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My destiny made me to meet u(twinjff)
Episode 4
Hi my dear lovelies ,how are u all
First of all “HAPPY SRI RAMA NAVAMI” to u all
And thank you sooooooooo much for ur precious comments my dears and I told u guys that iam ending this ff but for u guys I will continue this ff .
Now let’s go with episode

RECAP:Twinj romantic dance
Next day
Twinkle wakes up she got freshen up and goes outside of her room but she doesn’t find Kunj anywhere in flat so she decided to call him but she comes to know that she doesn’t have Kunj’s number (guys twinkle was not happy with the marriage so she didn’t take Kunj’s number)
She thinks for a while and she goes to Vinni
V: Hi bhabhi gud morning
T: Hi dear gud morning
V: come bhabhi we can have breakfast
T:No no Vinni I just came here to ask u something
V: Ha bhabhi bolona
T: Can u give me Kunj’s phone number????
V: wat bhabhi u don’t have bhai’s number
T: No actually it got deleted so I lost his number
V: oh kk bhabhi I will and she gives number to twinkle
T: Thank u Vinni OK bye I wanna go
V: OK bhabhi bye and don’t disturb Bhai by calling him bhabhi he will be back at evening u can talk directly na (in teasing manner)
Twinkle feels lil akward and said OK I will go and she left from there

Twinj flat
Twinkle calls kunj
Here kunj was in traffic sitting on the bike and recieves a call
K: Hello who’s this???(remember guys kunj also doesn’t know her no)
T: hello iam twinkle
K: Ha bolo twinkle
T: Kunj wer r u???
K: iam going to studio y
T:No I didn’t find u at home so I asked wer u r and at wat I shud reach lawyer office
K: at 4 PM
T : oh kk bye
K: bye and he cuts the call

In studio
All welcomes kunj and wishes him.just then two boys and a girl comes to him .
B1: hi bro how r u??
K: iam fine nikhil
B2 : by the way Cong bro finally u got married.
Kunj was smiling and says tq arun
G: u r looking more handsome after ur marriage wats the matter???
K: it’s ntng like that Maya iam same as before
So they are revealed to be nikil,arun and Maya his frnds
All together (A,N,M):party tho banta hai
K: OK I will give u
A: No we want party from both of u wat say guys
N and M: ya u and bhabhi have to give party…
K( murmurs) : oh god how to ask her that my frnds need party if she comes to know her jungli Billi avatar on ho jaye GI
He was thinking just den Maya asks kunj wer he lost
K: ntng I was thinking wer I have to give party to u guys
N: that we can decide afterward first u go and start ur show its already getting late
K: OK see u soon

Gud morning Mumbai welcome to my show its ur kunj sarna I hope u guys are doing gud
And today’s topic is abt marriage and I would like to invite Mr and Mrs kapoor
Just den camera is focused on couple in mid 60’s who are sitting in front of kunj
K:Mr and Mrs kapoor welcome to our show
Couple: Thanks beta
K: by the way Happy Marriage Anniversary I think this is ur 40th anniversary right
C: ha beta it is our 40th anniversary
K: wow it’s really wonderful to know that u r still happy and love each other as same as before but u ppl didn’t fought with each other till date
C: Ya we will fight every day but we don’t have fear of losing each other so how many times we fight our relationship becomes that much strong
K: who will apologize first wen u fought
C: we will not apologize to each other
K: than how u will sort out ur problems den
C: while sleeping we will hold each other hands so who’s fault it may be it will say we are together always and no problem can separate us.
K: wow it’s so lovely
C: R u Married???
K : yes sir 5 days back with smile
C: oh den congratulations beta
K: tq
C: den tell me wat is ur opinion abt marriage

Screen shifts to a lawyer office
Twinkle enters lawyer office and goes to meet lawyer who is listening to Kunj’s show in radio.she enters lawyer’s cabin
T: gud morning sir
L: gud morning plz take ur seat
T: tq
L: wat can I do for u
T: sir I want divorce
L: wer is ur husband
T: he will come in 15 mins sir

In studio
K: according to me marriage is a relationship which binds two ppl and it is totally depends on trust and we shud respect each other’s decisions and we shud keep our life partner happy always.
In lawyer office
Lawyer was listening to show and he signed twinkle to listen to those words
But twinkle gives him disgusting look and turned her face away.
L: wer is ur husband didn’t he come still
Just den kunj enters
T: he is my husband
L: hi Mr……
K: kunj sarna sir
L: OK wen u both got married
K: 5 days back
L: wat u got married 5 days back and u came for divorce
T: yes sir we want divorce as soon as possible
L: have u heard the program on radio that young man was telling the speciality of marriage everyone shud listen to those words which he told it was awesome he clearly explained wat marriage means but u ppl came for divorce once u both listen to that program u come to know the value of marriage…

