Hi my dear lovely sisters and friends .. how r u all .. hope all r doing gud … Tq soooo much for ur immense support .. I am very happy to know that u ppl are liking this ff …
So let’s start with episode
Episode : 34
Both twinj comes downstairs hand in hand … All felt happy by looking twinj together … Twinkle goes to ushar and takes their blessings..
U: bas beta … How r u beta .. ab yaad aya kya tuje ye mummyji … E 2 saal kaha thi tum … Tuje pata hai how much I missed u ….. And plzzz dubara aisa mat karna aur tuje koi bi problem hai muje jaroor bolna mei hamesha tere sath Hun … Samji saying this she hugs twinkle … Twinkle felt motherly warmth she was having tears in her eyes …
Others all are admiring their bond while they all were having tears too
Rt(thinks): babaji tq for sending this beautiful family in our lives … I am very happy to see my daughter in this family wer she is getting the love of mother for which she was craving for … And plzzz bless her and don’t let her smile fades away …
Twinkle break the hug ” ma I am sry but kunj keliye e sab karna pada….. Mei vaada karti Hun apse ki mei ainda aisa nai karungi ma .. saying this she again hugs her ….
M: beta u want only ur mother wat abt ur father …. U don’t ur father.. saying this he made a puppy face making all of them to laugh
K: papa don’t worry mei Hun Na apke sath … Saying this he hugs him.. twinkle breaks the hug and goes to manohar
T: no papa I want u also saying this she pushes kunj and hugs him
K: huh twinkle he is my father .. saying this he too hugs him
T: no he is my papa tooo saying this she tightens the hug .
Kunj looks at rt and goes to him
K: papa y u r standing der come papa saying this he took him …. ND he is my papa den saying this he hugs rt
Rt : ha beta iam always urs papa … Kunj shows his tongue to twinkle …
All of them have some family moments.. just den one women in mid 40’s comes der and saw twinkle
W: hi usha..
U: hi Sarita (so she is Sarita usha’s frnd cum neighbour.. she was trying to get marry her daughter with kunj from 2 years but kunj didn’t accept this and he was avoiding this matter )
S: usha who is she pointing towards twinkle
U: vo meri bahu hai twinkle.. twinkle goes to Sarita and takes her blessings
S: jeeti raho beta with fake smile ..But usha u said that kunj ka divorce ho chuki hai .. ab kaha se agyi hai tumhari bahu.. (sarcasticall) .. and now she is no more ur bahu so how can u call her ur bahu …

U:no Sarita … How could u talk like this. She is my bahu that’s all no one can change this
S: no u can agree but court will not agree their relationship…. According to law if the couple are divorced den they are no more husband and wife .. and now she is not ur bahu … So staying in others home is not gud to her and wat others will think abt her.. shaadi hone se pehele kisi aur ke ghar mei rehna acchi bat nai hai .. muje pata hai ki Jo bi hua usme tum sab ke koi galti nai hai aur kunj ab bi twinkle se pyar karta hai (with fake smile and angry in her eyes).. but wat society will think … U shud think abt this right …The girl who stays with her husband even after their divorce will be called as mi****s by this society
By this everyone’s smile fades away and twinkle was having tears.. tears were rushing down her cheeks …. Kunj was angry nd he tighten the fist ,usha notices this and signs kunj to calm down…Before kunj does anything usha replies
U(controlling her anger): just shut up Sarita .. don’t u dare to talk like that abt my bahu
S: but wat I said is correct ur bahu is a mistress to ur son …By listening this twinkle runs from der unable to bear those words nd kunj too runs behind her .. by looking at this usha slaps Sarita hard
U: u don’t have any right to talk abt my bahu samji … huh Wat happen if they r divorced ….. I will get them marry again with all rituals ……Says usha making all happy but Sarita was fuming in anger ” and u just get lost from my home ” shouts usha. Sarita goes from der fuming
U: rt ji I am sry on behalf of her .. she should not have said like that …
Rt:it’s OK usha ji apki kya galti hai usme… IAM happy that u stood beside my daughter ND my daughter is soo lucky to have u as her mil…
U: no rt ji we r lucky to have bahu like her .. ND I have decided to get twinj’s marriage as soon as possible ..
M: yes rt ji usha is correct .. we will go ND ask panditji for gud time for their marriage
Rt: OK with smile

