Hi my dear lovelies ,how r u all iam sooooooooooooooo sry for being late but wat to do I was busy in my studies nd projects and all so I couldn’t find time to write, to compensate this iam giving long episode for u all and thank you soooo much for ur lovely comment and also sry I couldn’t reply personally for ur comments.
Let’s start with the episode with smile ????

Recap:kunj to save twinkle and some Twinj’s funny talks
Episode 6:
Twinkle: I think u can’t sleep without taunting others right
Kunj: Iam not taunting but iam telling truth.BTW being a girl don’t u know how to cook .
T:I didn’t come here as maid for u ok so don’t expect such type of things from me OK…
K:phir ghar ka kaam koun karega ????
T: I don’t know iam least bothered

K: omg wat a girl u r OK I am also least bothered abt u den now u can go in ur way nd leave my flat nd go wherever u want I can’t afford u wat u want ..(with anger)
T: No how can I live alone in this city that to I don’t know anyone here
K: u shud think that before speaking…
Twinkle thinks for a while and smirks..and says
T: so u want me to go from here right

K: yes ..
T: OK I will go den wat u will say for lawyer ha if we want divorce we have to stay together for 6 months (she says this with smile)..
Kunj laughs at this statement by holding his stomach..
T: he hello iam not cracking any jokes here y are u laughing like a mad haa
K: let me tell u something that u want divorce from me so if u go from here that’s a big lose for u not for me (by holding his laughter)

Twinkle face turns pale by listening this and thinks babaji wat mess u have created neither I can’t live with him nor I can’t go away from him .If I go away from him I won’t get divorce but I don’t want to live with him in this house wat to do ….she thinks for while and says
T: OK I will stay here and I will do work here but on one condition
K: what??????
T: let us share work u do work for first 3 days and I will do for next 3 days and on Sunday we can do work together …are u ready for this..
K:OK y iam accepting this is u r my responsibility until we get divorce If anything happens to u I should not be answerable to ur father or my parents ..

T(thinks) : babaji he is so kind hearted and always helps me in all aspects and mainly he respect girls but I was behaving soo rudely with him …she into her senses wen she heard Kunj’s voice
K: hello wer u lost ….shall we have dinner with lots of difficulty u have prepared this food na ( saying sarcastically)
Twinkle gives death glare to kunj and was abt to say something mean time they heard sound of door bell .kunj goes to open it to see Mr and Mrs chowdary at door steps along with Vinni.
K: ap log plz get inside

V: hi Bhai saying this she hugged kunj and goes near twinkle nd hugs her too .Bhai nd bhabi how r u
Twinj( together) : we r gud ( looks at each other)
Vinni coughs to get them back nd says
V: love birds we r present over here u can do romance afterwards na …
K: u naughty head just keep quiet there’s nothing like that nd offers them seats
All of them sits in Hall nd starts chit chatting

Mrs c: twinkle beta how r u
T: iam fyn aunty ji
Mrs c: twinkle u r sooo lucky to have kunj as ur husband he is so caring nd kind hearted person .
Twinkle looks at kunj who is starting at her and that leads to eye lock ( sajnave plays in background). After sometime they came into senses.mean time kunj gets call and he excuses himself
Mrs c looks at Twinkle and notices that twinkle is not wearing mangalsutr nd says
Mrs c: twinkle beta wer is ur mangalsutr????
T: aunty ji I kept in cupboard while taking shower
Mrs c: but beta u shud not take it off its not a piece of jewelry e suhagan ki nishan time u don’t remove that .

T: sry aunty I will get it she says this nd goes to get mangalsutr.
Mean while kunj comes der and sits beside Vinni and Twinkle comes with mangalsutr and was abt wear that den
Mrs c: wait beta u r not supposed to wear like that kunj has to make u wear this is a tradition ( guys I don’t know u know abt this or not but in South India it is der if once girl take out her mangalsutr husband has to make to wear)so give it to kunj.kunj puttar u come take that mangalsutr and make her wear it.

V: wow I was upset that I couldn’t see my sweetest bro’s wedding but God gave me another chance to see ( she says with excitement)
Twinkle stands from her place nd kunj comes near twinkle nd takes mangalsutr from her hand and he make her to wear it and they were stealing eo glances.twinkle was having some unknown feeling nd kunj was staring at lovingly .
V: wow how romantic u both looks soo cute together by this twinj comes into senses .
Mrs c: beta u don’t remove mangalsutr next time
T: OK aunty ji
Mr c: kunj putta dinner Kia tum dono NE????

