Hi my dear lovelies … How r u all …. Tq sooo much for ur precious comments and for ur immense support I am very happy to see ur gud response … Today along with this I am going to give u a intro of my new fs at last so do read it and tell me wether I have to continue or not in a comment box ….

Let’s start with episode

Episode 33:

Both twinj in each others embrace and both were very happy that they got their life ,love again … Kunj breaks the hug and takes twinkle in his arms in bridal style making her shock

T: kunj wat r u doing … Plzzz let me go.

K: twinkle I won’t kidnap u don’t wry

T: I am not a small kid… God gave me two legs so I can walk with those legs … So there is no need to do this saying this she starts to move her legs.. making him difficult to carry her

K: I know that but after so many days I got chance to carry my lovely wife in my arms so u plzzz stop moving .. vaise u became so fat yar twinkle my hands are paining …..

Twinkle made a ???face” I am not fat .. see I am a perfect figure with miss India measurements .. do u know how many guys were behind me in Delhi …” Said twinkle

K: oh I think those guys are blind … Nd wat u told u are perfect figure hahahahah ???? this is one of the biggest joke of 2017 which I heard till date ..

T: u r sooo mean kunj … U will not get to know my value until I leave u (without her senses )..After listening this kunj eyes become watery ….. In mean time both reached kunj room Nd kunj left twinkle Nd without uttering a word he went to balcony …

Twinkle goes behind him Nd turns him to see tears rushing down his cheeks she was shocked

T: kunj y r u crying cupped his face

K: twinkle I can’t loose u again Nd plzzz don’t talk abt leaving and all plzzz I can’t live without twinkle …He hugs her tightly with fear of loosing her

T: accha sry baba I won’t talk like that happy plzzz ab tho Rona band karo Na crying cat …

K: wat I am not a crying cat u r fatso …

T: kunj phirse tum muje fatso bola … Chal mei tujse bat nai karungi saying this she turns her face showing fake anger with a cute pout ..
Kunj smiled at her childishness Nd back hugged her resting his chin on her shoulder Nd his hands on her bare waist

K: u look soo cute in angry so I was pulling ur legs …Saying this he slowly kisses her shoulder making her to shiver.. she closed her eyes feeling his touch now kunj was moving his lips on her shoulder , bare back … Den he slowly turns her Nd saw her red blushing cheeks Nd kissed both the cheeks … He saw her rosy lips..He leaned to kiss but stopped by twinkle ..

K: twinkle wat is this ..Irritatingly

T: we can romance afterwards … But tell me y u brought me here

Kunj remembers smtng Nd takes twinkle into room, he goes to his wardrobe Nd brings a small box … He came in front of twinkle Nd kneels in front of her

K: twinkle ” I LOVE U SOOO MUCH ” because of some circumstances we were aparted these two years but “MY DESTINY MADE ME TO MEET U “again .. I am blessed to have u in my life … So would u like to become Mrs sarna … Will u be my heartbeat …. Nd I promise u that I will not leave u never ever always I will be with u in ur happiness , sorrow Nd each nd every moment till my last last breath .. I can’t leave without u twinkle

By now twinkle was having tears of happiness.. kunj looks at her Nd ” twinkle y u r crying … Did I said smtng wrong .. ab kounsa bomb dal rahi ho mere upar .. already u have dropped a big bomb on me … Nd it took 2 years to get healed .. says kunj sarcastically making twinkle to smile …

Twinkle forwards her hands Nd made him to stand as soon as he stood up she hugs him tightly ..” kunj I love u tooo Nd I too can’t live without …. ” Says twinkle ..

Kunj felt very happy Nd hugs her even more tightly … Soon he breaks the hug Nd “I am thirsty twinkle ” says kunj ..

T: OK wait I will bring juice for u saying this she was abt to go but stopped by kunj …

K: no I don’t want that juice … Moving towards her and holds her waist and pulls her towards him

T: den wat u want .. u only said that u r thirsty … stammering

K: yeah I said but I don’t want that juice he slowly moves his thumb on her lips sensually Nd said I want this juice making her to blush .. ” don’t blush that much baby I can’t control myself ” says kunj.. ” den who told u to control “by saying this she wraps her hands around his neck …

Kunj slowly leans towards her lips in no time their lips met ..It was a passionate kiss for which they were craving for 2 years … Kunj was nibbling twinkles lower lip Nd twinkle was nibbling his upper lip … Kunj bites her lips making her moan his name taking this as a chance he enters in her mouth swaying each nd every corner of her mouth …She is rubbing Nd moving her hand on his nape..Nd his hands tightens the grip on her waist .. after gud 15 mins they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen …

