Hi my dear lovely sisters …How r u all tq soo much for ur comments and also sry for being late ..
This episode is for my sweetie sis bujji

Kunj is calling twinkle but twinkle is busy in getting ready for party ..Now she got ready in beautiful maroon netted saree with black blouse wearing matching accessories with a light makeup .She left her hair freely ..She grabs her phone and vallet but she didn’t check her phone in happiness she was abt to leave the flat just then she gets a call from kunj she picked the call
K:hellow twinkle
T:ha kunj tell me fast iam getting late to the party
K: twinkle listen u don’t go anywhere even to the party until I return back by saying this he cuts the call immediately without giving any chance to twinkle to speak .
T:kunj ..Kunj.strange wat does he think of himself he just behaving like typical husband ordering me to not to attend party ..Who is he to order me I will go .
Here kunj is worried he just packed all his stuff and reaches his flat to see his flat is locked , he just left from his flat to party area.
Here twinkle reaches xyz hotel and calls UV
T: hellow UV wer r u
UV: twinkle u just come to room no 123
T: OK I will be there

Twinkle goes searching for room finally she got the room and she gets inside the to see dark room decorated beautifully. Twinkle calls out just then someone back hugs twinkle. Twinkle breaks the hug
T: wat is this UV (says irritatingly)
UV: wat baby iam just hugging u ..U r my gf so wats wrong in that again he wrapped his hands around her waist.
T(with disgusted face): plzzzz UV don’t touch me I don’t like this .
UV:y u don’t like that if kunj touches u u won’t say any thing and u feel happy ..No problem u just say how he will touch u I also will touch u like that
T: UV wat r u saying and u said that u want to introduce me to ur frnds right den wer r dey.
U:oh poor twinkle I just call u here to enjoy tonight with u by saying this he comes closer to twinkle and he starts kissing her neck.
T: UV plzzzz leave me she jerked him
UV: wat happened baby just enjoy the moment don’t spoil this .
T: just shut up …She slaps him hard
This was enough for UV now his anger was on peaks he holds her hair
UV : wat do u think of urself ha u thought that I am loving u seriously no I didn’t love u I was just loving ur se*y body.yeah u look so se*y (he scans her body with lustful eyes)that every guy will fall for u and ha I tried many times to have s*x with u but u didn’t allow me .For that I have agreed to marry even though I don’t believe in those but damit ur father caught me wen I was fu***ng with a girl ..(he says with anger)
T (with shock):wat????
UV(with anger): yeah ur father caught me he tightens his grip and he imprisoned me with the help of his background for 7 years …I was just waiting for the opportunity to take revenge from ur father and I was planning how to take revenge sitting in the jail .But it my pure luck to get u back with the help of ur stupid good for nothing husband kunj(laughing)
T: chiii u dont have any right to speak abt my husband ..
UV:no baby he is soo stupid by looking at ur beauty also he is ready to leave u …But now I will not waste my time by saying this he pushed twinkle on to the bed and he comes top of her
Here kunj reaches hotel and he asks receptionist abt twinkle

UV was kissing twinkle on her neck ,colar bone and cleavage twinkle was resisting him but he was being a body builder his grip was so strong that she can’t even push him out of her she was just shouting for help …On the other hand kunj is searching for twinkle …Here twinkle was struggling to get out of Uv. Kunj enters the room he was just stuck to the floor by looking at his love in that situation.twinkle looks at kunj and feels relief Uv looks at him with a shock by taking this as advantage twinkle pushes Uv and runs to kunj and hugs him .Kunj consoles her and made her to stand behind him now his anger knows no boundary his eyes were red he gives punch in uv’s face by this shot Uv was on ground .Kunj grabs uv’s color and he starts beating him. And twinkle comes to kunj and holds his and asks him to stop and she drags him from der..
They both comes outside the hotel kunj jerks his hand and looks at twinkle angrily and leaves to get his bike…Now twinkle was scared by kunjs anger .Kunj gets his bike and twinkle sits on the bike they both drove off the journey was soo quite …Mean while they reached their flat.
In flat
Twinj enters the flat and twinkle was abt to go to her room .Den
K: twinkle just stop (with anger).
Twinkle stands at that place with fear and slowly faces kunj with her bowed head
K: I said not to go there but y u went der
Twinkle was abt to speak but interrupted by kunj she was crying very badly
K(angrily):dont cry just stop crying (he shouts his lungs out)nd don’t u dare to speak do u think iam a security guard appointed by ur father to protect u always ..Don’t u have sense to think that he is doing that much for me to unite me with UV he will be saying this for my gud ha.. yeah I forgot that u r the great twinkle taneja u won’t listen to anyone Na and wat u think is correct and u r superior right .
I won’t be with u always and I can’t always revolve around u leaving my all works .If u want to stay here u shud obey my words other wise u just get lost from here (he shouts at her).Twinkle runs from der goes to her roam and bangs the door.
Twinkle was crying in the room and kunj was roaming all around the flat restlessly. After about 30 mins he felt very bad to speak like that with twinkle and goes near her room and he starts banging the door but he didn’t get any response he again starts banging but no response now starts calling her name by not getting any response from twinkle he was tensed and he without wasting a min he break the door and he was glued to the floor by seeing the scenario …..
Screen freezes
Guys I know u ppl are not interested in reading my ff but plzzzz bear with me for some more episodes
And plzzzz do comment
Plzzzz ignore any mistakes if any because iam posting it without rechecking.
Keeps smiling
Love u all