Kunj looks at Twinkle and says ha uncle we had our dinner and my wife is great chef I don’t have any words to describe abt the dishes which she has prepared for me ( says by controlling his laughter).

Mr c: wow beta u r so lucky and says to his wife that u daily come near twinkle and learn some dishes from her
Mrs c: OK if twinkle likes to teach me den iam ready to learn from her wat say twinkle
Twinkle simply gives them smile and looks at kunj with ” I will kill u ” look
Kunj ( thinks): kunj now u r gone in this janglu billi’s hands see how she is looking at me as if she wanna kill me on the spot
Mr c: OK kunj now we r getting late we will leave now bye puttar and Twinkle plzz teach some dishes for ur aunt also

Soon all bid bye and goes from der kunj turns and looks at Twinkle who is giving death glares by seeing this kunj silently runs from there without uttering a word (bechara??)
Twinkle laughs at him and goes to her room
Next day
As per deal it was Twinkle’s turn to do work so she woke up early and started doing work and just den kunj arrives der and says

K: am I dreaming ??? This jungli Billi woke up early today
T: hello Mr sadu don’t act smart as per deal today is my turn so iam completing my work so u just keep quite
K: OK by the way wat u have prepared for my bf
T: bread jam
K(with a crying face): omg I don’t want ur bf iam going bye I will have something in office by saying this he left from there leaving laughing twinkle behind( yes guys twinkle was laughing by his antics)

T: how sweet he is like small kid (guys from last night’s incident twinkle has soft corner for him ……and guys I don’t want to drag this much longer so I made twinkle as soft hearted )but iam stupid to always fight with him and I didn’t understand him properly.
One week later
In this one week twinkle started falling for kunj but she hasn’t realized that .one day while cleaning Kunj’s cupboard she find a photo and she was shocked by seeing that photo and tears made a way from her eyes .
In evening kunj enter and sees twinkle sitting in Hall with a photo in her hand and she was starting at that photo with teary eyes .kunj goes near twinkle and calls her.twinkle looks at him and says

T( by showing photo) : kunj who is this ???
Kunj was shocked and he got angry by seeing that photo and snatches that photo from Twinkle hands and holds her shoulders pins her to wall
K(with blood shot eyes): from wer u got this photo haa
Twinkle was scared by his sudden reaction ( says with trembling voice): I…n u…r cu..pbo…ard

K: who told u to touch my cupboard ( his grip was very tight ) and twinkle was having tears in her eyes and says
T(with tears) : kunj plz leave me u r hurting me
Kunj realizes and leaves her and enters his room and bangs door
Here twinkle was crying sitting on her knees ..
Screen freezes on Twinkle’s crying face and Kunj’s angry face

so guys iam winding up this episode
Guys I don’t know how many of u will like it
And plzzzzzzz drop ur comments
Ignore mistakes
Silent readers plzz do comment ur comments means a lot for me
Keep smiling
Love u guys ?❤❤?❤



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  1. Amazing episode

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  4. AMAZING b??????…?…..Kunj got very angry???……I think twinkle had to bear his anger… Because of her previous deeds….??…..Kyunkii the world is round….What goes comes in ..But still felt a little sad?….Post soon ????

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  5. Presha

    Hey di…
    Its just awesome…
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    Twinj bond with mr nd mrs chaudary was gud..
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    It was superb and finally twinke is feeling something for kunj I wonder what photo twinke take that made his angry on her.

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    hey rosh dii ramya is posting dis on behalf of nishu di…….
    rockstar m waiting for ur ff…….n m missing u……♥

    well nishu di……amazing
    sooo cute it was going who is in d photo…….
    srsly got too emotional…….♥
    plsss nishu dii as u get time post nxt asap…….♥
    cant wait…….♥
    love u lods………♥
    have cmntd on all ur posts bt was late…….soo I think u haven’t seen dem………..
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    Amazing awesome superb

    Words r less
    Can’t wait for next post
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Awww ?????????????????my dear cute ammu tq sooooooooo mucccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for ur comment ??????????
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