thief, since I’m the bride I should do make up, so bye.
Sans – hello I’m not jobless to take him, sir I’m groom I need to get ready so come by your car. I’m leaving bye.
Judge, maheswari’s and gadodia’s were standing like statue watching them. Later left to qwerty register office.

Sans was ready in groom costume and waiting for his bride.
Another side all was eager to see the bride.
There she was, showing her back and waiting for the groom. She slowly turned with nervousness and started searching for him.
suji,RP,shekar,shomi, swara – with terrible shock ragini !!!!!!!!
suji,Rp, shomi and shekar – were shooting their questions to ragini and she was standing quite and her reply was she would tell them later and she was biting her nails with anxious face.
Parents – ragini for whom your waiting, please don’t give us heart attack. All were engrossed in ragini wedding and forgot about sanskar.

Another side same room:
swasan were joyfully signing in the register note as legal hubby and wife. They were pulling each other nose and playing( no one notice this).
Witness people for swasan marriage were yaz, maha, kakali, rabi, shan, choco, shreeyu,vyshu,soujanya,chanu and anu . They were teasing swasan for their remarriage plan.
Another side(parents) – ragini were is the groom we want to meet him.
rags –there he is ……. she pointed at the door.
Parents – what are you gonna marry lucky???
Rags – yes!!!! (100 watts bulb on her face)
Parents – then where is this sanskar? swara also missing……

They turned and got the world biggest shock along with judge.
Judge being old man fell unconscious, after 10 minutes he woke up.
swasan were busy in romancing and it was disturbed by their parents.
swasan – elders don’t you have manners, disturbing youngsters.
Parents – don’t you have manners, romancing in public?? what’s the need of marriage again and divorce drama??
swasan – actually our life was moving smoothly, we needed some kick so it was our plan to do remarriage.
parents – kick ah!!!!
suji and shomi wait we will give kick, they started kicking swasan..
swasan – enough, but ragini!!!!!!
Another shock – raglak got married, had big eye lock forgetting the world.
swasan – ahem ahem!!!!!
raglak – were blushing.
swasan – what the need for this?? we would have helped you right.
raglak – we needed running, chasing, thrill filled marriage. In our case it was far, so went in for secret marriage but you spoiled them.
Ok who is your witness??
My darling friends – mica,prakirti,maraiyapja,sammykapoor,uma,S,simin,mirna,tani ,seema,balaji and shrinjal .
swasan thank you friends, pleasure meeting you all…

Judge – for your kick you spoiled my time (angry face).
swasan – sir please bless us!!!!!
Judge – I will turn mad, he left running to his car and bid bye to all…..
Next minute raglak were missing….

raglak screamed from their car, happy married life swasan…….. meet you soon…
swasan – happy married life raglak, meet yousoon……
Parents gave them cunning look and left to their house.

Note from SWASAN – we cordially invite you for our reception; your presence is glory to our love story…

so how was the chapiie??? I needed some kick in our story so made them………..
If I have left anyone name pardon me and silent readers too….( witness case)

Until now whom did you like swara or sanskar or swasan?? reply must..

AUTHOR’S NOTE : choco,anu,rabi,shan,kakali,sheeryu, smirti and telepathy sorry for not commenting in ur chapies im having problem so I will b back soon….

rabi – masha allah ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE rabi !!!!! TAKE CARE…..

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    navi dr innum padikala… just login and saw ur ff title… I think I msd prev chappie so bad of me… sorry… na padichitu vandhudrean bye…


      ha ha ha… lol for kick they did divorce… navi ???? while reading previous chappy I found Ragini is bride for lucky…?? epi- romba arumaia eh irundhuchu da kanna (kala style) ?? sorry navi previous chappy ipo tha patha 🙁 🙁 orea busy (vadivel style ) ?? …

      na inum en ff update eh panla… he he he… enachu thala anything serious…

    2. Scooby

      thnk so much choco… aprm nandrigal pala.. 😀

  2. Abirsha

    Awesome navi….. Loved it….. I expected this….. Superb dr…. Ya in yesterday episode sanskar deserved a slap…. He is well known for his love for swara…. How can he doubt her and say like that…. Ok i stop this otherwise this one will become a war area….. ?I liked both swasan but swara more as she is soooo childish….. ?

    1. Scooby

      1. true life partner ff super ah iruku… kalalkunga… ji
      2. destiny mends it way – i think lke u said its neil and subi… who kidnapped ashwant,, and lovely story shan..
      thnk u so much shan 😀

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Swasannnnn,theyyy areee justtttt impossibleeeee…huhhh, but love them???… Awww, thank you soo muchhh dear for inviting me in your ff…??……Chappy is stupendous…. Keep writing like this..waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling???

    1. Scooby

      thnk u so much uma 😀

  4. Excellent

    1. Scooby

      thnk u so much febi 😀

  5. Kakali

    Thank u Navi for d Kicky Chappy… now

    2 minutes silence,,,

    5 minutes leap,,,


    1. Scooby

      kali i would read ur chappies somehow but i wont be able to comment… so i read 9, 10, 11 chapies… i love sanskar and his care then swara too her antics ws cute and felt bad for her past her papa words.. thn jealousy was in air loved it so much.. but again im sad becz teaser part gonna come… keep writing i love ur shots…
      thnk u so much kakali… 😀

      1. Kakali

        Waaa!! no worry Navi… u read na that’s enough for me….. okkkk !!!!
        soo take a chill pill… ;-*

    1. Scooby

      thank u SO MUCH anu… 😀

  6. Riyanjali

    Beautiful dear and i love swara

    1. Scooby

      thank u so much riya, glad u liked swara 😀

      1. Riyanjali

        how old r u dear?

