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Recap – sanskar realized he is in love with swara and their meeting in lake view park.

sans – was wearing white t-shirt , dark blue blazer and cream color denim looking like Greek god, had bunch of red roses adding essence to his love and moving towards swara who was gazing him like small kid looking at chocolate.
swara – omg…. he is walking towards me, what is he gonna say???? I’m excited…
swasan was facing each other, they were continuously laughing since they were out of words.
swara to tease him, what do you want MR….???
sans – ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM BLAST………………………[email protected]#$%%%^^^^&&&*(()))
Emergency 108 is picking injured peoples in the park almost 15 were dead, a child was found crying searching for her parents, many were lying unconscious and within minutes media arrived and they started their job. All the channels were focusing on bomb blast in lake view park, their only way to rise their TRP but there was a man lying with so many injuries, all he remembered was his cute bubbly devil face, he was try his best to move his legs and search for her, all went in vain. His body refused to move an inch, he was cursing himself for this situation. He closed his eyes all he could hear was sounds of mourn and emergency siren.
A day passed.
sans pov :
I was lying on the bed and with so much difficulty opened my eyes and my brain slowly made me to remember the catastrophe, I was trying to get up and search for swara, but was not able move, the accident has covered me with layer of injuries I was not able to sense the pain. pov ends…….
suji – sanskar she was muttering and crying her heart out…
ram- was crying along with suji and he had no words to explain or have courage to tell him that swara was no more.
sans- mom get me out, I want to meet swara!!!! where is she??? please let me see her face once mom.
suji and ram – were silent.
sans – please take me to swara ward mom.
suji – beta, we searched for swara but we could not find her(crying vigorously , telling this she ran out of the room)
ram – too ran after sujitha to console her.
sans – was in utter shock he forgot to breathe. He was struggling to accept the fact that his devil was no more.
suddenly his PQRSV waves were becoming abnormal, his pulse machine gave alarm bell . suji, RP, doctors entered his room with hurry. suji and ram were sent out and they were watching their son struggling to breath. Tears rolled down their eyes and prayers were their only hope.
Suji and ram situation: they were already broken ,hardly accepting the fact that their daughter swara is no more and now they were not able to bear the pain their son is going through. sujatha was lifeless and tear gland was not secreting tears any more.. all they could was pray and ask god to return back his son safely to them.
Doctor – he is in critical condition, please don’t give him any shocks, it’s possible for brain dead.
suji and ram were shocked to hear this and suji fell unconscious. After few hours she gained her sense.
sumi and shekar were crying and their world seemed to be dark. They were not able to digest the fact, their daughter was no more.
Common person pov :
world’s biggest tragedy is losing their child and living as corpse. How much ever we try consoling them , it’s just a waste of time, our talks can never heal their wounds. The only way is to accept the fact and move on . This was sumi and shekar condition. They were not able to get their daughter carcass, in that disaster. This was deadliest thing a parent would have never expected.
pov ends…..
Months passed, sans was recovering from his past, but sometimes he could get glimpse about the tragic incident. his proposal day became black day for him..
months have passed now it’s gonna turn a year, lucky and ragini were spending their time in gadodia and maheswari house as moral support. Each person in the family was moral support for other. Nook and corner of MM , GM had memories of swara. All they could was hardly accepting truth that swara was no more and tears were only their answer from god. Each day for them was walking over needle and ended motionless.
One year passed, sans turned normal, he was trying his best to find his devil, he had great hope she would return to him one day. It has become his routine to share his pain to his room, he felt relieved when he spoke his heart out in his room. He believed that swara is with him and hearing his talks and one day she would reach him back..
“Life is too ironic to fully understand.
It takes sadness to know what happiness is.
And absence to value the presence”

