Hi my dear lovelies iam sooooooooooooooo sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for being late but wat to I was hell busy in my studies because this is my final yr of my bachelor degree so I need to hard work to get through the exams with gud percentage so that I can get my degree certificate with a gud percentage.
And today iam back not with my Episode but with promos for future episodes.
Pls note
Enough of my buk buk
scene 1
boy 1:(sitting on his knees in front of a girl with rose in his hand) i love you ❤❤❤will u marry me
girl1: with a smile takes that rose from him and says i love you too nd he hugs her for which she reciprocates .
after few months
same girl and boy
boy 1 ( with full anger ) : u blo*dy b***ch u ditched me ,u loved me because of my money
girl1( pretends to cry): no i didn’t do anything really i love you soooooooooooo much plz believe
boy1: just shut up don’t you dare to speak further u don’t have that right u lost everything my love ,my trust everything nd leaves from der angrily

scene 2
girl 2 : wer u r taking me plzzz tell
boy 1: plzzz be patience nd he removes his hands which was covering her eyes
girl gets teary eyed by looking at the person nd she hugs the person
girl 2 (crying): where were u these many days ..y u left me .do u know how much i missed u she says all this by hitting the guy in front of her (playfully)
boy 2: sry baby i went to states for some work nd i didn’t get ur no to call u plzzzz iam sry plzzzz forgive
this was witnessed by boy 1

scene 3
boy 1 (angrily) : i told you not to go for party but u didn’t listen to my words na i did so much for u didn’t u get one thing in ur mind that y he is telling ….no u will not listen to anyone u think that u r superior nd y to listen to others right
girl 2( crying ) : not like that plzzzz listen to me
boy 1 : its enough i can’t take it any more just get lost from here ( shouts at her)
she runs into her room and bangs the door
girl is crying hugging her legs and she takes knife and she is staring at knife and her hand with tears in her eyes
outside the room boy is roaming in the corridor thinking something

so guys these are promos for upcoming episodes
so keep thinking wat will happen next
i know u will not miss my ff nd me
but guys don’t forget me plzzzzz
plzzz drop ur comments
whether i want to continue or not
if u have any confusions do tell me i will clear them
bye guys
take care
love yoy all


Note-I’m posting on behalf of nishu diiiii

I’m sooo siooo siooo siooo sryyyy diiii I’m so stupid na I forgot post I’m really so sry
I know u hate to listen sry frm me
But Maine kaam kiya hi aisa I’m really so sry
Guys plsss don’t be angry wid diii
Ita all my fault I’m so sry

Plsssssssssssss bohat Sara saraaa comment Dena mere di le liye
Sry for posting late
Love u keep smiling gguys

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  1. Presha

    Hey di nd ramya..
    Its awesome promo..
    Just loved it..
    Too good..
    I will miss ur ff.
    Plz be back soon..
    Love u

  2. Mia12

    Areeh bapreh Nishu Akka or Ramu Jantus ne in dono ko tq ya sry bolne jao to mirchi ki tarah lal ho jati hai ab in dono nehi sry ka pahar chara dia,,????….now this Omgggggg Akka what a promo’s,,?????..Kitna shocking tha bapreh,,??..but was Amazing,,?????..Ufff kon hai ye Boy and Girl yarr,,??..Are akka mera to ab curiosity high level par char gaya hai,,????..Uffff 2 months ke bad ye epi parhne ko milega muje,,???..But koi na mai apki ff ke liye wait karungi akka,,??..Jaldhi ana ok Akka,,??
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤..

  3. Baby

    ohhhh god nishuu dii……..♥
    amazing marvelleous loved it…….♥
    all d vry best for ur exams……♥
    promos were scary cant wait…..♥
    lods of love………..♥♥♥♥

  4. SidMin23

    Superb suspenseful promo I think it Alisha kunj and other one of uv and twinkle just a guess all the best for your exam hope u pass and if possible do post soon.

  5. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Interesting promo nishu di?…
    Waiting for epi
    Post soon di…
    Love you ???

  6. Ramya

    Akka awesome amazing Superb yaar
    Mai bolu
    Boy-1;is kunj n girl-1 may be his fake gf
    Boy-2is uv n girl-2 is twinkle
    Am I right
    Mujhe aisa lagaa
    I’m so excited akka
    Fastly complete ur exams n do post soon
    N I’m relly so sry for posting late
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Twinj

    Hey nisha dii,
    That was just so awesome amazing yaaar…the storyline seems super….really yaar who r the characters….biy n girl just wanna know who they are very soon hope g2 doesn’t commit sucide… soon n we won’t forget u…how can we forget such an awesome writer…..awwwww so sweet of u ramya to post it on the behalf of nisha diii….love ya both

  8. Sohi

    Interesting promos
    I will wait for you dear

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