While saying twinkle was giving death glares to kunj while kunj was smiling looking at her
K: sir I want to say something
L: ya tell me young man
K: sir iam the person whom u r talking abt
L: wat do u mean
K: iam RJ (host) of that show which u r talking abt
Lawyer was shocked by listening Kunj’s words
L: one hour back u were saying many dialogues abt marriage but u came here for divorce
K: it is my job so I have to say those words sir it is totally different from my personal life
L: OK as ur wish but u will not get divorce now
Twinj with shock: wat???????
L: yes if u want divorce u have to live together in one house for 3 months after that u will get divorce until then u r case will not go to court
Twinj: is der any option other than dis
L: no u don’t have any other option if u ppl want divorce den stay together in one house
Twinj : OK sir
Lawyer hand overs divorce papers for twinj for signature.Both signed the papers
L to twinkle: arre u have to write ur husband’s name beside ur name
T : no I will not write his name beside my name never ever(with anger)
L:but it’s a rule u have to
T ( with disgusting face) : writes Kunj’s name beside her name goes out angrily leaving kunj behind
Kunj bids bye to lawyer and comes out
K: come we can go home now
T: no I can manage myself and I don’t want to come along with u saying this she goes to find taxi soon she finds taxi and sits in taxi nd leaves from there leaving kunj behind
Kunj felt sad by her behavior and leaves from der in his bike…
Screen freezes on Kunj’s sad face and Twinkles angry face

PRECAP: Twinj’s cute fights
So guys here iam winding my Episode
Guys drop ur comments plz if ppl want to give suggestions u can
Plz guys encourage me by ur comments and both negative and positive comments are accepted
Plz silent readers iam pleading u to break the silence and comment plzzzzzzzzzzz it’s my humble request for u guys ur comments means lot to me
Love u all
Keep smiling

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  1. Sohi

    Interesting episode
    Liked kunj words about marriage. Hehe lawyer ka popat hogaya
    Do continue

    1. Tq dear

  2. Amazing episode just like I wanted?????? a stubborn and ill mannered and badtameez twinkle?? ?loving itt…post next soon??

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  3. Presha

    Hey nidhi dil…
    Its awesome ?????
    Loved it… ???
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  4. Hmmm,,, boww,,, it’s too cute,,, so sweet,,i loved it,,, and i think i know the story,,, anyway it’s superb,,

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  5. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Ramya,
    Yrr it was soooooooooo amazing superb Epi….. Loved it…..
    Precap is cuteeeeeeeee
    PlZ post asap

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  6. Fatimaa.

    Nisha dii…it was soo nice..
    Felt bad for kunj…but episode was amazing…love u post soon

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  7. Beautiful

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  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and twinkle is too stubborn and poor kunj it seen like he start to love her. And if possible do so some jealous part where twinkle think she might loose his forever and lawyer did wonderful job by telling them to be with each other till 3 month and waiting for twinj cute fight do post soon.

    1. Thank u dear

  9. Simiyy

    Loved it
    Nisha Di
    Post soon

    1. Thank you dear

    1. Thank you dear

  10. Sameera

    Awww nisha loved it so much
    Yaar ye twinkle why she is behaving like this …Let’s see what will happen next ??

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  11. Mia12

    Awwww diiii… My sweaty pouty lovely diiii,,☺☺☺.. What a episode diii waaahh,,????.. Justtt Awesome,, Fantastic,, and Amazing episode dii,,???????.. I just love it to the core,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. Twinj scean also I love it very much dii,,???.. plzzzz di post next soon dii.. M waiting dij…??..
    And this cmnt is mine and also from “Aamna”…coz she can’t cmnt as she is not well…plz dii pray 4 ur Lily taki wo jaldhi thik ho sake,,??..

    1. Thank you my putta and Lilly

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing akka
    Lived d way kunj said about marriage
    N superb
    Love u keep smiling

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    Aww So sweet Kunj is just so cute … his feelings beachara Twinkle is darata hai 🙂
    Love you Post soon 🙂

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  14. Baby

    ohhhh god nisha dii…..amazing…..
    sooo cute kunj is….. ☺
    loved it sad for him…winkle should not have done that…wid him…huh….
    love u….☺

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