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Both twinj were looking at each other without having their dinner usha observes this
U( in teasing manner): beta we r here u can do romance after eating also ..
Both twinj comes into senses nd there was a awkward silence soon they all complete their dinner .Nd left for respective rooms
Twinj room
K: twinkle u sleep on bed nd i will sleep on the couch
T: no y u will sleep on that couch u can sleep on the bed with me
K: wat …Twinkle r u sure u nd me on single bed
T: ha kunj i will trust u
Kunj looks at twinkle with a smile nd goes to one side of bed nd twinkle on other side
T: kunj u r soo lucky to have parents like ma nd papa
K: yeah twinkle u r right they r world’s best parents
T: kunj tq soo much because of u i got such parents iam really thankful for my dad u choose gud family for me but iam so bad that I couldn’t understand my father she starts crying
K: twinkle u forget all that plzzzz don’t cry i can’t see tears in ur eyes by saying this he wipes the tears
Twinkle looks at him with love in her eyes
K: and btw i forgot to say that party is postponed for tomorrow we were supposed to go today right
T: yeah I was asking u abt this
Both twinj were enjoying each others company nd they were talking some random things nd slept
Next day morning sun rays peeped into a room were two couples are sleeping separately (naughty heads wat u ppl thought ?????) this disturbed kunjs sleep nd he opens his eyes nd saw twinkle sleeping beside him he stares at her lovingly

Kunj’s pov
God!! She looks so cute while sleeping she is driving me crazy…I can’t wait to confess her i will do as soon as possible he tucks the hair strand which is disturbing her beauty sleep by his touch a small curve appears on her lips nd she opens her eyes to see kunj close to her kunj gets back nd says sry
T: it’s ok gud morning kunj
K: gud morning saying this he get out off bed nd goes to wash room nd comes back after 10 min nd he get ready for office nd leaves bidding bye to all

Kunj returns home nd asks twinkle to get ready for party kunj comes out he was wearing white shirt with black jeans
He calls twinkle just den he saw twinkle who wore black saree with golden blouse with hairs open she did light makeup looking gorgeous as usual here kunj was mesmerized with her beauty as twinkle comes to him
K: u r looking beautiful
T: tq kunj says with smile
K: ok come let’s go
Party place
All kunj’s frnds were waiting for twinj just den they arrived nd waves hand to them
K: hi guys
F: hi kunj
K: btw meet my wife twinkle
F: hi bhabi
T: hi
Maya: twinkle u r looking gorgeous btw iam maya
T: with a smile tq maya
M: u know u both are made for each other
Both twinj looks at each other (sajnavey plays )
( Guys iam not describing how they enjoyed in party )
All were dancing ,drinking nd enjoying in the party both twinj had taken 5 to 6 shots nd they were unable to stand properly nd they some how managed to reach home .

Twinj room
They both enters room nd twinkle legs got stuck to the mat nd she was abt to fall in nick of time kunj hold her by her waist both were lost in each others touch nd kunj made her to stand properly nd he looks at her lips nd leans to kiss her both lips met nd shares a passionate kiss (first kiss) after gud 15 min they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen .Kunj looks into her eyes nd twinkle was blushing very badly nd hugs him to hide her blush.
Kunj slowly takes her hair strands from her shoulder nd start giving wet kisses there nd twinkle clutches his shirt nd kunj moves to her neck nd start giving kisses after sometime it becomes love bites while kissing kunj slowly takes out her pallu from her shoulder nd removes her saree now twinkle was in her blouse nd inner skirt he slowly lifts her in bridal style nd slowly places her on bed nd comes on top of her he kisses her forehead ,eyes,jawlines nd he comes to her neck he kisses their while twinkle wwas moaning his name nd he comes down to her clevage nd start kissing there nd he comes to her face nd he crushed his lips on hers he was biting her lower lip while twinkle was biting his upper lip twinkle moans unable to bear this pleasure taking this as a chance he enters into her mouth both were fighting for dominance nd after sometime they parted nd slept in each other embrace (guys this is enough for now nd remaining will be after their confession ????)

Next day morning
A new morning arrives nd sun rays peeps into a room were two couples were sleeping in each other embrace kunj sleeps get disturbed nd he was shocked to see their position nd he saw twinkle hugging him nd he jerked her due to this her sleep got disturbed nd she saw herself in that state beside kunj nd her eyes became teary .
T: kunj…. Wat happened between us yesterday night still crying
K: twinkle iam sry we were not in our senses (with guilt in his eyes ) i don’t know how to console u but iam so sry twinkle for had happened yesterday night
T: kunj don’t be sry it’s my fault too
K: twinkle plzzzz dont cry he wipes her tears just den they heard ushar calling them
Both composes them selves nd gets ready both twinj comes out nd goes to ushar who are sitting in living room
U: beta today we are leaving to Amritsar today
K: ma but itna jaldi kya hai u can stay here for some more days na
M: nai beta i have an important meeting so we must leave
T: but papa ..
U: beta again we will come u don’t worry
Soon ushar bids bye to twinj .Nd kunj goes to studio nd due to guilt kunj was unable to concentrate on his work nd other side twinkle was thinking abt last night nd crying .Like this whole day passed
At evening kunj reaches flat nd goes to twinkle who is working in the kitchen
K: twinkle iam so sry for last night
T: kunj plzzzz forget that I know u r not at fault nd mine too so there is no point to discuss abt that
K: twinkle but…He cuts by twinkle
T: kunj bas i don’t want to listen anything abt that I have already forgotted abt that nd u also forget it
K: ok twinkle come i will help u to take ur things to ur room
T: y no need i will be in ur room only iam comfortable there
K: but twinkle …How can we both stay in single room
T: wat happens if we both stays in single room we both r married right nd i know abt u i trust u more than myself but I know u have that guilt for wat happened yesterday it was happened wen we r not in our senses u haven’t done that intentionally
K: ok twinkle ur wish …
Both smiles at each other

Precap: a new strom in twinj’s life

So guys iam ending this episode here hope i reached ur expectations
Nd i know i didnt write well so bear with me nd i don’t know wat i have written in romance part iam very poor in that so ignore any mistakes
Keep smiling
Love u ???

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