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  1. Hey Nishu
    Plz don’t end this ff
    Superb story
    Episode was brilliant yaar plz dont do this
    I think twinkel ne aapna waist to cut nhi kar liya hai
    Hoo noo
    Kunj Sad ?
    Post plz yaar plz

  2. Nice Post soon

  3. Farwah fathima

    Too good
    Do continue
    And post the next epi asap

  4. Presha

    Loved it…
    Who said we r not interested..
    We all are…
    Post soon..
    Love u…


  5. Hey Nishu dii?…..It was Terrificly Awsome??I really liked Kunj’s outburst ???….Post soon ?

  6. SidMin23

    Hope twinkle is fine and your ff in interesting and don’t end soon.

  7. hi guyies I’m a silent reader! now days there are very less no. of updates on tei !guyies u all r very good writers !plz update ur stories! I m commenting first time & hoping ,u all will try to give updates regularly! I m a regular reader of all the stories updated on twinz! I am following telly update from more than 1.5 yr !sorry for not commenting on ur updates!

  8. Sidmin ki sadia

    Arey di aap aisa mat kaho we love. Ur ff
    Awesome. Post next soon

  9. Ayesha51

    oyee….my sweetie di….aise kaise koi keh diya ki ap achha nahi likhti….

    naam to bataiye us kamine ka…muh tod dungi uska….meri cute si nishu di ko bad bola….

    don’t anybody dare to say that my nishuu di is bad writer. …??

    the epi was marvellous
    mind blowing

    is twinkle ko kya zarurat thi apni dimaag chalane ki

    jo itna chota hain….


    kya hota agar kunj time pe nahi aata

    the epi was too much fabulous

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u my sweetie di

    ok talk to you in insta

    so byeeeee my cutie di ♡♡♡

  10. Awsome episode. …
    Loved it…..plz post soon

  11. Aamna_2690

    Nishu diiiiii?????
    Episode was Fantastic?????
    Loved this Episode❤❤❤❤❤
    And Hawwww di??What are U saying?? Bare U for Some More Episodes?? Huh u aren’t going to end it ?? Warna I will End mine??
    Samjhe Aap??
    Well Kunj was absolutely correct at his POV and did nothing wrong by scolding TWINKLE??
    Hope Twinkle is Okay??
    Waiting for Next Part??
    Post Soon??
    ??????????❣❣❣❣❣????????Love U❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤???????????????????????

  12. mindblowing episode nishuuu??????

    yrr tujhe nahi pta hum kitne excited hokar iss ff ka wait karte h ……to plzzzz tu aesa mat bol dear

    ager tu iss ff ka end krne ki soch rahi h to sochna bhi mat OK samjhi ….

    plzzzzz post soon dear?????……………luv u sweety ?????

  13. Ramya

    Akka awesome Amazing one
    Kunj’s entry was superb Just amazing
    I loved it
    But what happened
    I hope twinkle had not done anything stupidity
    Please do post soon
    And don’t say that I don’t like it you very well know how much I like your writing so don’t say that again
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Supriya18d

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    feeling bad yaar….
    but amazing one…
    plzz jldi post krna..
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    ohhh god nishu dii amazing epi ♥
    loved it ♥
    emotional super emotional ♥
    love u ♥

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