Scene shifts
Twinkle is running on the road crying ND kunj is following her by calling her name .. she enters taneja mansion ND goes to her room , shuts the door ND she sits on the floor near her bed ND starts to cry on Sarita’s words … Kunj enters her room ND felt bad on her state as well as angry on Sarita.. he goes to her ND sits beside her.. he slowly wraps his hand around her shoulder.. twinkle looks at him ND hugs him tight ND start to cry even louder she sobbing hardly that it become difficult for her to breath properly she is breathing heavily kunj absorbed this ND get tensed … Kunj break the hug .
K:twinkle plzzz calm down says cupping her face … See IAM here with u
T: kunj I can’t take those words … Do really ppl think that IAM a mi… Before she complete that word kunj shhhhhhed her keeping his finger on her lip
K: plzzz twinkle don’t talk like that u r my wife ND always will be no one can change this even GOD …. ND don’t heed to those words ND u just get up from here saying this made her to sit on bed ND he offers her a glass of water ….. All the while twinkle was staring at him lovingly
K: twinkle don’t look at me like that .. see I know IAM hot but control ur feelings yar twinkle … Don’t get any naughty ideas now I am not in mood to do such things … Twinkle made a o face ????
T: hahaha hot aur tum …. Have u ever saw ur face in mirror .. don’t fly much ND I don’t have any such ideas samji
K: u would have tell me that u have such ideas Na twinkle I would have felt happy says this with a cute puppy face … Twinkle laughs at him ND says oh my baby I have such naughty ideas saying this she wraps her hands around his neck making him shock ….
OK den y shud I deny ur wish I will satisfy ur wish saying this kunj pulls twinkle ND make her to sit on his laps ND wraps his hands around her bare waist ……
T: kunj plzzz leave I was just kidding ND u only told that u would have felt happy if I say like that Na den … To make u happy I told u like that … saying this she takes her hands ND abt to get up from his laps but kunj pulls her not letting her to go
K: kaha bhag jayegi tu saying this he wraps his hands on her waist ND tightens the grip…. I just said to tell like that but u said immediately means really u have such naughty ideas huh not bad IAM loving this shade of urs my sherni saying this he kissed her both the cheeks ..
T: kunj …interupted by kunj
K: don’t spoil this moment twinkle saying this he digs his head in her neck ND start giving hickeys der twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch ND she start ruffling his hair … He starts to give love bytes der making her to moan ND his hands wer moving on her waist …. He leaves her neck ND looks at her lips twinkle understands his intention ND closed her eyes permitting him … He slowly leans for lip kiss in no time der lips met ….Both were lost in each others touch …..Kunj starts nibbling her lips ND twinkle also not less she was bitting his lips … They broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen … Twinkle bows her head due shy ND kunj was looking at her with a smile … He is abt to kiss her but stopped by giggling sound … Both twinj looks at doorstep to see ushar ND rt standing der … They both composed themselves twinkle gets off from his lap.
U: I think we came at the wrong time in teasing manner
M: ha ha usha come let’s go let them complete der romance
T/k: no papa I/she was crying Na so he/I was consoling me/her both twinj says at a time
U: yeah we saw how u were consoling her btw who taught u to console in this manner abi tak muje nai pata tha hai Na ji looks at manohar
M: huh usha I too didn’t console u like this ND I don’t know who taught this winking at usha …. Usha gives a death glare to manohar ..
By now twinkle become red due to shy .. ma my phone is ringing I will just come saying this she runs from der being shy … Kunj was abt to go but stopped by rt ..
Rt: beta we thought to get urs ND twinkles marriage again … Now one person said like this but we don’t know how many ppl are speaking same like Sarita so I don’t want to give chance to point my daughter’s character …
K: papa I won’t let it happen till IAM alive ND papa twinkle is my responsibility ap chinta mat karo twinkle ki saying this he hugs rt
Rt: bas beta I trust u more than myself ND muje pura bharosa hai ki u protect my daughter …
M: OK beta we will call panditji ji tomorrow ND we will fix the dates for ur marriage..OK rt ji twinkle will stay here … After marriage we will take our daughter … Kunj face become dull to hear this
Rt: ji

M: OK rt ji we will leave now .. I shud go for office … Kunj beta today u have meeting right den y didn’t u gone der ..
K: papa it’s in after noon I will go now saying this he goes from der …. While going he was searching for twinkle but he didn’t find her he felt sad ND he was abt to go down but someone pulled him behind the pillar ….ND that is revealed to be twinkle …Twinkle tum says kunj
T: huh meri jaan u were looking dull so thought to give something to lighten ur mood
Kunj widens his eyes listening to that … Huh wat u want to give saying this he switches der positions… ND day by day my sherni is becoming naughty
T: huh den wat to do by looking at my handsome hubby i shud become Na winks at him making him shock …
K:accha saying this he crashes her lips with his rough ones …It was passionate kiss with love they broke the kiss after 5 mins.. ok twinkle I am getting late I will leave ND I will come ND meet u in the evening ……. Byee take care saying that he kisses her forehead ND bids byee to her
Twinkle goes to rt ND gets to know abt her marriage again she felt happy ND hugs rt
T: tq soo much papa for giving me kunj .. he is SOOO gud ND he loves me soo much papa ….
Screen freezes

So guys iam winding up here
Hope I reached ur expectations
I know it was bit boring …… But bear with me
Plzzz ignore grammatical errors ND typing errors …. No proof reading
Plzzz do comments guys
Keep smiling .
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