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Recap: twinj approaching lawyer for their divorce and Twinkles rude behavior with kunj
Twinkle reaches apartment and she gets down from cab and starts to leave from der but someone holds her hand and she turns to see one guy standing in front of her .
T: who are u leave my hand
G1: wats horry baby wait for sometime and ur looking beautiful today u stay with me I will pay u how much u wa…chattaak (yes twinkle slapped the guy)..
G1: how dare u to slap me ah by saying this he holds her hair and drags her to his car and was abt to push her inside the car just den one guy holds Twinkle’s hand and made her to stand beside him den it revealed to be kunj (our hotiiiee)
Kunj’s eyes was blood shot and his anger was in peaks
G1: oyeee who are u leave her I want her
K: by listening this he punched him in his stomach and starts to beat him black and blue says how dare u to say such words to her ah ….
G1:who is she for u ah ……y u r interfering in our matter
K: iam her husband by saying this he again started to beat him …..just den
G1: sir iam really sry I thought she is not married so I misbehaved with her (he was pleading him by holding his legs). Just den kunj saw twinkle who is standing with fear in her eyes and he observed that twinkle was not wearing her mangalsutr .den
K: say sry for her not for me ( still in anger)
G1: sry sister ….( poor guy)
K(holding goon’s color):don’t u dare to repeat this got it …
G1: yes sir by saying this he ran away…
Den kunj goes near twinkle and asks her to come den dey both enters into the flat
T: thank u for helping me she said this nd she was abt to go
K( in anger): wait ….wer is ur mangalsutr twinkle..
T: it’s in my cupboard….
K: y u did not waer ur mangalsutr…
T: it doesn’t has any importance in this fake relationship and that too I don’t like to waer that because I don’t love u and I don’t want that mangalsutr which u have given me….(harshly)
(Guys sry if u are hurt and I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling it is important to write this part so )
K(in anger): twinkle do u know important of this mangalsutr it is not just a thread it is very important for a married women,while kunj was saying dis she was not heading towards his words den kunj: der is no point in saying this to u do what ever u want he left the place in anger ….twinkle also left ….
At night:
Kunj comes near dining table and sees twinkle who is sitting nd eating bread jam
K: twinkle y u r eating bread at this time and he looks at dining table which was empty..he says wer is food didn’t u prepared today’s dinner????
T : Y shud I prepare dinner by the way I don’t know to cook …
Kunj was abt to say something just den he gets phone call by seeing the name big smile appears on his face
K: hello ma how r u
U: hello puttar iam fyn how r u and Twinkle
K: we are fyn ma wer is papa
U:papa is beside me did u had ur Dinner .wer is twinkle
Twinkle was listening to the conversation
K: ha ma do u know ma ur dil is great cook ( sarcastically)
U: really beta just den manohar takes phone from Usha and speaks
M: kunj beta how r u nd twinkle
K: ha papa we are fyn nd u papa
M: iam fyn beta and tell me wat did twinkle prepared for u in dinner..
K: papa do u know twinkle prepared a special jam for me dad nd no other product can replace dis papa while saying he was looking at Twinkle while twinkle was giving death glares to kunj..
M: wow beta u r very lucky to have such a wife beta keep her happy always
K: ha papa OK papa bye gud night
M nd u:gud night puttar..
Kunj cuts call…
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  1. Aamna_2690

    Hey Nishu di☺
    I just loved it yaar❤❤
    It was fabulous??
    TWINJ’s fights were hillarious??
    But felt bad with Twinkle’s behaviour??
    She should respect the relationship of marriage wether she loved him or not??
    Twinkle’s unwanted behaviour is really bad??
    She should not be too harsh??
    Well u r ri8 di… It’s important sometimes for the plot☺☺
    I did a great job di??
    Post soon di ☺☺
    Love u??

  2. nice epi felt bad for kunj
    post soon

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing….bt twinkle ko itta bhi rude ni hona chahiye kunj se….uski koi glti ni h….glti toh uske parents ki h jo uski permission ni li shaadi k liye…..bechara kunj

  4. SidMin23

    Everything was nice but twinke behave rude with kunj hope she understands the meaning of marriage and some care for kunj hope soon twinj will solve all this and spend their happy life no divorce.

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar awsmmmm kunj should have scolded Twinkle more ???…
    Loveddddddd was n n every scene …

  6. Presha

    Hey dii…
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u..????

  7. Fantastic di

  8. Fatimaa.

    It was awesome di

  9. ❤️❤️❤️Nice episode kunj ?????

  10. Mia12

    Ayee my lovely di,,??..
    It was just AWESOME episode,,???..
    I Love it sooooooooo much,,?????..
    Twinj was sooooo lovely n twinkle,,???.. Wow kunj save twinkle from goon’s,,???.. Now plzz post next soon di,,☺☺
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤..

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awww nisha di i just loved it! Aur twinkle is so harsh! Kunj’s conversation with manoher was funny! Post soon
    See you! ?

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

  12. phone call convo with usha and manohar was hillarious

  13. Anshikajainn

    It’s perfect

  14. Sohi

    Nice episode

  15. SidMin

    Loved it … do it was just too awesome … Kunj’s Anger … ???
    And Twinkle na is tho gone case only. …
    Love you post soon ❤

  16. Ramya

    Awesome akka amazing
    But twinkle is so rude
    Love u keep smiling

  17. You know what I am in love with this badtameez and badass twinkle???????…but kunj ?
    .. …but I know …..luve is going to blossom soon ?????Post soon ??

  18. Baby

    oh god nishu dii…….amazing……☺
    loved it…..twinkle was rude..huh………shit yrr…..
    wat can I say loving I vaiseee toh bt kunj is soo nyc n twinkle is doing dis…..☺
    love u lods…….♥
    n dii don’t wry bout cmnts mere tarah late cmnt krne wale bht hain…..hehehe……..

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