still his mission was on finding swara…..
Two years passed, now sans is not only son for maheswarari’s he was loyal son to gadodia’s too. In between his busy life he would spend time for sumi and shekar. They accepted the fact that their swara was no more and started living for their son, sanskar happiness.
One fine day, sans was crossing temple in his car but his heart was indicating something . so he stopped his car and left to the temple. He was on other side of road and he was shocked to see a girl.
yup it was his swara, playing with a small kid and a man was calling her, she turned back to reply him.
sans was heartbroken to see her swara with a kid and a man. He just turned and sat in his car and left to MM. He rushed to his room, he fell on the floor in knees, why god?? Why are you punishing me???
After long three years I’m meeting her but you gave me thunder shock, she is having a kid. Is she my devil or look alike??? but the man called her swara, maybe she moved on.. Its ok god still now I was living with my hope she may return, but now I saw her living happy. This is enough for me god. I will live in her dreams. I married her due to family pressure, but later I realized my love for her but that time fate separated us. I was longing to see her again, this time too destiny played in my life. THANK YOU so much god for showing mercy on me, he was laughing in pain(worst state of human). He slept on the floor crying.
gadaodia house:
ma…. papa….. were are you ???? swara came running to her house and gave them terrible shock and happiness. They were not able to believe their eyes, their swara is alive. Trio hugged and spent beautiful family time.
shomi was trying to make a call to MM and sanskar, but swara pulled the phone and told her that she would give them shocking entry tomorrow. Their happiness returned back so, shomi and shekar obeyed swara’s words.
somi & shekar – swara how come you are here?? where have you been past three years??
swara – ma due to the blast effect I was thrown to corner in the park, I was lying semi- conscious. After that I found myself in a hut. A grand ma was taking care of me these three years and she helped me to move into city again. she is a loving grand ma, as she knows ayurvedic treatment she took care of me and helped me in gaining my strength back. we should meet her once mom. Trio had their family time, this was the day somi and shekar slept whole heartedly and swara was thinking about sans and she was not able to sleep. she was drowned in sanskar memories…
Next day:
swara came to MM; all were shocked looking her alive and suji hugged her tightly and cried in her shoulders. RAM blessed her and sent her to sanskar room.
sans – was crying holding his pillow and lying on the bed.
swara – sanskar with so much pain and love…… she called his name.
sans – was shivering by her voice.
swara – lied next to him and gave bone crushing hug, kissed his face with so much love.
sans – tears were rolling down his eyes and he refused to respond her.
swara – sans I missed you so much( crying face)
sans – pushed her from him and said her to leave his house.
swara – was shocked and asked him what happen??
sans – enough swara!!! you may leave.
swara – was trying hard to explain him.
sans – dragged her near the door.

PRECAP – sanskar asking swara for divorce. sanskar getting married and the girl is ????
swara , suji , shomi are shocked to see – bride and they muttered ragini?????????

tadda…. how was the chapiee?????
so how was your diwali friends???

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  1. Simin

    What a dhamaka
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    1. Scooby

      thank u so much simin..: 🙂 yup sans is dumbo…

  2. Mica

    huh! in serial there is finding Laksh mission, here finding Swara mission, thank gods it’s short *is it ? 3 years vs 6 month
    precappppppppp ????????

    1. Scooby

      yup mica… thnk u so much 😀

  3. Abirsha

    Awesome navi….. Sema shock….. Next episode a sekiram update paniru

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    1. Scooby

      HAHHAAH sorry maha thangachi….. keep reading,,, 😀

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hello Mr. Bullet Train, at least listen to her, idiot,stupid, huhhh??…And you, you gave me a shock in chappy but in precap also… Now what is gonna happen*biting my nails….keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Scooby

      cool… u have to bear next part the biggest shock… tc thank u so much 😀

  6. omg!
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    r u tyng 2 kill me!
    huhuuhu. poor me.

    wt hpn 2 my sanky!
    hey my sanku plz lisn 2 ur swara!
    i want my bubbly swasan and their cute mmnts. :'(

    precap is soo scary!
    plz i hope all dis cld be a dream.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Scooby

      chanu then prepare urself for next part…
      thnk u so much 😀

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    Why r u so keen to give us heart attack. Awesome chappy.

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    What a twist Dr…. First shock of this ff which turned to b a epic one…. Update next soon …. Awesome one

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      I cant assure u seema… thnk u so much 😀

  13. OMG Di..I am shocked..Really what a episode. Precap is damn scary Di…Sanskar os really mad in Seriel also and here also…Please god give some brain to my Sanskar…

    1. Scooby

      YUP DUMBO SANSKAR… thank u so much siso 😀

  14. Kakali

    Im standing with broom pimpom ball hunter wooden stick 1000 wala cracker one rocket two atom bombs 4 flower pots 1 bundle color match sticks thn finally 60 shot cracker flower bomb.. ready steady 1 2 3 ….Dishoom dumnil…all are on NAVI’S head both happy diwali and planned to kill u due to this chappy n precap… huhhhh !!*copying ur murder method..
    now experience this… it’s damn testy..
    Thnk u…

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      1. Kakali

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      thnk u so much 😀

  17. SNY

    precap pakkum pothu mirna sis sonnathu sari dhan …..
    And sry sis late cmnd pannurathuku sryyyyyy…
    Neenga swasan pirikka matinganu theriyum …..
    Nxt one soon

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