Twinkle hugs him tightly to hide her blush … Kunj slowly moves her hair from her shoulder Nd gives wet kisses their make her shiver goes through her sprain.. he broke the hug Nd smashed his rough lips on her soft ones … He starts moving forward Nd she is moving backward still kissing …. Untill they stopped by the wall.. after 10 mins they broke the kiss Nd as soon as he breaks the kiss he dug his head on her neck giving wet kisses .. twinkle clutched his shirt unable to bear pleasure he was continuously moving his lips on her neck making her to moan his name … He sits on his knees Nd slowly he moved her pallu(guys twinkle was wearing a saree) Nd starts giving kisses on her belly by this twinkle starts to move her legs but kunj take hold of her legs .. Nd twinkle unable to take this anymore she slowly drags him upwards by holding his color Nd hugs him Nd starts kissing him …

She was abt to peck his lips but got disturbed by horn of the car .. kunj makes irritated face making twinkle to laugh ….

Just den they heard ushar calling kunj .. they both composed themselves Nd goes down ..



Sarna family

Kunj sarna : ( 27 years ) he is a friendly , gud looking , hot , handsome Munda of Amritsar .. son of ushar , married to Maya … He loves her very much … He is a great son , husband Nd father tooo .. he is big business tycoon in Amritsar

Maya sarna :(25 years) wife of kunj .. loves him very much Nd also loves her daughter … Suffering from cancer but this is unaware of her family ..

Sana sarna: (3 years )daughter of kunj and Maya laadli of her parents and grandparents ……

Usha sarna : mother of kunj … Loves her son and bahu very much .. positive character

Manohar sarna : father of kunj …. gud person loves his family very much Positive character ..

Luthra family

UV luthra: (27 years ) : drunkard , married to twinkle but hates her he uses her only for his lusty needs .. treats her like a maid .. he always beats her for mistaken which she hadn’t done ..

Twinkle luthra:( 25 years ) married to UV.. she bears uv’s torture because of her parents ..

Anita luthra: uv’s mother .. hates twinkle negative character

Taneja family

Leela taneja : mother of twinkle … Loves her very much but unaware of her daughter’s life

Rt taneja: father of twinkle .. loves his daughter …A bank employee

Taneja’s are middle class family who has to work hardly for their daily needs ..

So guys this is intro of my new fs .. do tell me ur views abt this and tell me wether I have to continue it or not … Posting of this fs depends on ur comments …

So I wind up here
Hope I reached ur expectations
Plzzz ignore grammatical errors if any
Plzzz do comment guys and don’t forget to click on like button
Keep smiling
Loads of love

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  1. awesome yr kya likha h mazza aa gya pdh ke! do continue twinj romance in next epi !
    do continue ur other fiction also
    luv u
    post soon

  2. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu Akka!
    Double Dhamaka today! Loved both of them….
    Your ff….. Uff! You just nailed it! Too good!
    The new one too is amazing..
    Great concept.. Sounds interesting. You should definitely go ahead with it
    Love you loads

  3. Yashasvi

    Hey nishu well I guess you don’t know me… So u can call me Yashu… And the intro seems to be interesting……???????
    Well is Maya going to die due to cancer and then twinj will marry…
    Well just guessing…

    But it is nice and do continue♥♥♥

    Keep smiling and stay blessed.??????????
    Love you ♥♥♥????

  4. Amazing episode… N the FS… Great concept… Luking fwd… Post soon plz ?

  5. Rochika

    Nishu remember me??…i m rochika.. first of all the intro of ur new ff is vvvvv interesting…????????
    It seems to be awesome.. ????
    And secondly will u be my friend??..whenever u r free pm me…
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    I loved the intro..???

  6. Awsome episode. .loved it. ..
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  7. Twinj2000

    That was just awesome nishu Di ❤️❤️❤️
    Twinj hot romance ????
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    Plz continue that one n thank you for coming up with a new ff
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  8. Awsm episode
    loved it very much
    it was very cute and hot….
    Finally twinj reunited and their romance was superb but ushar became kawab mein haddi…
    U just nailed it dear
    And new ff intro was very nice
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    Awesome dii…
    Loved it…
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    Love u

  10. Cheena2001Cp

    It was Awsome !!! ????
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    Woww Amazing episode Mimi.???
    Twinj romance was so hott.?????
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    diii u nailed it ♥
    osm ♥
    cute hot n romantic ♥
    love u sooooo mch ♥
    n d new ff intro is interesting bt yeah surely m sad 🙁
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  13. Farwah fathima

    Loved it

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    new fs intro awesome
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    Nishu its awesome
    N second one is also interesting yar post it soon
    Love u?

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