  7. maha thangachi missed ur name in authors note… sorry… mannichudu…

  8. Shreeyu

    Haha Navi I was sure that u r going to do something hilarious like this only… And u didn’t commented it doesn’t matter don’t ask for forgiveness hehe…. And true yesterday Sanskar needed a slap from Swara n a punch from nikhil isn’t it …. Well I don’t like swasan of ur ff but I love them …. Funny people haha

    1. Scooby

      aww u love swasan… thnk u so much shree.. 😀

  9. Huhhuhuhuhuh….!!!
    My swasan r rly a dramebazz ho…
    omg !!! Dis 2 naa… impossible. Hee heee.whaa waaaa ms.navi!! Wt a kick..
    I ws soo worried in last chappy… bt bt bt after 1st line f dis epi I ddnt worry. Cz I also thought dat they gonna do like dis.. heee heee..
    yipee i witness my swasan mrg.. 😀 see hw hpy I am…
    im dancing my happy dance. Jingalala jingalala…
    Congo my dr..
    obviously im eagerly waiting 4 my swasans reception!!!
    Sooo plz upload nxt part asap…

    And abt ur quiz…
    ummmm let me think… ummmmm….
    I lv swara , sanskar & **SWASAN**. I lv my sanky drl lil bit more… 😉 😉

    Keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Scooby

      i always admire ur comments.. jingalallalal…
      thnk u so much chanu.. tc 😀

  10. SNY

    I was smilling lyk an idiot while reading ur epi……

    unmaiya ennala nambave mudiyala kalakitinga akka…..

    Aprm naa swasan mrg la u made me speechless wowwwww thank u sooooo much sis…….

    Nxt one soon and keep rocking …….

    1. SNY

      Thnzzzz akka including me in ur ff….

    2. Scooby

      thank u so much yaz… 😀

  11. Soujanya


    1. Scooby

      thank u so much soujanya 😀

  12. Anniya

    Awsm part..
    Previously I used to read this story on fb, only today I had found it on telly. It’s really awsm story, love each and every part.
    Glad I had read previous and today part together or else I can’t able to imagine my condition due to shocks..
    Really swasan are so naughty…
    Sry for blabbering this much, again saying totally superb story

    1. Scooby

      omg cha u missed the thrill but u got to knw the story so u wud have been happy.. thnk u so much 😀

    2. Scooby

      omg cha u missed the thrill but u got to knw the story so u wud have been very happy.. thnk u so much 😀

  13. Simin

    What was that
    First i was shocked with the divorce thing
    I was surprised the way they got divorced and fighting for judge
    Super happy with their marriage
    Seriously swasan are un believable they needed kick huhhh i will kick u navi

    1. Scooby

      no…. dont kick me simin…. im poor girl.. dont you have pity on me????
      thnk u so much for ur lovly comment simin 😀

  14. Rabia

    thankuuuuu sooooo much navii for your wishes 😉 and thankuu for including mee 😉 thankss alot dear 🙂

    1. Scooby

      LADY DON, gonna miss u and ur twist… come bck soon….
      and mr,arrogant and cute lil pink kitten was tremendous ts and u all made like this ff also.. loved it…
      tc rabi…. 😀

      1. Rabia

        hehehehe thankuuu sooo muchh i will be backk 😉 :*

  15. It was so funny. But loved it. Cute swasan . Divorce and marriage hehe. Kick ?

    1. Scooby

      thank u so much vb 😀

    1. Scooby

      thank u so much S 😀

  16. Vyshu10

    Hahaha…..awesome. Got kick from d ep….thank u so much for making me witness for swasan…love them both

    1. Scooby

      thnk u so much vyshu…. 😀 GLAD U LIKED HIS CHAPIE……

  17. Mica

    Naviii… are you crazyyyy… aarrghhh you gave me a kick a long with Swasan you know!
    and how can you make me being raglak witness..huhuhuhuhu,,,,
    slaapp ? no way, better they get romance,,,:3 :3 :3
    i love Swasan, but somehow Swara mostly become winner 😀

    1. Scooby

      Mica ji… come..,i was waiting for u… so hw ws ny kick???
      thnk u so much…. 😀
      for u double bonus b4 u met swasan now raglak.. u like laksh right.. so nly.. heheheh 😀

  18. Mirna

    Ada pavi vada pocaheeeeeeeeeeeee 😛 Unga podaithu nanga uruka that will be the best suited for Sujatha and Ram

    1. Scooby

      Unga podaithu nanga uruka – indha line naanum mrng la irundhu soli parkuren…. but puriyala.. ipadhn purujuchu.. hahahhhahahahahha…..
      mirna ur epi ws awesome.. its so thrilling….. post nxt part soon..
      thnk u so much 😀

  19. Sammykapoor

    super dear….first shok…tension…surprise…kick

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much sammy 😀

  20. Shrinjal

    Thank u for including me! 🙂
    Seriously I was shocked with divorce.. But then…relived!!!!
    Thats really awesome..<3 amazing dear

  21. Super awesome

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